How Do I Know If My Airpods Case Is Charging Wirelessly?

airpods charging wirelessly

If you exclude the Apple Watch, it’s possible that Apple’s AirPods series of headphones will be the company’s most successful product line since the iPhone. Perhaps even the very first Macintosh. In spite of this, Apple has finally rolled out some improvements to the portfolio, nearly two years after the first sale of the AirPods in late 2016.

With the release of the AirPods 2, Apple added wireless charging. This was partially the result of the anticipated launching of AirPower, which was, however, shelved later on. Nevertheless, we are still able to charge our AirPods without having to bother about wires thanks to the wireless charging feature.

Is Your Airpods Compitable With Wireless Charging?

Do you own the very first generation of Apple AirPods? The Wireless Charging Case was only available as an add-on for the 2nd Generation AirPods, however all AirPods Pro versions already come equipped with one of these cases. That version did not come standard with a wireless charging case. This is the official Apple page for the wireless charging cover, which you can view here: (AirPods Charging Case with Wireless Charging from Apple)

airpods wireless charging

If you have the wireless charging case, then it should have an LED light on the front of the case that will light up orange (temporary) when it is charging and green when it is fully charged. If you do not have the wireless charging case, then it will not have this light. If you have an AirPods model from the first generation or from the standard generation of the second generation, the charging light will be located on the inside of the case between the AirPods themselves; furthermore, this model does not support wireless charging.

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How To Charge Your Airpods Wirelessly

When you first turn on your new Apple AirPods, they will typically already be fully charged, but at some time during use, you will hear a tone indicating that the batteries in your AirPods are running low, followed by another tone immediately before the batteries die completely. When that moment arrives, it is time to put your AirPods on their charging case. Putting them back in the case is usually all that is required to fix the problem.

The case can store many full charges for your AirPods, so you can charge them even when you’re on the move. However, at some point in the future, the charging case will eventually lose its capacity, at which point it will also require charging. Apple’s Wireless Charging Case, the second generation of AirPods, and the AirPods Pro can be charged using virtually any charging mat or stand that is compatible with the Qi standard.

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The Wireless Charging Case

airpods charging case

However, there is a caveat to the wireless charging capability of both the first and second generations of AirPods. You will need the appropriate charging case in order to accomplish this task. It should come as no surprise that Apple did not ship the first AirPods with a case that supported wireless connectivity. In the meanwhile, Apple provided customers with the option to purchase the second-generation AirPods with either a wireless charging case or a conventional version of the product.

However, in the most brilliant move that could have been made, Apple and its retail partners started offering a wireless charging case independently. This case is suitable for use with both the first generation and the second generation of AirPods. That implies that your first-generation AirPods, which were released in 2016, can at long last be charged wirelessly, and you do not need to spend more money to update.

Is Your Airpods Case Is Charging Wirelessly?

airpods case charging

It is rather simple to determine which version of the AirPods you have if you have either the AirPods Pro or the wireless charging case for the AirPods. There is now a little LED on the front of the case, which was not there on the first version of the casing. When a device is placed on a wireless charger, an LED will light up to indicate whether or not the device is charging.

It goes without saying that you will need to ensure that you are in possession of a wireless charger that is compatible with Qi, which are now widely available. According to a number of rumours, it would appear that the charging case for the AirPods will require at least one hour. There are some people who believe that the wireless charging process will take a little bit longer until the battery reaches 100%. Despite this, charging by wire will always be more efficient than charging wirelessly.

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Check Battery Status Of Your Airpods

airpods battery status

By removing the AirPods from the charging case, opening the lid, and placing the case next to your iPhone, you can check the AirPods’ battery level. The screen of your device should display the charge state of your AirPods and their case. If you remove an AirPod, you’ll see separate percentages for the two earpieces.

You may also use the Batteries widget on your iPhone’s Today View, which you can access by swiping right on the Lock screen or the first screen of apps on your Home screen, to check the charge status of your AirPods.

AirPods can chat for up to 18 hours or play music for up to 24 hours when the Wireless Charging Case is fully charged. You can have up to three hours of listening time or up to two hours of speaking time with AirPods after charging them for 15 minutes in the case. You receive around 1 hour of listening time or approximately 1 hour of speaking time from your AirPods Pro after charging them for 5 minutes in their case.


The AirPods are extraordinary in every way. This is even more accurate now that the AirPods Pro have been released, but even the version from the second generation is still quite good. Because wireless charging eliminates the need for cables and other charging accessories, you won’t have to worry about losing or misplacing them. You only need to place the AirPods on the charging pad, and then retrieve them some time later.

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