Airpods Connected But No Sound: Fix The Issue

airpods connected but no sound

You’ll be able to listen to music on Airpods without having to deal with the annoying cord that was previously included with every pair of headphones. However, there are a few bumps in the road with this new method of operation. One thing that users of Airpods have noticed is that the headphones don’t always automatically play music when they are put in.

Although the Airpods are linked to the iPhone, customers have reported that they are not even hearing the typical tone that indicates that the headphones have been turned on. Even when the icon for the user’s Airpods appears at the top of the screen on their iPhone, there is still no sound. Altering the volume is similarly fruitless in this situation. The following is a list of potential troubleshooting steps that can be taken.

Does Your Airpods Have Enough Battery?

Low-battery AirPods (imagine 10% charge or less) frequently go in and out, lose sound, and maybe lose the ability to use the microphone. You can even permanently reduce the battery life of your AirPods! AirPods are almost worthless when they are almost dead. AirPods that are on their way out are not particularly fun to use. And when do they actually pass away? They are also not precisely simple to locate.

airpods low battery

When Apple AirPods aren’t charged, there are a lot more issues to contend with than just the sound not working. Because of this, it’s crucial to maintain your AirPods completely charged in order to prevent running into any of these problems. It’s not a difficult effort either because AirPods can charge from almost dead to fully charged in about an hour!

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Is Your Bluetooth Working Fine?

The first thing you should attempt when your AirPods indicate that they are connected but there is no sound is to reset your phone’s Bluetooth. This is the quickest cure I can think of, and approximately half the time it works for me.

Resetting Bluetooth:

  • Navigate to Settings and choose Bluetooth.
  • After turning Bluetooth off, wait 20 seconds.
  • After that, turn Bluetooth back on.
  • Try to connect by selecting your AirPods again.
airpods bluetooth issue

As an alternative, you can click the blue Bluetooth symbol on the home screen after swiping down to make it grey (off). After 20 seconds, click the Bluetooth icon once more to make it blue (on).

You can try it again if the first time doesn’t work for you before moving on. You may usually resolve this issue by simply forcing your phone to attempt to reestablish a stable Bluetooth connection.

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Re-pair Your Airpods

If your AirPods are connected but there is no sound coming from them, turn off the Bluetooth on your phone and then turn it back on again. If that does not work, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth > Info > Forget This Device in order to remove the device from your device. To re-pair your AirPods, open the lid of their carrying case and press and hold the button located on the back of the case for 10 seconds.

This will reset your AirPods to factory settings, after which they will be re-paired, and this time they should be able to securely connect. Don’t freak out if they aren’t functioning just yet; there are a number of additional tried-and-true solutions you can try to address this problem. If you follow the steps in the following guide, I have no doubt that you will be able to get your AirPods operating again.

Put Them Back In The Charging Case

airpods charging case

Putting the AirPods back into the charging case is an easy solution that will solve the problem for some users:

  • Replace the AirPods charging case with the AirPods itself.
  • Put the cover back on.
  • At a minimum, please wait ten seconds.
  • Turn the case back over and open it up.
  • It is necessary for the casing as well as the Airpods to display the current battery charge.
  • Replace the Airpods in your ears and check to see whether they are still functioning properly.

Airpods To Be Work As The Output Device

There can be occasions when your smartphone is unable to determine which audio output should take precedence.

If you want to give your AirPods higher priority on an iOS device, you can do the following:

airpods as output
  • Drag down from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Pressing the music playback widget for an extended period of time (or using 3D touch) will bring up the audio outputs.
  • To continue, select the symbol that looks like a triangle with three overlapping circles.
  • Touch the button on your AirPods.

What happens if there is just one AirPod playing?

Carry out each of the stages listed above, with the following exceptions:

  • First, the audio output should be switched to your phone, and then it should be switched back to your AirPods.
  • When only one of your true wireless earphones is functioning, this is something that typically helps.

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Take A Look At The Nearby Devices

Turning off all neighbouring Bluetooth devices is another potential solution to this problem. This entails shutting them off completely. There may be interference if there are other phones, headphones, mice, keyboards, etc. in the vicinity. By turning off all of those gadgets, you may be certain to avoid this.

Alternately, for each and every one of these Bluetooth devices, go to your iPhone and select “Forget This Device.” If you need a reminder of how to achieve this, it was defined above. You can ensure that there is no interference by performing this action.

Restart Your iPhone

restart iphone

Force restarting your iPhone will eliminate all the factors because it might possibly be experiencing Bluetooth issues. There is no requirement for a factory reset.

Other Things To Try At End

Because of how prevalent this issue is, numerous people have reported success using various solutions. Some of them consist of:

  • At least one instance of upgrading to a new iPhone version was successful.
  • Try restarting the music app you’re using.

You might need to take your Airpods to an Apple Store if fixes like these fail. It might be a problem with the Airpods themselves.

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