Arianna Grace Of WWE NXT Updates Injury Status!

WWE NXT's Arianna Grace injury updates

On Thursday morning, “WWE NXT” Superstar Arianna Grace updated her Twitter followers on her progress toward full health following an injury.

“Update!!!!! Physical therapy is really starting to pay off. My recovery from surgery is going swimmingly so far! thank you so much to Dr. Dugas, the wonderful medical staff at the PC, and the WWE for the excellent care that you provide to our athletes “Grace shared her thoughts via Twitter.

In addition to Roxanne Perez and Fallon Henley, Grace was among the names announced for the inaugural class of the Performance Center in March.

On the episode of “NXT Level Up” from April 26, Grace made her WWE ring debut, where she won a match against Amari Miller. Debuting on the May 10 episode of “NXT,” she was eliminated from the Women’s Breakout Tournament by Nikkita Lyons.

Additionally, in July, Grace competed in a 20-woman battle royal for a chance to win the “NXT” Women’s Championship. The final results showed that Zoey Stark emerged victorious from the battle royale.

Against Henley and Sol Ruca in a tag team match on the October 4 episode of “NXT Level Up,” Grace and Kiana James last competed before their injury announcement.

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The late WWE Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella is the proud father of Grace. It was a proud daddy moment for Marella when Grace reported to the WWE Performance Center for the first time.

Grace has a background in judo and jiu-jitsu in addition to her biology degree from Western University, which she earned before joining WWE.

The Latest On Arianna Grace’s Injury Status On WWE NXT

The NXT grappler shared the news on Twitter this past Thursday that she would be undergoing surgery the following week. Unfortunately, the specifics of her wound are still unknown.

The Latest On Arianna Grace's Injury Status On WWE NXT

“Excuse me, could you please repeat that? Unfortunately, I hurt myself and need surgery next week. I’m going to do everything in my power to get better and stronger so that I can get back to doing what makes me happy—performing for YOU! I’m itching for my next bout, “She tweeted about it.

“I’d like to add my gratitude to everyone who has offered support and encouragement. I really need it right now, and your help is appreciated more than you know. All of you fans are the reason I’m able to do what I love “follows a tweet that elaborates on the previous one.

“My recovery process will be chronicled on my Instagram and TikTok stories. And that’s how you can join me on this adventure if you’re interested. To put it mildly, what lies ahead is a rough road… I have some jitters but I’m otherwise prepared.”

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Grace hasn’t competed since the October 4 NXT Level Up tapings. On the show, she and Kiana James paired up against Sol Ruca and Fallon Henley and came up short.

Final Words

Grace Marella is Santino Marella’s daughter, a former WCW star. She just appeared on NXT 2.0 last month. Most recently, she teamed up with Kiana James on NXT Level Up in early October to take on Fallon Henley and Sol Ruca.

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