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Boop! In Overwatch, Lcio Correia dos Santos is a jovial character most known for his upbeat demeanour and his positively contagious beats. Many competitive team compositions are built around the healing and speed-boosting DJ, but he’s great fun to employ in any game. Despite being categorised as a support hero, he offers any squad he is a member of a tonne of utility and even has some damaging potential.

You’ve come to the right site if you want to learn how to play L’cio. The sonic healer is simple to learn, but he has a very high skill ceiling that favours preparedness and deliberate movement. It’s not surprising that Lcio has been among the most well-liked heals in the Overwatch League because, in the right hands, he is incredibly potent. The following information will help you play Lcio in Overwatch.

Lucio Overview

Top-tier healer Lucio offers constant assistance without having to evade a cooldown timer. His main skill, Crossfade, allows Lucio to instantly transition between a song that heals and one that increases speed, although it has a few limitations. The song’s advantages only apply to teammates who are in Lucio’s line of sight and last for one second after allies have left the region of effect. As a result, Lucio must remain near to the tank or DPS on your team, placing himself at danger.

lucio overview

Lucio can deter most threats, though, and can also weaken opponents so that your team’s damage dealers can finish them off. His Soundwave ability throws opponents back, while his Sonic Amplifier weapon offers a respectable amount of damage and almost no reload time. Additionally, Soundwave has a large area of influence, making it useful in escort and combat scenarios as well as when you need to occupy the objective zone and drive attackers away.

Lucio: The Perfect Hero?

Lucio exemplifies the ideal of a Hero who is simple to learn but challenging to fully master. Because of his straightforward healing skill, he is excellent at replenishing the health of the group as a whole, and his fundamental attacks are simple to employ. The gap between a good Lucio and a great Lucio, on the other hand, is significant when it comes to wall-riding and song-switching.

Sonic Amplifier

The primary weapon that Lucio wields shoots in bursts of four rounds, with each round dealing 20 damage to an opponent when it makes a direct hit. The rounds don’t move all that quickly, yet they hit their targets with remarkable precision despite their slow pace.

lucio sonic amplifier

This indicates that Lucio is able to easily lay down covering fire at a far window or doorway in order to prevent a sniper Hero like Widowmaker or Ashe from peeping out. Lucio’s weapon has a magazine that holds 20 rounds, allowing him to fire 5 times before he needs to reload, which takes him 1.5 seconds.

Stick To The Ally

Finding at least one ally and staying as close to them as you can while playing Lucio is the objective. This ally should ideally be your team’s tank or main DPS hero, not only for healing. Movement bonuses are essential for assisting you both in moving to a better location or escaping, while Lucio’s Soundwave can help level the playing field and keep enemies at bay while your ally is focusing on another target.

Instead of attempting to follow Genji and other naturally fast heroes up walls and across the map, Lucio should just keep an eye out for opportunities to offer support when necessary. Fast heroes like Genji are difficult for Lucio to keep up with.

Wall Riding Evasion

The ability to ride walls gives Lucio the strongest defensive advantage because it enables him to avoid opposing strikes while still being mobile. You can easily avoid enemy strikes or get to your team more quickly by wall-riding. You will move more quickly while wall-riding, and you will accelerate suddenly after jumping off a wall. You can move around the map quickly by leaping from wall to wall using these mechanics.

lucio wall riding

Remember that you must be within visible range of your squad in order to heal them with your songs. Your song won’t get to them if you’re hiding behind a wall. You must therefore be cautious when wall-riding to avoid being outside the healing range of your companions. The number in the centre of the Crossfade icons lets you know how many targets your music have an impact on.

Amp It Up

Amp it Up is an Ability that is tied to Crossfade. While it is active, it will grant the player a significant boost in power to any mode they are using at the time. If Lucio’s teammates are being healed by Crossfade, then using Amp it Up will force that healing to accelerate to 50 HP per second, but Lucio’s own healing will only accelerate to 30 HP per second. Amp it Up will cause the speed buff to rise from 25% to 60% if Crossfade is already in speed mode. This will let Lucio and his teammates to sprint forward or withdraw with ease depending on the situation.

Lucio & Reaper

lucio and reaper

One of the few DPS characters in Overwatch 2 with his unique healing ability, Reaper restores HP each time he deals damage. Along with Lucio’s Crossfade, which keeps healing Reaper while in Wraith Form, this additional healing prevents enemy Heroes from taking Reaper out. Reaper can also take use of Crossfade’s speed boost because he is an aggressive Hero who needs to be in close proximity.

Lucio & Reinhardt

In Overwatch 2, Lucio is practically the ideal choice for Reinhardt combos. With his Barrier Field increased, Reinhardt will be able to move forward much more quickly thanks to his speed boost. He will also be able to pursue and eliminate enemy Heroes when the time comes to fire the Rocket Hammer. The protected area Reinhardt’s massive, moveable Barrier creates may be improved by Lucio by staying within of it, enabling teammates to heal in safety.

Lucio & Genji

One of the few Supports who can keep up with Genji, Lucio can harass the same targets while replenishing the health of the quick-drawing DPS Hero. In addition, a Genji’s melee-focused Ultimate might help him rack up kills thanks to Sound Barrier’s extra HP and Crossfade’s speed.

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