Bao Face Reveal: Twitch Star’s Real Age, Real Bio And Other Details

bao face revealed

On October 30, 2020, Bao made his debut as an English-speaking VTuber. Her profiles on several social media platforms suggest that she formerly performed music under the name Hikaru Station.

At this time, all of her broadcasts can be found on Twitch, and she uploads Twitch video on demand (VOD) content to her YouTube channel under the name baoo (previously hikarustation).

She also had a YouTube channel where she broadcast live video in the past. Bao is a genuinely grateful person who treats people with kindness and respect.

She is also well-versed in online culture and her fandom, and she regularly engages in conversation with members of her Discord server. This shows that she appreciates puns.

About Bao

Known as Bao, this YouTuber speaks English. Her first appearance was on October 30th, 2020. According to the content of her social media profiles, she formerly produced music under the name Hikaru Station.

She currently broadcasts solely on Twitch with the username baoo, which was originally known as hikarustation. In addition, she uploads Twitch VODs to her channel on YouTube. In the past, she has also done live broadcasts on YouTube.

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Bao Face Reveal

bao face reveal

The Vtuber Bao hasn’t made his face visible to the general public except from a few sneak peeks. According to one of her tweets, her high school photos that had been posted on other websites don’t seem to be accessible right now.

Bao is a well-known female character on Twitch. One of the most well-liked characters on the platform, fans are curious to know more about the real person hiding behind the mask. The character represents a whale god.

Bao teased the Live2D model on Twitter on September 30, 2020. On August 11, 2020, she declared on YouTube that she had been verified. On October 30, 2020, the first stream on YouTube took place, and on November 6, 2020, the first stream on Twitch.

Bao has been producing content as hikarustation on YouTube since she joined Twitter and Twitch in 2015.

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Bao The Character

Bao was conceived of by two distinct authors. Hayamafair, an illustrator, and Arucelli, a concept artist who was rigged by Brian Tsui, worked together to design Bao’s model.

bao the character

Bao found Bao’s design on Pinterest and bought it; hayamafair later redesigned it.

No private images of Bao’s creators have been published. They don’t appear to have any pictures on their social media pages. Bao’s Twitch account gained 200,000 subscribers on February 23. On May 30, she unveiled her chibi model.

Bao looks so gorgeous

Bao Vtuber is able to have a wonderful appearance that is uniquely their own. She has, however, published on social media a selfie in which she can be seen wearing an emoticon on her face.

In addition to this, her admirers are extremely interested in seeing her in her natural state. From what we can see from the sneak peek photographs, she has an attractive and youthful appearance.

It is said that she is presumably a teenager because of her relatively short hair and because of the rumour that she is. She is a fluent speaker of three languages, which include English, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

bao looks

She is an effective communicator. Additionally, Virtual YouTube uploads videos with high-quality content and resources to the YouTube account it maintains.

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Bao Real Age

Bao, However, neither the internet nor many social media platforms have made the age of the Whale public. The majority of people are aware that she was born on November 9th.

However, we were able to find out that Bao The Whale’s first music video was unveiled in 2015, at the same time that she also unveiled a cover of a song and some of her own songs.

She produced a large number of absurd anime covers and mainly used recreation covers. She also gives off the impression of being somewhat private and wanting to keep his personal information off the internet and social media.

bao age

However, she has become well-known on social media as a result of her personality, which involves concealing and refusing to expose her face.

Bao shared her picture and other details

The YouTuber known as Bao has not yet shown his entire face. She did, however, upload a selfie in which she hid a portion of her face with an emoticon.

In the caption of the shot, she expressed gratitude to her 40 000 Twitch subscribers for their support in helping her reach this milestone. She is fluent in English, Japanese, and Vietnamese as her primary languages of communication.

The Zelda series, Animal Crossing, and horror games are some of her favourite genres of video games; nevertheless, she despises Among Us with such a ferocity that it can be felt under the sea.

Her team’s mascot is known as Pestonini. She and Yuniiho are the parents of Pestonini, a dog-whale hybrid that they created together.

Her animals include geckos, a cat with asthma named Mitzi, a blue wheeler-corgi mix dog named Macy, and geckos in general. Mitzi also has asthma.

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