Best Scary Nintendo Switch Horror Games 2022: Check The List

horror games nintendo switch

Although Nintendo Switch is frequently overlooked as a family-friendly platform, there are plenty of frightening goodies to keep you up at night. It’s always a good time to get spooky. This feast of horror has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking for zombies, ghosts, demons, or mind-bending psychological shocks.

You’ll find frightening vibes for the easily frightened, creepy oldies emerging from the crypt, a plethora of startling J-horror, and a selection of the best horror experiences to keep you on the edge of your seat in our list of the best Switch horror games. Therefore, grab your pillow and dim the lights because things are about to become spooky.

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horror games carrion

Carrion turns the tables on the customary monster mayhem by placing you in charge of a body horror experiment gone wrong. While it is utterly wonderful to carelessly toss a gruesome glob of tentacles and muscle tissue around a level, it is unsettling to witness this creature in action. As victims cry before being torn apart and the excellent sound design sends a chill down your spine as you ooze through stages, even the game’s antiquated aesthetics can’t conceal how terrible this bioweapon is. The way everything unfolds is revoltingly beautiful.

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horror games limbo

Playdead’s breakthrough title, Limbo, was well-deserved. You could always predict when you were playing it that something horrible was about to happen, but you could never stop. It was monochromatic in the art department and crawling with a general feeling of uneasiness. It was possible that you would perish from a careless jump, from being torn to pieces by a huge spider that was ravenous for your flesh, or from one of the other gruesome deaths that were dispersed throughout the path. Limbo hasn’t lost any of its distinctively macabre appeal over the years, and if you’re playing the Switch OLED Model, it looks better than ever.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

horror games luigis mansion 3

In order to rescue Mario from the hands of a haunted hotel, you will need to take Luigi on a trip to Last Resort, which will not exactly be a peaceful vacation. Along the journey, you will encounter spooky and slimy obstacles. This is an approachable horror experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family, either locally or via internet co-op, and it features a plethora of spooky antics and crazy fun.

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horror games madison

It appears that the “weapon” of choice in a number of survival horror games is a camera, and MADiSON is merely the first of those games. The camera is the only thing that prevents Luca from being utterly helpless as the spirit of a vicious killer forces him to finish a bloody ritual that was begun many years ago. He is locked in a room that is covered in blood, and the room itself is coated in blood. The only way out is to establish a connection between the human world and the hereafter, but doing so will not be simple.

Little Nightmares II

horror games little nightmare 2

This 2.5D puzzle platformer has an eerie feel. Everything about it is horrifyingly spooky, which makes the player nervous the entire time they play. It has stealth mechanics and puzzles, many of which are very pleasant. This satisfaction is increased because completing a puzzle allows you to move on to the next section. It contains several upgrades over the first game, as well as a tonne of treasures and things to unlock. However, we also suggest playing the first Little Nightmares on Nintendo Switch.

Dead By Daylight

horror games dead by daylight

When considering horror, multiplayer games might not immediately come to mind, yet they actually function surprisingly well. Consider the movie Dead by Daylight. In this asymmetrical online horror game, four survivors face off against a murderer. As a survivor, your objective is to get away from the killer; if you’re the killer, then, you guessed it, you’ve got to kill the survivors. The fact that the killer’s actions are so frequently unanticipated keeps you on your toes and makes this game so terrifying. To well as receiving a tonne of DLC, Left 4 Dead, Halloween, Saw, Scream, and Silent Hill tribute packs have been added to Dead by Daylight.


horror games detention

Nothing is more terrible than the demons hiding within our own civilization, no matter what horrors the mind might concoct. Detention is inspired by this concept and tells an intriguing tale using the political danger that was prevalent in Taiwan throughout the 1960s. Detention’s unpleasant character only grows when you are subjected to spine-tingling sound design that allows your mind to fill in the blanks as you navigate through its gloomy atmosphere. Detention is a portable masterwork of political terror, and its narrative is both upsetting and profound.

Amnesia: Collection

horror games amnesia

Amnesia is an essential part of any collection of horror video games. The Amnesia series has developed into an essential component of the Let’s Play subgenre because it was the phenomena that sparked the interest in the format in the first place. It had such a spooky vibe, and there were so many ghostly apparitions, that it traumatised an entire generation. As you explore the spooky and deserted castle, put yourself in a waking nightmare of horror survival and prepare to be frightened at every turn. You will find yourself ducking under the couch at the sound of the slightest creak or groan.

Resident Evil

There is no need to provide an introduction to the Resident Evil series; nonetheless, we simply are unable to pick just one game to include on this list because we adore them all. In these genuinely horrific survival horror treasures, you can relive the fear with the classic ports or delve into the horror of Revelations. Both options are available.

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