Are Aven And Rachel Dating: After The Bachelorette Show

aven and rachel

There were a lot of varied predictions floating around the internet regarding what might go place in the season 19 finale of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” Tino Franco was joined by Aven Jones and Zach Shallcross as well as Rachel Recchia during the most recent rose ceremony.

However, following the events of the first part of the conclusion, only Tino is left alive. A heated argument broke out between Rachel and Tino after the show was over. Is there a possibility that she and Aven will come to an understanding?

Aven and Rachel Relationship

In the Season 19 finale of The Bachelorette, Rachel Recchia confessed her love for Aven Jones. After Zach Shallcross withdrew from the race, Aven met Rachel’s friends and family. Sadly, the encounter didn’t go as planned.

In contrast to what Rachel had anticipated, Aven revealed to Rachel’s pals that he wasn’t sure he could be engaged before the season’s end. Rachel then addressed Aven on what he had said to Rachel’s pals. On their overnight date, Aven allegedly told Rachel he was ready to propose.

Aven reiterated his feelings for her while stating that because he wanted to carefully organise the proposal, it might not take place on the show. I simply want to make sure that it’s 100% accurate for both of us right now, he said, explaining to her.

aven and rachel relationship

The fact that someone is still taking part in this is something else… I sincerely care about you and about us. This matters a lot. Unfortunately, Rachel thought that Aven’s anxiety warranted sending him home.

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Aven and Rachel Split

Aven was a frontrunner for most of the season, but their romance broke when he informed her friends he wasn’t ready for an engagement. “I want to finish with Rachel. We should be together. I want it to be engaging,” he said. “I envision myself getting there… Strong sensations… I definitely want to be with her.”

Rachel found his doubts “startling” and off-putting. She told her buddies, “I’m engaged.” Aven told her he had strong feelings but wanted to make sure popping the question was “100% correct for both of us.”

“I care about you and us. Important! I’m confident we’ll get there, whether it’s in a few days or not, he added. “I love you. I won’t toss words at you just to be pleased. Rachel felt “blindsided” and ended relations with her runner-up.

What Happened In The Bachelorette Season 19 Finale

The Bachelorette Season 19 finale was dramatic and “emotional,” as host Jesse Palmer had promised. Two leads led to double the drama. Gabby Windey and Erich Schwer got engaged, but Rachel Recchia didn’t.

Rachel ended her romance with Tino Franco after learning he kissed another woman after filming. Rachel and Tino discussed the end of their romance on After the Final Rose on Sept. 20. It appeared the pilot would end her adventure as a single woman.

Aven Jones, another candidate, quickly requested Rachel to “catch up.” The fan favourite left his relationship with Rachel because he wasn’t ready to get engaged. After Rachel left with Aven, people wondered if they’d reunite.

Since Tino and Rachel broke up, will the 26-year-old lead try again with Aven? Find out what happened on After the Final Rose.

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Rachel and Tino Relationship

Aven Jones surprised Rachel Recchia on September 20 when he emerged during the live segment of The Bachelorette finale! Rachel broke up with Aven after he visited her family in the first half of the finale, and she later became engaged to Tino Franco.

After Tino’s adultery forced the couple to break up in the months following the completion of filming, Aven stepped in to give Rachel a second chance at love. Rachel was totally shocked to see Aven on the stage after just having a really tense conversation with Tino. Tino was seated right next to Rachel when Aven entered and the crowd went wild.

Aven Come Back

“I just wanted to drop by and let you know that this is difficult and that everything that has happened to you hasn’t really been deserved. Do you want to go and possibly catch up? Aven asked. Without even thinking, Rachel blurted, “I wouldn’t want anything more.”

aven and rachel the Bachelorette

Aven admitted to Rachel’s family that he wasn’t sure he was prepared to propose to her after only a few weeks of dating. As a result, Rachel ended their relationship. Aven, according to Rachel, revealed her desire for an engagement at the end of filming.

Aven was adamant that he wanted to remain with Rachel, even if it meant that they would only date rather than get hitched. Rachel was taken aback by Aven’s revelation, and she also expressed her shame at her family finding out about Aven’s thoughts before her.

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Aven and Rachel Apologise Each Other

Because of the miscommunication, she ultimately made the decision to dump him prior to the final rose ceremony. The live portion of the September 13 episode of the show was the first time Rachel and Aven saw one another after their breakup.

They were able to put their differences aside and rebuild their relations. Aven expressed regret for the way he handled the circumstances in Mexico. They both apologised to each other during the televised sit-down. Since he had visited After The Final Rose again, Aven had definitely been considering Rachel all week.

aven and rachel dating

Are Aven and Rachel Still Dating?

Fans naturally wanted to know if the former lovers had decided to try again after Aven surprised Rachel on the After the Final Rose stage. Since the programme was shown live on television, it’s unclear exactly how Aven and Rachel feel about one another right now.

It is now unknown whether Rachel and Aven will opt to stay friends or if they will restart their on-screen relationship because neither of them has openly addressed the subject. As longtime viewers will recall, Rachel sent Aven home before the season finale when he voiced uncertainty about getting engaged.

Even though he was clear that he wanted to leave Mexico with Rachel, he wanted them to first see how dating worked out before moving forward with getting engaged. The pilot might be more sympathetic to Aven’s viewpoint now that Rachel’s engagement to Tino is over (and it doesn’t appear that a reconciliation will be on the table).

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