MacBook Connects To Wifi But Has No Internet Connection: Solved The Issue

macbook wifi connected but no internet

Do you find it strange that even when your MacBook is connected to the same wireless network, there is still no internet connection? Don’t worry so much about it because it’s a fairly common problem. Nevertheless, this could make your work more difficult because it would block any web browser from loading web pages.

Don’t be concerned! In this article, I will explain what to do if your MacBook is linked to your Wi-Fi network but does not have Internet access even though it is connected to the network. But before we get into that, let’s try to figure out why it occurs.

What Could Be Wrong?

The underlying problem could be caused by incorrect settings or by your router. Additionally, it is essential that we comprehend that Wi-Fi and the internet are two distinct entities. Even if you are able to successfully connect to a Wi-Fi router, this does not necessarily mean that you are connected to the internet.

First, before moving forward, you should attempt to connect your laptop to a mobile hotspot. If you are able to connect to the internet, the issue is most likely with the Wi-Fi connection in your home. Proceed with this guide in the event that the issue is still present!

Restart Your Devices

macbook restart

The first thing you should do is to power down and then restart both your MacBook and your wireless router. Even if other devices in your home can connect to the Internet, you still need to restart your router. If you haven’t tried connecting your MacBook to a different Wi-Fi network before, you should do it now.

Check to check whether you can get online at your place of employment, school, a public library, or the home of a friend. If you are able to, the issue is with the personal network that you are using. Get in touch with your Internet service provider for assistance in resolving the issue.

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Use The Diagnostic Tool

Wi-Fi Recommendations. Check for an option on the Wi-Fi menu titled “Wi-Fi Recommendations” after selecting Wi-Fi from the Control Center or the menu bar. If you see it, it means that your Mac has identified a problem and provided you with recommendations. To acquire additional knowledge, select Wi-Fi Recommendations.

macbook wifi diagnostics

Diagnostics using wireless technology While clicking the Wi-Fi icon in the Control Center or the menu bar, make sure the Option key on your keyboard is held down. Next, select Open Wireless Diagnostics from the drop-down option that appears. Discover more about analysing your wireless environment with Wireless Diagnostics by learning more about how to use the tool.

Check VPN & Other Securities

It’s possible that your access to the internet is being impacted by a virtual private network (VPN) or another piece of software that monitors or otherwise interacts with your various network connections. Gain an understanding of the network challenges that are associated with VPN and other technologies.

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Forget & Reconnect

Information obtained from different sources on the network might occasionally cause chaos. In circumstances like these, a new Wi-Fi connection may do wonders for your online experience. To deactivate Wi-Fi on your Mac, follow these steps.

macbook wifi forget
  • To access the Network preferences, navigate to the top left corner of the screen and click the Apple icon.
  • Choose Wi-Fi from the menu on the left.
  • To access the advanced settings, select the.
  • After clicking the network’s name, select the minus sign located underneath the box.
  • Please input the password once again, and then try connecting again.

Make Changes In Network Preferences

Resetting network settings is a typical method of troubleshooting Internet issues on iPhones. Sadly, macOS doesn’t provide a simple button to reset network settings. You can, however, choose to remove your preference files. Make a backup first because this resets various settings on your MacBook.

  • You must re-connect to the Wi-Fi network after resetting your network options.
  • Click the Desktop to highlight Finder on your MacBook.
  • Go > Computer can be selected from the menu bar.
  • Go to Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/System Configuration by using your browser.
  • You might not have all of the following files, so delete them anyway:
macbook wifi network preference
  3. NetworkInterfaces.plist
  4. preferences.plist
  5. Settings.plist

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Unplug The Other USB Peripherals

Shielding is required for any USB devices and other peripheral equipment that are attached to your MacBook. Accessories that are not protected can cause disruptions to the Wi-Fi or Internet connection on your MacBook. Turn off everything connected to your MacBook, including your mouse, keyboard, and hard drive. Then attempt to reestablish a connection to the Internet.

If you are able to connect to the internet at this time, one of your accessories is likely to blame. You can determine which of your USB accessories is causing the issue by reintroducing them one by one. Get in touch with the manufacturer to ask for assistance in correcting it.

macbook unplug usb

Switch To Other DNS

If you frequently have issues with your Mac’s WiFi connectivity, the problem may be caused by the DNS server of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) being overloaded with requests.

Changing your DNS provider to either Google DNS, DNS Servers offered by Amazon, or Open-DNS could be helpful in resolving the issue in this scenario. DNS servers that are offered for free are dependable and are likely to be far faster than the DNS servers that are utilised by your Internet service provider (ISP).

Get In Touch With Your ISP

If you are able to access the internet when connected to a different network, or if you are unsure, you should verify with the administrator of your network or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that your network is functioning properly.

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