how did daemon know lucerys died

Rhaenyra Targaryen was preparing to go to war against the Greens when the first season of House of the Dragon concluded after Daemon informed her that her son, Lucerys Velaryon, had been dead.

As so, it was evident that Daemon understood that a Greens’ dragon had been responsible for Lucerys’ death. If that’s the case, then how did Daemon learn about Lucerys’s death?

The death of Lucerys was a contributing factor to the escalation of the situation to the point that the Dance of the Dragons erupted into full-scale warfare.

Since there was no way for the two sides to reconcile following Luke’s death, this was the last nail in the diplomatic coffin. Now that we have established that, let’s analyze how Daemon learned about Lucerys’s passing.

So How Did Daemon Learn Of Lucerys’s Passing?

Everyone knows that Prince Lucerys Velaryon was killed when Prince Aemond Targaryen lost control of an angry Vhagar and slew the prince and his dragon, Arrax.

So How Did Daemon Learn Of Lucerys's Passing

The fact that Arrax had attacked Vhagar was what had enraged the elderly dragon, and she had finished off the smaller flying beast with a single bite that had torn its body to shreds.

The death of Prince Lucerys was the final nail in the coffin of diplomacy, the consequences of which cannot be understated.

Prior to Luke’s death, Rhaenyra hoped to avoid conflict in order to prevent the realm from being torn apart.

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That was why she was thinking about accepting the Greens’ offer to end the conflict amicably by relinquishing her right to the Iron Throne.

she made it clear to Daemon and Corlys that she wouldn’t go to war until the greens attacked first.

What Happened To Lucerys In The Hotd Finale?

WARNING: The following includes major spoilers for the conclusion of Episode 10 of House of the Dragon.

In the concluding chapter of House of the Dragon, as Lucerys arrives at Storm’s End with a message from Queen Rhaenyra, he sees Aemond’s massive dragon Vhagar prowling outside the castle walls.

A fierce rainstorm breaks out while the two dispute in Lord Burros Baratheon’s Round Hall, and Lucerys tries to flee on his dragon Arrax.

“Outside, the storm was raging,” George R. R. Martin writes in Fire & Blood. Great bolts of blue-white lightning occasionally lighted the world as bright as day as thunder roared across the castle and the rain fell in blinding sheets.

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How Did Rhaenyra Find Out About Lucerys?

The ending scene of House of the Dragon shows the parts of Arrax falling through the clouds and Daemon entering the war chamber to inform Rhaenyra of Lucerys’ death, but how did anyone learn of her death in the first place?

What occurred in the days after Arrax’s death, before Rhaenyra found out about the murder, is revealed in George RR Martin’s Fire & Blood, but is left out of the TV version.

How Did Rhaenyra Find Out About Lucerys

After “Arrax fell, broken, to be swallowed by the storm-lashed waters of the bay,” he was “found three days later, a feast for crabs and seagulls,” as stated in Fire & Blood.

Daemon (and by extension, Rhaenyra) learned of Lucery’s death at Vhagar’s hands (tooth) three days after the House of the Dragon finale aired, when Arrax’s mangled corpse washed up in Storm’s End.

After this, the novels detail how a legend spread that “the prince survived his fall, swam to safety, but lost all memory of who he was, spending the rest of his days as a simpleminded fisherman.” As the story progresses, we learn that “The True Telling accords all these tales the respect they deserve… which is to say none.”

Unfortunately, the fate of the young prince is settled in the original books: “Lucerys Velaryon died with his dragon,” Munkun insists. Absolutely, this is the case. At the time, the prince was thirteen.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Did Lucerys get eaten or fall?

The dragon Aemond raised towers over the meagre Arrax, and Aemond is ultimately powerless to tame it. Lucerys suffers a painful bite.

How old was Rhaenyra when she married daemon?

The third episode has a time leap, after which he remarks that she is now 17 (and therefore “of age” to marry). In the novel, Rhaenyra is said to have been born in 97 AC, making her father’s marriage to Alicent impossible because she would be too young. Young Rhaenyra is played by 22-year-old Milly Alcock.

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