Why Did Ser Criston Cole Kill Joffrey? House Of Dragon Update

criston kill joffrey house of dragon

As House of the Dragon plays out, we are getting ready for the Dance of the Dragons. Rhaenyra’s business is the focus of the last episode starring young performers Emily Carey and Milly Alcock. Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) decides to murder Ser Joffrey Lonmouth towards the end of Episode 5. (Solly McLeod).

Although it’s not surprising that there was bloodshed during the Game of Thrones wedding, it seems like this horrifying killing happened fairly suddenly. This series, after all, is what gave us the “Red Wedding.” What is the significance of this specific episode in House of the Dragon and why did Ser Criston slay Ser Joffrey?

Warning: The fifth episode of House of the Dragon is discussed in this article.

What happened between Criston And Joffrey: House Of Dragon

Laenor and Joffrey know Rhaenyra desires someone else, but not until the wedding. Joffrey notices that Criston can’t stop staring at the princess and confronts him. Criston offers running away with Rhaenyra early in the episode. “Let’s see the globe together!”

He promises her, “We’ll be nameless and free.” He loves Rhaenyra, yet his guilt drives him. He slept with Rhaenyra and wants to escape monarchy. Rhaenyra won’t leave. Criston takes her rejection to Driftmark with him.

criston and joffrey

Criston feels a lot at the wedding. Criston can’t stay cool when Joffrey tells him they know one other’s secrets and threatens to keep them.

The episode’s tension builds to Criston killing Joffrey. He’s so angry and depressed, he won’t stop until Joffrey’s face is unrecognisable. He goes overboard and kills him violently. What’s Criston’s deal? I don’t agree with his conduct, but I can see what he was thinking.

Since he slept with Rhaenyra in Episode 4, he’s been a time bomb. He’s lost his honour and his love, and he may have nothing left to live for. Criston can’t escape the political madness he’s living in until Joffrey approaches him.

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Why Did Ser Criston Kill Joffrey

Criston isn’t a homophobe. Jealousy and rage drove him. After expressing his unwillingness to pursue a covert connection with Rhaenyra after her marriage, Joffrey’s confession of love for Laenor pushed him over the line.

He didn’t want to be the future Queen’s sidekick. Criston was angry when Joffrey suggested they protect one other’s secrets. Criston smashed Joffrey’s face into mush after Laenor approached the Kingsguard commander. Prince Daemon Targaryen took Rhaenyra for a dance.

criston kills joffrey

He wanted a subdued High Valyrian discourse. Rhaenyra stated that she was only executing her responsibilities, goading Daemon into making a reckless move and suggested he cut down King Viserys Targaryen’s troops before stealing her away to Dragonstone.

Criston may have heard this talk, but it’s unclear if he understood it. If he heard what they said, he’d be outraged. He may have seen their body language and glances before attacking the nearest individual. Then, he may have sought to hurt Laenor to get what Criston couldn’t. Will Criston face consequences? Impossible…

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Did Criston Brought To Justice?

After the pre-wedding party’s tumultuous conclusion, Criston left. Before taking a shortsword and laying it in front of his abdomen, he took off his armour. But just when he seemed to be about to kill himself, Queen Alicent Hightower came.

She halted Criston in his tracks, and after making her intentions at the party known through her attire selection, to have her son Aegon Targaryen stake a claim to the Iron Throne, it appears that she will use Criston’s enraged state to her advantage and win him over to her cause.

criston justice

It will be fascinating to watch how Criston’s adventure develops as House of the Dragon moves forward with a time jump and casts a flurry of new actors in some of the roles.

The destiny of Rhaenyra is particularly difficult because she gets married again after her first one, and The Dance of the Dragons is the result of her quest for absolute control.

Does Criston Died In House Of Dragon?

Joffrey is a character we hardly get to know, therefore his passing is very tragic. Particularly after witnessing Laenor’s response to it and then witnessing the depressing wedding ceremony he and Rhaenyra must undergo thereafter.

Criston almost commits himself in the last seconds of Episode 5, as he tries to come to grips with what he did. Alicent (Emily Carey) then appears and intervenes, preventing him from carrying out the deed. At least in this episode, Criston survives, and we’re quite interested to see where his plot goes from here.

The action in House of the Dragon is halfway through, and I have a hunch it won’t calm down anytime soon. On HBO and HBO Max every Sunday night, brand-new episodes of the Game of Thrones spin-off will be broadcast.

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Joffrey Is Portrayed by Solly McLeod

Although Solly McLeod’s appearance in the Game of Thrones series begins and ends with Episode 5, this does not diminish the impact he had on us. His portrayal of Laenor’s hidden lover is endearing and tragic, as he loses his life trying to save Laenor.

Joffrey is referred to as the “Knight of Kisses” in the legend, despite his joking in House of the Dragon that he doesn’t know why. Joffrey and Laenor’s relationship is merely rumoured in the books.

Therefore the showrunners of House of the Dragon took a lot of artistic licence with it. However, there is opposition to his killing. He does pass away in the original work, but his passing in the series feels especially horrible.

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