Is Hilary Farr Married: Net Worth, Relationship, Bio And More

hilary farr married

Canadian interior designer, TV host, and actress Hilary Farr. In August 1951, Hilary Farr was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She is most recognised for her work as David Visentin’s co-host on the television programme Love It or List It. She also serves as the company’s president.

Farr relocated to Los Angeles, California, where he began purchasing and remodelling homes. She performed in the roles of a werewolf in the movies Stardust, Never Mind the Quality: Feel the Width, Frustrated Wives, Layout for 5 Models, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, City on Fire, and The Return.

She joined the TV show Love It or List It in 2008 and has since made appearances on episodes of Steven and Chris, Brother vs. Brother, The Marilyn Denis Show, and other shows. See the post for more information on his personal life.

Early Life

hilary farr early life

She was raised celebrating both Jewish and Christian religious traditions because her father was Jewish and her mother was an Anglican and a member of the Church of England.

Farr was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada[5], to a British mother and a Canadian father. Her mother was an Anglican and a member of the Church of England, and her father was Jewish .

Farr was brought up in London, where she trained at the Royal Ballet School up until the age of 11 and dreamed of having a career as a ballerina.

She later developed an interest in the theatre and was introduced to interior design when she assisted her mother in decorating the house where she grew up.

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Farr began her career in Los Angeles, where she bought and renovated homes and worked as a film and TV set designer.

Acting under the name Hilary Labow, she made small appearances in Layout for 5 Models (1972), Sex Farm (1973), Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width (1973), Legend of the Werewolf (1975), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), City on Fire (1979) and The Return of the Jedi (1981).

In 1973, she sang in London’s Grease. In the 1980s, she appeared in sitcoms.

hilary farr career

Farr refurbished homes in Australia, the UK, California, New York, and Toronto. She refurbished Jenna Elfman and Jennifer Hudson’s Chicago houses.

After divorcing in 2008, Farr returned to Toronto. She and David Visentin co-hosted Love It or List It on HGTV and W Network. In Spain, Divinity aired the show with dual audio.

Farr was a judge for W Network’s 2010 Expert Search. In 2011, she appeared at the Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver Canadian International Interior Design Shows. She’s appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show and the Huffington Post

Farr was a design advisor at the Art Van Furniture event in Orland Park and Chicago in June 2014.

Farr played Malignicent in Ross Petty’s Sleeping Beauty at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre in 2016.(Although the character is more commonly known as Maleficent, she was renamed “Malignicent” for this production.)

Farr co-founded Rules of Renovation, a real estate investment seminar series, in 2017.

Are Hilary And David married?

Viewers have long questioned whether the most well-known real estate figures in America are more than just co-hosts. But the response is no.

Gordon Farr, a TV producer, and Hilary were wed from 1982 to 2008. They have a son together. And David and his wife Krista Visentin have been together since 2006; they have a son.

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Hilary Farr And David chemistry

The warmth and camaraderie between Hilary and David are present, as is the squabbling (for the sake of the competition, of course), but they also remind many viewers of an old married couple.

They also like making fun of how they got together, which, incidentally, didn’t happen until the audition for Love It or List It.

David playfully explained the procedure to POPSUGAR, “They called up and said, ‘You’re fantastic. We want you. We think you’re going to make Hilary seem good.

However, it’s not just in the manner they remember their past that they come off as so approachable and loving. It also affects how they view the present and the future.

For instance, Hilary and David regularly have the same breakfast, which is unusual for friends but common for the co-hosts.

Their preferred meal is what they call “The Morning Smoothie,” which combines kale, cilantro, lemon juice, banana, almond butter, cacao, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper—and in David’s case, the occasional avocado—and Hilary added, “It’s extremely sweet.”

We’ll be the first to confess that we love the on- and off-screen chemistry between the two—platonic as it may be—and that David and Hilary have a special bond that makes Love It or List It even more fascinating to watch.

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Hilary Farr Personal Life

She gave birth to their son, Joshua, in Los Angeles on March 7, 1983, after Farr married Canadian TV producer Gordon Farr in 1982. The pair was divorced in 2008.

Farr has stated that she is passionate about saving animals, and in 2017 she helped in Nairobi with a group that looked after orphaned elephants.

She is single as of now.

Hilary Farr Net Worth

Canadian interior designer, TV host, and actress Hilary Farr has a $8 million fortune.

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