How To Customize The Photos Widget In iOS 14? Easy Way

photo widget customize

Apple has, for an indeterminate amount of time, maintained a mostly unchanged Home Screen on the iPhone. It has been this way for much too much time, and it appears that the corporation has now come to realise that it has been acting in a way that is counter to its own best interests.

iOS 14 offers a host of new Home Screen modifications, in addition to updates to iOS’s underlying infrastructure that are not considered to be as significant. Following the discovery of numerous flaws and idiosyncrasies, as well as a new jailbreak for iOS 13, Apple decided to, for the most part, play it safe with iOS 14.

Widgets Are Not New

While you would believe that Widgets are a recent addition to iOS, the truth is that they have been there for a while. The “old” widgets were hidden in the Today View, which makes it easy to overlook them if you’re not used to swiping to the right on the home screen.

You may now use different widgets for some of your favourite apps thanks to iOS 14 from Apple. Since developers were still working on updating old apps and widgets, these were only available as Apple apps during the beta period. But as more and more programmers join in, it shouldn’t take long for some of your favourite third-party programmes to receive an update with fresh widgets.

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Firstly Add A Photos Widget

You will first need to ensure that the Photos Widget is present on your device’s Home Screen before you can make any attempts to modify its settings. Before you can include it, you will first need to complete a few simple tasks, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

  • You can access the “Jiggle” mode by entering a long press on an empty spot on your Home Screen (icons start jiggling).
  • To add something, click the plus sign in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Continue scrolling down until you come to the Photos widget.
  • Select the Photos Widget by clicking on it.
  • Choose the size of the icon you wish to appear on the Home screen.
  • Select the Add Widget button located at the bottom of the screen.
  • To finish, tap the Done button in the upper right corner.
photo widget ios 14

No Customized Photos Widget

On your iPhone, you can adjust the photographs widget’s size and location, but you can’t pick which iPhone photo albums or particular photos should be displayed in the widget. There is no way to make certain photos appear, to stop it from showing certain people, or even to steer it in a specific direction. Apple employs an algorithm to automatically choose your finest photos.

On an iPhone, the only thing you can do to alter the photo widget’s content is to stop it from displaying particular pictures that an algorithm has already selected. You can open a photo in the Photographs app and choose to remove it from your featured photos if you see one in the widget that you don’t want to see there. That will stop that specific image from being shown by the photo widget in the future.

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photo widget no customization

You Can Remove The Picture From Featured

  • You will need to wait for the photo that you want to delete to display in the widget.
  • Tap the image to open it.
  • To share something, tap the icon.
  • Tap the Remove button next to the featured photo.
  • Your photo widget will no longer display the image when you delete it.

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There’s A Will, There’s A Way

We’ll use the free third-party programme Photos Widget: Simple from the App Store for this. It should go without saying that in order to use this function, your device must be running iOS 14 or later. Make sure Photos Widget: Simple is downloaded from the App Store in its most recent iteration.

The first time you open the app, you’ll be asked to add photos from your library. To choose the photographs you want to utilise with the widget by hand, use the “+” symbol. By tapping the gear icon, you can visit the app’s settings and alter how frequently the photographs spin. Now, click or tap “Photo Refresh Interval” to set the speed at which the images rotate.

After finishing, be careful to click “Adjust widgets to current settings.” You can now close the app. After entering jiggle mode by long-pressing the home screen, tap the “+” icon in the top-left corner of your screen to add a new widget. This will direct you to the library of widgets. Find “Photo Widget” using the search field, then tap on it.

photo widget simple app ios

You will now be able to alter the widget’s size. For your widget, you can select from the 22, 24, and 44 grid styles. After deciding on your preferred size, click “Add Widget” to add the widget to your home screen. On the home screen, you may also drag and drop the widget to any location.

Want To Make Your Home Screen More Attractive? Add More Widgets

Custom icons are entertaining, but the widgets on the home screens really capture my attention. It’s really easy to add a widget to a home page. Long-press the home page, then tap the plus sign (+) button at the top. On certain iPhone models, the plus sign (+) button is on the left and on others, the right.

Choose the widget of your choice. Then, by swiping to the right, you may scroll through the many size and design options that are offered. Press the large blue Add Widget bar at the bottom of the screen to select an option. You might need to consent to the app widget’s request for privacy information. I’m done now! Happy using your new widget.

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