Why Does iPhone Have 3 Cameras: The Real Reasons

iphone 3 cameras

It’s possible that you have no idea why the iPhone has three cameras if you’re not familiar with professional photography or the most recent advancements made to the iPhone. It came as a surprise when Apple produced an iPhone with three cameras because, for a long time, the iPhone and virtually all other popular mobile phones only had room for a single camera. Even if you have no idea why an iPhone has three cameras, it is not difficult to observe how much better images and movies seem when they are taken with one of those cameras.

Three Cameras Of iPhone

The telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide lenses that are housed within your iPhone’s three cameras each serve a specific purpose while taking photographs. The telephoto lens allows for the shooting of zoomed-in photographs while maintaining the original image quality. The wide-angle lens captures images with a typical wide-angle perspective. Then, the ultra-wide lens that was introduced with the iPhone 11 Pro is capable of capturing photographs with an ultra-wide angle of view of 120 degrees.

Different Camera, Different Lens

When you zoom in, you are not simply seeing at the pixels at a greater level of detail. When you do this, you are switching to a specialised camera that has a separate piece of glass attached to it. As can be seen, each camera is fitted with a distinctive lens that is designed to perform a certain function. The combination of the two offers users of the iPhone additional functionality.

The smartphone is able to capture better photographs because to its telephoto and wide-lens cameras, which give the user access to a greater number of shooting angles and modes, such as zoom mode, portrait mode, and so on. The ultra-wide camera allows the user to record more of their immediate environment. It is the primary camera on your device that is used while photographing landscapes.

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But Why Some iPhone Have 3 Cameras?

Because if it only has one camera, the iPhone only has limited control over zoom, illumination, focus, and other image properties. iPhones with three cameras provide consumers with automated tools to assist them in achieving high image quality by coordinating the sensors and calibrations in their devices.

Photographers and videographers that work professionally may frequently utilise a variety of cameras and equipment that are specifically built for specialised shooting objectives. It’s possible that they employ a broad variety of lenses, each of which has a distinct focal length, and that they can switch between those lenses depending on the environment they’re shooting in.

All Cameras Helps Each Other

iphone cameras help each other

Each of the three cameras that are located on the back of an iPhone contributes information that is used by the other cameras to produce effects that are even better. When it comes to backdrop blurs, the effectiveness of blurring mechanisms is dependent on a camera’s capacity to detect depth. This is especially true for the effectiveness of motion blur.

It is possible for a subject to have erroneous blurring that clouds the edges of the subject when the depth detection of the subject is turned off. If an iPhone user wanted to achieve a blur effect with the wide camera, the other lens can assist in detecting a more accurate depth so that the blur effect can be initiated.

When it comes to lighting, there is the potential for a coordination of image data in a similar fashion. When the lighting in a shot is not good, one of the cameras can boost the illumination by using light that it has gathered up from the other two cameras.

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The AI In The Work

The way the software mixes the photos and frames taken with those cameras to create a better photo or movie is simply astonishing. That is iOS’s magic. Artificial intelligence is used by Deep Fusion (Apple’s neural image processing technology) to combine images and frames from several exposures into a single image or movie. The goal is to produce the best image or video you can.

iphone cameras ai

Additionally, if one of the lenses didn’t properly capture some image components, the other cameras step in and fix the issue. Three cameras can collect more light than one, allowing for improved photo quality. At the factory, Apple pairs the three cameras.

You may actually record various perspectives and magnifications simultaneously when you’re making a video. The identical spot is in focus on each camera, which also has the exact same settings for exposure, speed, colour, and other factors. This explains how simple it is to change focus modes. The iPhone is a fantastic option for taking stunning images and filming truly great videos thanks to all these features.

Still Very Simple To Use

The ability to discern visual elements varies between each camera on the back of an iPhone. The iPhone’s three cameras work together seamlessly and synergistically thanks to smart software and expertly honed engineering.

The iPhone camera may be used for a wide range of shots without the user having any prior experience in photography or cinematography. The iPhone also doesn’t need a lot of lenses and other accessories, unlike some classic cameras, to produce a wide variety of high-quality images.

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