How to get the “A Crappy Way to Die” Achievement in Modern Warfare 2?

cod crappy way to die

The incredible amount of trophies and medals that can be earned in Modern Warfare 2 is one of the aspects of the game that helps to keep it interesting. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, there are a huge number of trophies and accomplishments that players can earn. One such achievement is titled “A Crappy Way to Die.” They present an additional obstacle for you to overcome and offer you a goal to strive for as you play.

On the other hand, achieving each and every one of your goals may prove to be quite challenging, as there are only specific locations on which you can work, and it isn’t always going to be evident where those locations are! This tutorial will prove to be useful in certain situations. If you keep reading, I’ll explain how you can earn the “A Crappy Way to Die” Achievement in Modern Warfare 2, so make sure you do.

Hilarious But Difficult To Achieve

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the “A Crappy Way to Die” trophy is not only one of the most difficult but also one of the most funny achievements to unlock. You will need to eliminate an adversary during one of their private times, such as when they are inside a Porta-Potty tending to the needs of their bodily functions, in order to acquire this item.

Unlocking the achievement is not something that can be done very easy and is not something that can be done very quickly, especially if your team gets to the objective before you do. As a result, the topic of discussion for today’s walkthrough will be how you can quickly eliminate an adversary in Modern Warfare 2 while they are hiding inside of a Porta-Potty.

“A Crappy Way To Die” Can Only Be Achieved…

The “A Crappy Way to Die” award can be earned in only one way, and that is through completing the Dark Water quest. It is one of the many Campaign objectives that you will have the opportunity to test out in the story mode, and because you will be clearing the level with a squad, it is imperative that you get to the target and eliminate him before they do in order to obtain the accomplishment.

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Where Are The Enemies

cod potta potties

Two porta potties may be found next to each other on the deck to your right as you approach the top of the oil rig’s first flight of steps. The opponent is actually seated at his desk in the porta potty to the left. To kill him, fire a couple shots into the door’s centre. When the door opens, the adversary will fall out dead.

Even if his pants are genuinely up, you may have mistakenly believed that you caught him with them down. As a result, you only metaphorically caught him with his pants down. To earn this trophy or achievement, you must act quickly because another member of your squad might take out the opponent before you do. So as soon as you see that porta potty, shoot it.

Climb Stairs & Clear The Area

cod climb stairs

After you have secured yourself with the ropes to the initial platform of the oil rig, you will need to climb some stairs. Here, in order to obtain access to the steps that lead to a few guards who are stationed on the balconies, you will be necessary to hang over the edge of the lower level.

After that, you will be necessary to clear the area of the guards and find the two porta potties that are located on the right. Only one of the cubes will have someone inside of it, and the adversary that you have to kill will be hiding in the leftmost of the compartments. As you move through the region in Modern Warfare 2, you will be needed to climb the stairs as part of the mission’s advancement.

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Get “A Crappy Way To Die” Achievement

If you want to complete the mission, you must do so. However, before you make the decision to walk the stairs, it is imperative that you use the Porta-Potty a few times to relieve yourself. You may even want to shoot them both in order to be absolutely certain.

cod a crappy way to die

If you have successfully fired through the doors and hit the adversary with your bullets, the artificial intelligence will roll out of the toilet and land on the ground. If this occurs, a notification will appear, telling you that the “A Crappy Way to Die” accomplishment in Modern Warfare 2 has been unlocked as a result of your actions.

But Don’t Let The Level Get Over

It is essential that you take note of the fact that you are required to shoot the Porta-Potty prior to climbing the stairs in order to proceed with the rest of the task. If you don’t shoot it, one of your teammates will, and then you’ll have to return to the previous checkpoint and begin the level over again.

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