iPhone Battery Icon Showing Yellow: Reasons, Effects & Fix

iphone yellow battery fixed

Have you noticed that the colour of the battery indicator on the home screen of your iPhone has changed to yellow instead of the typical colour? There is a simple explanation for this, as well as a solution to the problem. This article will explain why the battery percentage on your iPhone is showing as yellow as well as what you can do about it.

When the icon on their iPhone turns yellow, a lot of people start to worry that something might be wrong with their device or their battery. When you see a yellow battery indication like the one in the photo above, you do not need to be concerned about anything.

Why The Battery Icon Is Yellow in Your iPhone

You most likely did not turn on Low Power Mode on purpose by heading to Settings > Battery on your device. If you are reading this page, it is likely that you did not do this. If you had, you most likely would have recognised the difference the moment it occurred. The following is the typical course of events:

iphone yellow battery

A window will show on your iPhone to alert you that your battery level is becoming low and ask you if you would like to turn on Low Power Mode when the battery level on your iPhone hits 20%. The colour of your iPhone’s battery will change to yellow as soon as you hit the Turn On button. When you recharge your iPhone’s battery to a level that is greater than 80%, Low Power Mode will be turned off automatically.

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What Happens When You Turn On Low Power Mode

If you turn on Low Power Mode, the battery life of your iPhone or iPad will be extended before you have to charge it again; but, certain features may take more time to update or finish than usual. In addition, it’s possible that certain actions won’t work until you switch off the Low Power Mode on your iOS device, or until you charge your iPhone or iPad to an intensity of 80 percent or greater.

It cause the impact on the following-

iphone low power mode
  • 5G (except for video streaming) on iPhone 12 models
  • iCloud Photos (temporarily paused)
  • Display refresh rate (limited up to 60 Hz) on iPhone and iPad models with ProMotion display2
  • Some visual effects
  • Auto-Lock (defaults to 30 seconds)
  • Automatic downloads
  • Email fetch
  • Display brightness
  • Background app refresh

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How To Off Low Power Mode

Accepting the prompt that displays on your screen will enable Low Power Mode when your battery reaches 20%. However, you may always use your Settings app to set Low Power Mode on or off.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap Battery after swiping down.
  • The Low Power Mode dot should be tapped. When you are in Low Power Mode, the battery icon in the top-right corner of your screen will become yellow.
  • By using the same procedures and tapping the dot next to Low Power Mode, you can turn it off. Your battery icon will return to being dark (or white, depending on your background, or red if your battery is low).
iphone low power mode off

When your battery is 80% charged, Low Power Mode will automatically end when you plug your phone in. Once it is turned off, a notification will be sent to you.

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Place Low Power Mode To Control Center

If you find that you use Low Power Mode frequently, you may make it even simpler to activate and deactivate by adding it to the Control Center of your device, a feature that was introduced in iOS 11.

  • Launch the Settings app and select “Control Center” from the menu that appears.
  • Select “Customize Controls” from the menu.
  • To access the “More Controls” list, scroll down until you see it. These are things that you have the ability to include in your Control Center, but you haven’t done so yet.
  • Simply selecting “Low Power Mode” will cause the feature to be added to your Control Center.

Swiping up from the bottom of the screen (on iPhone 8 Plus and older models) or swiping down from the top right of the screen will open the Control Center on your iPhone (iPhone X and later). To activate or deactivate Low Power Mode, simply tap the icon that depicts a battery with some of its charge depleted.


When the battery in your iPhone starts to turn yellow, it’s natural to worry that something could be wrong with it. After all, in many aspects of our lives, the colour yellow denotes a caution or a warning. Due to the fact that it is a completely new function and Apple did not notify anyone in advance.

You have no way of knowing that a yellow iPhone battery icon is a typical component of iOS. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple included an informational display in an upcoming version of iOS that would tell users why the battery on their iPhone is starting to turn yellow. However, you are fully informed now.

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