What Happened To Apple Watts: How Is She Doing Now?

apple watts

Apple Watts, who was born Jontelle Lafaye Watts, debuted on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in Season 5 of 2018. As we learnt, Apple began her career as an exotic dancer before becoming well-known as a video vixen and performing in music videos with rappers like Future. She didn’t take long to choose the alias “Ms. Apple Bottom.”

The 36-year-old mother of two has a history of stirring up a lot of trouble. She discovered a significant family secret when she was on LAHH and broke off contact with her father as a result of a flawed DNA test.

After the show’s break, she drew criticism for appearing to be under the influence when she went live on Instagram. Fans were understandably alarmed by the clip given her past alcohol problems. She made news, though, for a very different and terrifying cause in late March.

According to news sources, the reality star was seriously hurt and might even be on life support. What has become of her? This is what we do know.

What happened to Apple Watts?

apple watts what happened

In March, Apple Watts was involved in an automobile accident that put her in a coma. Dominique Flournoy, her sister, gave an update on her health, and it was all excellent news.

She told The Shade Room, “She’s coming back every day, she knows me and my mom, she recalls family members that visited.” She is now asking what happened to her residence, car, and daily talks with her children.

Apple Watts’ automobile flipped numerous times as a result of the collision with a Ford F250 pickup truck, and she was thrown out the windshield. Following that, her black Mercedes-Benz caught fire, according to California Highway Patrol. She was then hauled to safety by a Ford pickup truck passenger.

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Apple Watts got serious injuries in the accident

She suffered severe wounds, including a shattered right arm, broken spine, fractured skull, and two breaks in her neck. She had to have spine surgery while she was in the hospital, as well as plastic surgery for her broken arm.

apple watts car accident

She also had a good neck operation. Her sister reported that she was also recovering from a fractured head. Additionally, the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star is currently having her tracheostomy tube removed by medical professionals.

Watts’ path to rehabilitation is still quite long. She also needs to relearn how to move and eat. She is speaking, although it is challenging to understand her due to the tracheostomy tube.

Deadline claims that neither drinking nor drugs contributed to the car accident. Between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, on the northbound I-15, Watts was involved in an accident. She was taken to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, where she is currently being treated for her injuries.

She cannot be transported to Los Angeles until the tracheostomy tube has been withdrawn and she is able to swallow and eat on her own, according to Flournoy.

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Apple Watts: Unresponsive but Stable

apple watts injured

A short time after the occurrence, Apple’s sister, Dominique Flournoy, communicated an update to the rest of the family and close acquaintances. On April 11, she sent a message on Instagram.

The message states that Apple is “unresponsive but stable” and that she will be undergoing surgery on her right eye later this month. Her right eye cannot fully close.

Dominique stated to Apple that if she does not undergo this procedure, she runs the risk of developing significant eyesight difficulties or even going blind.

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How is Apple Watts doing now?

As this article is being written, Apple is still in the hospital, where she is making efforts to speak again. Fans were given hope when Apple’s sister, who has been by her side from the beginning, informed everyone that Apple is now on the road to recovery.

She went on to mention that Apple was participating in speech therapy and was doing an excellent job of obeying orders. While this was going on, the reality star has been concentrating on getting back on her feet and regaining her equilibrium.

Her sister reassured Apple’s devoted following that despite the slow pace of her rehabilitation, Apple was making significant progress. Those who are keeping track of her path are positive that the rapper and music mogul will emerge unscathed and have big expectations for her.

Fans are very happy and praying for faster recovery

Apple’s devoted followers were overjoyed to learn at the end of May that she had begun speaking publicly. Many people have faith that she will get well because of how determined she is to be a successful musician, despite the fact that her speech hasn’t returned to normal yet.

A number of people on social media have pointed out how she has already had a difficult time in her life, such as enduring a difficult childhood in the foster care system in Los Angeles, and then later finding out that her so-called father, John Watts, was not her biological father.

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