Is studentuniverse Legit: What Is It and Review

is studentuniverse legit

Do you go to school? Perhaps you feel overworked and need a vacation from everything. Now, as a student with limited funds, you probably realise that going on a trip isn’t the simplest method to take a vacation. But it shouldn’t prevent you from relaxing for a while.

Simply because you’re on a tight budget for your vacation doesn’t mean you have to settle for a subpar experience. Even on a tight budget, there is no shortage of exciting destinations, fascinating attractions, and comfortable lodging options. We’re here to assist you in locating a service that meets your specific requirements.

This article introduces you to StudentUniverse, an all-inclusive travel resource for students on a budget. Find out whether StudentUniverse is the right place to offer you a break by reading this.

What Is StudentUniverse?

Here at StudentUniverse, our goal is to facilitate meaningful cross-cultural exchanges. Because we think that experiences gained while travelling may greatly improve one’s outlook on life. We provide discounted airfare, lodging, and excursions to help students see the world on a budget.

By collaborating directly with over 90 airlines and dozens of world-class partners, we are able to negotiate student and youth pricing tailored to those between the ages of 18 and 25. Each year, tens of millions of students take use of our programme, which is available at no cost to them.

In 2015, Flight Centre Travel Group purchased StudentUniverse, which had been around since 2000. Aside from our headquarters in Boston, we also maintain locations in London, Toronto, New York, and the Philippines.

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Can Anyone Use StudentUniverse?

All services are open to anyone above the age of 15. If you are not a student and you want to utilise StudentUniverse, you cannot and should not. During the registration procedure, we will verify that you are a student or faculty member at a recognised educational institution.

Don’t stress if your university or college isn’t on the list. Simply send an email requesting verification of student status to the address given. Also relevant for junior and senior high school pupils.

There are public “Guest” accounts and book discounts available on StudentUniverse. Sign up for an account and upgrade to “Basic Membership,” which is free of charge, to have access to additional features such as discounted fares, exclusive deals, and discount coupons.

Can Anyone Use StudentUniverse

Is StudentUniverse Reliable And Trustworthy?

Is it safe to rely on StudentUniverse? Yes! If you’re a student or young adult under the age of 26, you should definitely check out StudentUniverse, one of the best travel booking services out there. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are recognised as a legitimate business by the International Association of Travel Agents (IATA).

How Does StudentUniverse Work?

StudentUniverse’s straightforward design and clear presentation of information make understanding its operation a breeze.

There’s a handy search bar right there on the webpage for finding low-cost air travel, lodging, sightseeing excursions, and transportation options. If we’re going to fly somewhere, for instance, you may choose from among the most economical, quickest, and most convenient options.

You may indicate whether the dates you have selected are set or flexible, in addition to the location, date, and number of individuals accompanying you on the trip.

You may specify the time, place, and, if necessary, the age of the driver, while looking for automobile rental services. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection, airport surcharges, municipal taxes, and any road tolls are all explained in full on the StudentUniverse website.

To help you narrow your options, StudentUniverse provides a blog and destination recommendations. The blog and travel guides may be used to get ideas for things to do, places to see, and hotels to stay at. StudentUniverse is not just for travelling – it’s also for students who are searching for a change of pace and to work and study remotely.

When you make a reservation via StudentUniverse, the service provider’s cancellation and modification rules will apply, not StudentUniverse’s. If you need to cancel or make modifications to your trip, contact StudentUniverse as soon as possible. You may also check the “My Trips” section of your profile for any relevant regulations.

StudentUniverse Work

Is StudentUniverse legit 2022?

Is it safe to rely on StudentUniverse? Yes! If you’re a student or young adult under the age of 26, you should definitely check out StudentUniverse, one of the best travel booking services out there.

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Things We Like About StudentUniverse

Student status

If you sign up for StudentUniverse, you’ll be officially enrolled at the university. So, when you order services with StudentUniverse, you can be certain that you will get a discount thanks to their in-house verification technology.

Because of your student status, StudentUniverse is able to negotiate discounted fares with airlines on your behalf, which you may not be able to get when purchasing flights directly (unless offered by the particular carrier).


In case it hasn’t been made clear enough, StudentUniverse is intended just for students. Services offered via StudentUniverse are discounted in recognition of the limited financial resources of many students. They are inexpensive since customers under the age of 26 may save up to 30% on services.

Additional savings

Extra savings on already low prices are yours to keep with the added value of a promotional code or coupon. These promo codes change now and then. So, it’s good to constantly checking to see whether there are fresh promo codes accessible. StudentUniverse further says that any flight ticket made via them ensures a better price than a direct booking through an airline.

Things We Don’t Like About StudentUniverse


StudentUniverse boasts glowing testimonials from satisfied customers, and provides access to these evaluations in a clickable format. You’ll see reviews from a website called When searching for them on that website, you will find mostly good comments.

However, if you seek for reviews of StudentUniverse on another website, like Trip Advisor, you’ll find that the vast majority of them are bad. The cancellation policy is the main topic of these complaints against StudentUniverse. Users report significant challenges when attempting to cancel or make adjustments to their arrangements in accordance with StudentUniverse’s cancellation policy.

Should You Then Use StudentUniverse?

It’s likely that you may obtain a great discount from StudentUniverse if you’re certain that you won’t need to make any adjustments to your trip and won’t need to cancel it. The feedback for the services they provide are generally positive.

However, if you feel you may need to cancel or make modifications to your trip, it’s best to go into the conversation with knowledge of the feedback other customers have left about StudentUniverse’s cancellation policy. Given the unpredictability of schedule shifts and cancellations, it is helpful to have access to the first-hand accounts of other users. Wishing you a pleasant journey!

Use StudentUniverse?

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