Tell Me Lies Season 2: Won’t Be Available On Hulu Until At Least October 2022!

tell me lies season 2

The Hulu original series “Tell Me Lies,” which debuted on September 7th, follows a group of friends as they navigate their early 2000s college years. The series features wild parties, steamy romance, and (you guessed it) lies.

Within the first few days of her college experience, freshman Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) falls madly in love with senior Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White). However, as the story progresses, we see that Stephen isn’t who he seems to be.

The guy is a cheat. His words are untrue. In other words, he’s a manipulator. His bad behavior quickly spreads to Lucy.

Lucy starts lying to her current boyfriend, Max, about her plans to see her ex at a friend’s wedding, years later, giving off major Stephen vibes.

She “kind of starts to do that to Max” in the first season, Van Patten told TODAY. She acts a bit like the ‘Stephen,’ sneaking around and trying to get her way, you say.

In Van Patten’s opinion, the show’s success is due in part to the fact that it is so easy to relate to. According to Van Patten, “at least one of the characters can really resonate with you.” That, I believe, is what makes the show so entertaining and thought-provoking.

Although it doesn’t excuse Stephen’s actions, “Tell Me Lies,” like the Carola Lovering novel on which it is based, offers sympathetic insight into Stephen’s psyche. In a similar vein, Lucy.

Over the course of the show’s ten episodes, we see how Lucy and Stephen’s destructive relationship affects both of them and the people they care about.

Date of Season Two’s Release of “Tell Me Lies”

On October 26, 2022, you can watch the season 1 finale of Tell Me Lies. Neither the show nor its cast has been renewed for a second season.

With respect to season 2 of Tell Me Lies, Hulu has remained silent. If the final episode is well received, the show will likely be renewed for a second season.

Date of Season Two's Release of Tell Me Lies

If there is a cliffhanger at the end of the season, we will definitely be getting a second season. Various analyses have concluded that the novel cycle is quite dynamic, with lots of unexpected turns in the plot.

If the novel series’ plot is as intriguing as it seems to be, we could see a few more seasons of the show. Season 2 of Tell Me Lies could get the go-ahead from Hulu soon.

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What Happened in Season 2 of “Tell Me Lies”

Up until this point, we had not seen the season 1 finale of Tell Me Lies. Tell Me Lies Episode 10 is crucial to the future of the series. As the book comes to a close, Lucy discovers the truth about Stephen.

At the story’s conclusion, she learns that Stephen had been unfaithful to her. Even when she tries to confront Stephen, he acts like he is unaware of Macy’s existence.

Even more so, we will find out everything about the Unforgivable Thing, in which young Lucy witnesses her mother’s infidelity with her father. When she found out the truth, she was devastated and determined to leave her hometown forever.

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Tell Me Lies Season 2 Cast

Tell Me Lies Season 2 Cast

Given the events of the season one finale, it seems likely that many of the original cast members will make an appearance, even if only in flashback. The first season cast of Tell Me Lies is listed below.

  • Grace Van Patten playing the role of Lucy Albright 
  • Jackson White playing the role of Stephen Demaco 
  • Alicia Crowder playing the role of Diana 
  • Catherine Missal playing the role of Bree 
  • Spencer House playing the role of Wrigley 
  • Benjamin Wadsworth playing the role of Drew
  • Edmund Donovan playing the role of Max 
  • Sonia Mena playing the role of Pippa 
  • Natalee Linez playing the role of Lydia Montgomery 
  • Gabriella Pession playing the role of Marianne 

Where To Watch Tell Me Lies Season 2 Online?

New episodes of Tell Me Lies, season 1, are available on Hulu every Wednesday.

The Hulu app is readily available for mobile and desktop use. The show is also available on Disney Plus.

FAQs – People Also Ask

How many seasons will tell me lies have?

On September 7, 2022, the show debuted on Hulu. The story spans eight years and chronicles the ups and downs of Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco’s tumultuous but intoxicating relationship.

Is tell me lies based on a book?

Could you tell me if the movie “Tell Me Lies” was inspired by a book? In June of 2018, Lovering published a book of the same name, from which the Hulu original series takes its name.

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