Sarah Palin Reveals ‘Earth-Shattering’ New Love And Pain Of Divorce!

who is sarah palin dating

Since the NHL legend confirmed they are dating, Sarah Palin, 58, and her new boyfriend Ron Dugay, 64, have been spotted engaging in some PDA that they had previously avoided. On Friday, February 11th, the politician and athlete

were seen strolling through New York City while holding hands. Sarah was holding a rose that her boyfriend, who was dressed similarly in a dark grey jacket and black jeans, had probably bought for her. You can watch the couple in action by clicking here.

A romantic dinner in Little Italy was also reported seeing them at. They ordered salad and garlic bread and ate outside at Gelso and Grand. Sarah’s birthday was being celebrated, as was probably the end of the seventh day of her New York Times defamation trial, so they relaxed with a margarita each.

After Ron established their relationship, the two of them went out for a romantic dinner. On Friday morning he had already denied that he had a romantic interest in the politician.

We are friends. “I’m here to support her,” he told The Daily Beast upon being asked about his presence at the trial. Over text, however, he provided a different account. Is Sarah Palin your girlfriend?” When asked by a reporter from the outlet, he simply said, “Hi. Yes.”

Are Sarah Palin And Ron Duguay Dating?

Sarah Palin and NHL legend Ron Duguay were spotted having dinner together in New York on January 26, 2022, sparking relationship rumors.

Are Sarah Palin And Ron Duguay Dating

Sarah, the ex-governor of Alaska, made headlines when a photographer confronted her about eating at Elio’s Italian restaurant in Manhattan despite her history of coming out as Covid-positive.

Sarah, 57, has not confirmed to the press that she is dating Ron Duguay, but according to Page Six, Sarah’s friends and family have confirmed that the two have been seeing each other since late last year.

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Who Is Ron Duguay?

Mr. Duguay’s given name is Ronald. His year of birth is cited as 1957. The Canadian-born ice hockey legend played in the NHL for a dozen seasons between 1977 and 1989.

He was widely recognized as a team leader for the Rangers. He first joined the team in 1977 and stayed for six full years. In 1980, at the age of nine, he became a star after setting a team record for the quickest goal to be scored at the beginning of a game.

Who Is Ron Duguay

Later, he played for a variety of NHL clubs, including the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins. When his time with the New York Rangers was up, he retired with the Los Angeles Kings.

He has accumulated 620 points (274 goals + 346 assists) over 864 career NHL games. Ron has also contributed to the MSG Network’s coverage of the New York Rangers from 2007 through 2018 by serving as an in-studio analyst.

From 1993 until 2016, he was married to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Kim Alexis. He also has two daughters from his marriage to model Robin Bobo.

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Is Sarah Palin Married?

Sarah Palin married her high school sweetheart, Todd Palin, on August 29, 1988, making her a veteran politician.

Todd, however, has filed for divorce from the former governor of Alaska after 31 years of marriage, citing “incompatibility of temperament.”

Is Sarah Palin Married

Finally, in March of 202, they divorced, with Todd demanding a 50/50 split of their debts and assets and shared parenting of their youngest child, Trig.

There were five children born to the couple during their marriage. In April of 1989, they welcomed son Track Charles James.

Bristol Sheeran Marie was born to them in 1990, making her the second child in the family.

Willow Piper Indy Grace was born in 2001, and Bianca Faye was born in 1994.

Trig Paxson Van, their youngest child, was born in 2008.

Who Is Sarah Palin Dating?

Ron Duguay, a former player in the National Hockey League, is Sarah Palin’s boyfriend. The first time they were seen together was at Sarah Palin’s 58th birthday party.

They went on a date to Gelso and Grand, where they were spotted having dinner together. Palin was seen exiting with a rose that had to have been given to her by Duguay as the couple left together.

Now that Ron has added his approval to the relationship, it’s official: they’re a couple.


Sarah Palin is getting candid about her upcoming divorce from ex-husband Todd in 2020 and her romance with former New York Rangers player Ron Duguay.

Palin, now 58 years old, called the divorce “earth-shattering” in a new interview with The New York Post.

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