Has Bull Been Cancelled: Or We Will See Season 7?

bull cancel

If you’ve been following CBS’s acclaimed courtroom drama Bull lately, you may have noticed that the network has started hinting at the “final episodes” in its advertising.

Numerous fans have taken notice of the decision and are curious about what will happen to the legal drama, which is currently in its sixth season. It’s normal for CBS to tease the final episodes of a show as the season draws to a close, but the Bull advertising materials seem to imply that these are the final episodes of the show, not the season.

Similar tactics were used by CBS in the run-up to the finale of its newest comedy Ghosts, creating suspense among fans over whether the show was coming to an end. So, is CBS only stepping up its promotion of the last episodes to stir up some drama, or is the drama starring Michael Weatherly truly coming to an end?

Bull: Premise

bull premise

The show focuses on the people who work at Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC), a jury consulting organisation run by Dr. Jason Bull, a psychologist and an expert in trial science. Bull is the show’s executive producer.

Not only does Bull use his abilities and those of his team to select the ideal jurors for his clients, but he also uses those skills and those of his team to assist his clients’ lawyers in determining which style of argument will be most effective in winning over jurors.

Dr. Phil McGraw, who also serves as an executive producer on the show, drew inspiration for the show Bull from his early career.

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Has Bull Been Cancelled?

Following its completion of six seasons on CBS, the show Bull will be brought to a close in the month of May. The show was an immediate success for the network when it first aired in 2016, but it has been plagued by a steady stream of cast exits and controversies over the years, and its ratings have been steadily declining over the past few years.

We do know that season 6 will be the show’s last and that a planned series finale has been crafted, but it is unclear whether those factors played a role in the decision to bring an end to the series. Regardless, we do know that the show will end with season 6 and that a finale has been planned for the series.

bull cancelled

Will We See Bull Season 7?

Due to the fact that CBS has made the decision to cancel the series, there will not be a seventh season of Bull airing on that network. The series will conclude after a total of six seasons and more than one hundred episodes have been produced, which is an impressive accomplishment for any series produced in modern times.

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The Sexual Harassment Controversy Lead To The Cancellation Of Bull

The New York Times published a story in December 2018 about a scandal that might have contributed to the show’s death. Eliza Dushku, a former actress, filed a formal complaint against Michael for inappropriate remarks and harassment with the former CBS CEO Les Moonves.

Eliza felt that the announcement that her character will be removed from Bull just days after she had complained was retaliation for speaking out. According to The Times, CBS and Eliza really made a confidential agreement.

bull eliza controversy

In which they agreed to pay Eliza $9.5 million, which is what she would have received had she remained a full-time cast member. Sadly, this was a trend at CBS under the direction of its former CEO, who was also the subject of numerous accusations.

Following this incident, Bull’s Season 2 showrunner, Gordon Caron, was hired. However, before Season 6, CBS initiated a workplace investigation, which led to Gordon and co-star Freddy Rodriguez leaving the show.

Even if we don’t yet know the investigation’s exact conclusions, it’s obvious that Bull’s original incident damaged the workplace, so it’s not shocking that the show has finally been cancelled.

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Michael Weatherly Leaves The Show

Michael’s decision to go on to other projects after working on Bull for the past six years is one that we can’t say we blame him for. Spending six years on a programme, especially one that appears to be on the decline following the controversy it sparked, is a significant commitment.

TV Line says that in the wake of Michael’s decision, CBS has also made the choice to end its relationship with Bull. Nevertheless, even though the programme is dependent on Michael, the cancellation of Bull is not solely due to his performance.

Bull’s ratings and viewership have been steadily declining over the course of the past few seasons, most likely in part because of the incident that occurred on the show.

Reports indicate that out of CBS’s 13 dramas, Bull has the eighth-highest number of viewers, yet it has the lowest rating overall. Therefore, regardless of Michael’s choice, Bull’s time on earth was coming to an end.

Bull Does Not Get A Great Reception

Rotten Tomatoes, a website that compiles and aggregates user reviews, has assigned the first season an approval rating of 26% based on 23 individual ratings, with an average rating of 3.99/10.

“Michael Weatherly’s acting is top-notch, but not enough to redeem a show that leans too much on a well-worn series of legal show cliches and an off-putting concept,” states the critical consensus on the website.

A score of 40 out of 100 was given by the review aggregation website Metacritic, which employs a weighted average to determine scores. This number represents “mixed or mediocre reviews.”

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