Numerous People Are Still Missing After The Bridge Collapse In India, Where The Death Toll Has Risen To 141!

bridge collapses in India

The collapse of a pedestrian suspension bridge in Gujarat, a western state of India, killed at least 141 people.

According to a local official, the majority of the fatalities were made up of children, the elderly, and women. Morbi’s bridge had only recently reopened after being closed for repairs.

Officials have stated that the bridge was extremely crowded due to Diwali celebrations.

The Macchu River Bridge, which spans 230 meters (754 feet), was constructed by the British during their rule of the region in the 19th century.

The rescue effort has been launched, involving police, military, and disaster response teams.

In total, more than 177 people have been saved, according to reports.

According to Reuters, an eyewitness named Sukram said, “Many children were enjoying holidays for Diwali and they came here as tourists.”

“They tumbled down on top of each other. The overloading of the bridge caused it to give way.”

Numerous people were seen in videos posted online clinging to the wreckage as rescuers worked to free them. Those who were able to swim made it to the riverbanks, while others scrambled up the shattered netting of the bridge.

Numerous people are still missing after the bridge collapse in India, where the death toll has risen to 141!

The bridge reportedly collapsed on Sunday at around 13:10 GMT (18:40 IST), with hundreds of people on it.

A video taken just before its collapse shows it to be crowded with people, swaying, and with many of them holding on to the netting on its sides.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, whose home state is Gujarat, has promised financial aid to the victims’ families. He expressed “profound sadness” over the incident.

Officials have stated that they will conduct a thorough probe. The question of whether or not the bridge passed safety inspections before being reopened has been raised. Locals refer to it as Julio Paul, but most of the world knows it by its official name (swinging bridge).

According to Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi, several criminal cases have been filed in connection with the incident.

At the time of the accident, Prateek Vasava was on the bridge. He swam to the bank of the river and recounted his adventure to the Gujarati-language news channel 24 Hours.

Collapsed India Bridge 

Authorities in India’s western state of Gujarat have revealed that 134 people have died since a suspension bridge collapsed on Sunday. The bridge had only recently reopened after being repaired.

Some 200 people were on the bridge in the town of Morbi when it collapsed into the river below on Sunday evening, according to Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi, who made the estimate on Monday. He also noted that it appears a cable has snapped at one end.

Collapsed India Bridge 

Officials from the district told CNN on Monday that 30 children were among the dead.

According to Vishal Kanjaria, an official from the Morbi district’s administration, 170 people have been saved so far. The exact breakdown of those still in the hospital versus those who have been released is unknown at this time.

The state of Gujarat has filed criminal charges against the company responsible for maintaining the 230-meter-long bridge, which was originally constructed in the 19th century and just reopened to the public last week following renovations.

images captured at the scene People gathered on the bank of the river Machchhu on Monday next to the mangled metal walkway, which hung at an acute angle into the water, as rescue workers in inflatable dinghies searched for survivors.

Sanghavi did not specify the number of missing people at a press conference held early on Monday, but footage shared on social media showed dozens of people in the water after the bridge collapsed.

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TV footage, as reported by Reuters, showed people clinging to the bridge’s cables and remnants as rescuers tried to reach them. Others swam to safety, while others climbed the collapsed building to get to the riverbanks.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised compensation for victims’ families from the country’s Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

At a rally for upcoming elections in the Gujarat state legislature on Monday, Modi said, “my heart is filled with love and is with the families of those suffering.”

The state government has appointed a panel to look into the matter. Modi said, “I assure the people of the country that there will be no shortfall in the relief and rescue efforts.”

The state government of Gujarat, according to Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, will pay approximately $6,000 in compensation per injured person and approximately $5,000 to the families of the deceased.

To the families of the citizens who were killed in the tragedy, he tweeted, “I express my condolences.”

After A Bridge Collapsed In India, Killing 134 People, Nine People Were Arrested

A.P. — MORBI, India Authorities in western India have made nine arrests as they probe the cause of the collapse of a 143-year-old suspension bridge that had just been repaired. Hundreds of people were killed when a bridge in Gujarat state gave way on Sunday evening, sending them plunging into a river.

After A Bridge Collapsed In India, Killing 134 People, Nine People Were Arrested

A pedestrian bridge built in the late 1800s during British colonialism and hailed as an “artistic and technological marvel” by the state’s tourism website collapsed, killing at least a dozen people and prompting an investigation into the cause and possible perpetrators of the tragedy. Only four days prior, the bridge had reopened to traffic.

Police have formed a special investigative team, according to Inspector General Ashok Yadav, and have arrested several individuals, including managers and employees of the bridge operator, Oreva Group.

Nearly seven months later, on October 26, the first day of the Gujarati New Year, which coincides with the Hindu festival season, the attraction reopened to throngs of visitors.

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Hundreds of people reportedly caused the structure to collapse, according to authorities. People were seen clinging to the structure’s cables and fencing in the security footage, but eventually, the aluminum walkway gave way and fell into the river.

The Indian Express quotes a Morbi official, Sandeepsinh Zala, who says the company reopened the bridge without first obtaining a “fitness certificate.” Authorities denied this but said they were looking into it.


The government has pledged to conduct a thorough probe. Some people are questioning whether or not the bridge was checked for safety before it was reopened. Locals refer to it as Julto Pul, but most of the world knows it by its English name (swinging bridge).

According to Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi, multiple criminal cases have been opened as a result of the incident.

The bridge was where Prateek Vasava was when the accident happened. He described his swim to the riverbank to the Gujarati-language news channel 24 Hours.

He continued, “I wanted to pull some of them along with me but they had drowned or gotten swept away.”

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