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is promlily legit

Promlily is an internet bridal store. Dresses for special occasions and other formal occasions are among the offerings. The product is offered at a very reasonable price of about $150 USD when compared to more conventional wedding gowns.

What Is Promlily Com Portal?

Women’s apparel in a wide variety of styles and cuts may be found at Promlily, an online retailer. To better serve its customers, the website devotes a few pages to discussing garment dimensions, options, and sizing estimates.

What Is In all honesty, this site offers genuine savings of the sort stated.

Any orders over $150 will get a 5% discount, orders over $270 will receive a 20% discount, and orders over $330 will receive a 35% discount.

There are a variety of coupon codes available for each price cut.

Customers may get some guidance with the products they want to buy by looking at a size chart and a variety overview.

What’s Reviews?

For almost four years, people have had access to this website. Because of this, it has a lot of visitors. About seven thousand customers visit the women’s clothes business daily. The vast majority of comments left by consumers on the product page are positive, praising the item.

Maybe that review on the site is completely made up. Customer feedback on a very impartial review website averaged a 1.5 star rating among 27 reviews. Most customers have issues with the product quality and the company’s reaction time.

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Is Promlily Legit Or Scam?

Is Promlily Legit Or Scam?

As your data is encrypted from the moment you enter it into Promlily, you can be certain that it will remain safe. In addition, Promlily accepts payments by PayPal and credit cards, two reputable and secure options.

As a reliable online resource, Promlily is a safe bet. The sizing of the garments is the primary issue, while many buyers are unhappy with Promlily’s service overall.

  1. It’s been registered for more than a year in advance of when it’s expected to be used.
  2. The SSL Certificate is Legitimate
  3. People seem to like this site a lot.
  4. Trend Micro has validated the security of this website
  5. There’s no denying the reliability of Promlily, but how well-liked is it among users? Onward we read.

Website Disadvantages: Disadvantages
  • Negative feedback from customers is the norm rather than the exception.
  • People who have shopped here have complained about the low quality of the goods and the unhelpfulness of the staff.
  • There is no owner information on the site.
  • Less time spent processing

Promlily Complaints And Feedback

Promlily Complaints And Feedback

Colleen says:

You have to wait days for a response from customer support, and they completely disregard your issues. The dress was returned because the bust was too big. I can return this dress since it wasn’t made to order just for me. They won’t solve my issue but keep promising me discounts and more reading. I don’t know what to do with all this extra information. How about if I make my own dress? With the credit card company, I have filed a dispute. I would advise you not to make any purchases from them.

Debora says:

We’ve been trying to return this dress for weeks since it doesn’t fit, is poorly made, etc., and all we’ve gotten back are robotic emails claiming they can’t help.

*From whom may we get assistance? What, you want to put a stop to that corporation? Their actions are completely unlawful.

Mellssa says:

It took a very long time to get my wedding dress. I put in an order for my size, but when I went to return it, the company first demanded photos of any flaws and then the nerve to ask for my exact measurements! This nonsense wouldn’t be happening if they’d supplied the correct size. The shipping label has not yet been received. Not a problem. As a result, I filed a dispute with my credit card company. Oh, what a con! They have no business being online!

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Sallan says:

Stop making purchases from this company immediately. None of the outfits are real. The whole thing was a waste of money and effort. They’ll say no to a refund and instead want measurements and photos to include in a report. The fake gowns don’t look or feel anything like the photo and don’t come with a tag. Don’t argue with them if they refuse to return your money. PLEASE FILE A CLAIM WITH YOUR BANK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Within 10 business days, you may get a return from the bank.

Lynn says:

Horrible!! Oh, I’m very sorry to say that, but I’m really bummed out. Those useless items cost me two hundred and thirty dollars. Disgusting standard! That dress and those shoes on the webpage were love at first sight for me. The quality was TERRIBLE when they finally came. Right now, I’m so upset that I have to weep. This is being shown as a review for an auto parts wholesaler. This is a critique of promlily, so be ready! All the other testimonials on this page also pertain to promlily.

Sydney says:

A very horrible event! I purchased a dress online, but it looked nothing like the photo. The quality was low, and it was shredded! Support from Promlily is a joke. Instead of taking back this outfit, they’d rather offer me a discount on it. Weeks have passed with no progress despite our best efforts to communicate and fix this issue. What a ridiculous farce. The worst firm in history.

Avoid placing any orders with them. Waste of time and money with terrible service that doesn’t even follow its own rules. If I had to rate them, I’d give them a 0, but I guess 1 would do.

Vale says:

RUN AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS! The dress was pricey and arrived weeks beyond the promised delivery date. The support staff was really rude and useless. The garment came as a crumpled mess of wrinkles and plastic wrap, but it was too late for the function it was intended for. A waste of $150!

Are Promlily Clothes Good Quality?

Many of the reviews I saw were written by actual customers, not employees of promlily, so I know they are honest.

The majority of reviewers have mentioned that the clothing’ low quality was the main reason they returned their purchases.

Where Does Promlily Ship From ?

There’s no denying the origin of these goods is China, but the low quality makes me doubt even locals would dare to wear them.


Although this site seems legitimate at first glance, it has received a low rating from actual customers on an objective review source.

To put it bluntly, this shop is not for everyone. Comment here to tell us about your experience with the Promlily product.

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