Health Restoration And Healing In Bayonetta 3!

How to heal in Bayonetta 3

To progress through Bayonetta 3 with as much health as possible, you need to avoid taking any hits.

When you avoid getting hit, you increase your chances of completing a Verse with a Pure Platinum award. Damage is something that can’t always be avoided, thus players should be prepared to heal.

The good news is that Bayonetta 3 provides several options for doing just that. Taking damage in the game is completely fine because it has no bearing on the plot.

Nevertheless, it is impressive to see as you breeze through fight after fight without taking any damage.

In Bayonetta 3, There Are In-Game Ways To Replenish Health

Thanks to the game’s architecture, players of Bayonetta 3 have multiple ways to avoid harm, from perfecting their dodging time to using the Bat Within ability for a second chance. Unfortunately, there are instances when Bayonetta just can’t handle the number of foes around the player.

First, you can try to collect some Light Green Feathers. These appear on the ground at random during Bayonetta’s stage exploration, usually in the space between Verses (Battles). For Bayonetta to receive an instant boost to her health, all she has to do is walk over the feathers.

In Bayonetta 3, There Are In-Game Ways To Replenish Health

Even though it won’t get you a Platinum medal, repairing the damage can mean the difference between winning and losing. If you have the necessary sweets available, you can access them by pressing the “-” Button and then scrolling through your stock with the L or R buttons.

Find the food item, then press A to heal Bayonetta. Regarding Rodin, his store offers yet another method of self-healing. Witch Hearts are only one of the many things he’ll ask for orbs for.

Not using them immediately away is fine. They cost a hefty 30,000 orbs just to get started. These are also resourceful methods for regaining health. After using them, you’ll have more overall stamina.


When used, it completely recovers your health, and, perhaps best of all, it is not counted as an item use. You can’t count Witch Hearts toward a level’s item total, thus using them won’t improve your final score on that stage. You can use these as healing items in a pinch, and they also offer you a maximum health boost, and they can be found all across Bayonetta 3.

Using these methods, you can quickly and effectively heal in Bayonetta 3. While some players may find more enjoyment in a strategy of dodging all attacks and never needing to heal, this is by no means required. A player can regain HP and return to the fray as the popular Umbral Witch regardless of the situation.

Using Green Herb Lollipops

Feathers of a pale green color are quite rare but can be spotted on the ground between battles. Bayonetta can recover some health by simply stepping over them.

Using Green Herb Lollipops

Health can be restored more reliably using Green Herb Lollipops, which can be purchased from Rodin’s Shop or discovered in chests. When you have enough Lollipops, you can enter the menu by clicking -, and then rapidly browse the available rewards by pressing L or R.

When your health is low, selecting the Green Lollipop and pressing A will help.


Last Words

While Platinum action games often test the player’s ability to finish battles without taking damage, getting hurt is sometimes unavoidable owing to a large number of enemies present.

To put it simply, stay alive at any cost. Read this strategy guide to help restore health in Bayonetta 3.

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