Ishowspeed Was Banned From Youtube In 2022, But Why?

ishowspeed banned

IShowSpeed is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. The problem is that he’s been in hot water as of late, and it looks like he may have a tough time climbing out.

IShowSpeed revealed on Friday (Instagram) that he had been kicked off of YouTube.

He posted “I’ve banned guys goodbye” to his Instagram story, presumably to tell his followers that he was no longer active on the platform. IShowSpeed has had to deal with challenges before, so this one probably won’t be the toughest he’s ever had to face.

Who Is Ishowspeed?

On January 21, 2005, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ishowspeed entered the world. As for his given name, it’s Darren Watkins Jr. Darren has risen to fame as a video blogger,

public figure, and social media phenomenon. He gained notoriety for his gaming prowess and subsequent YouTube videos about gaming. These can be found on his channel on YouTube.

Nothing specific about his parents’ background is available online. He was reluctant to share many details about his private life. His height is about 5 feet 9 inches, and his weight is about 61 kilograms. His star sign is Aquarius, and he was born in the United States.

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What Was The Reason For Youtube Removing IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed’s latest stream included sexually explicit material, and the platform has since banned him. The YouTuber knew it wasn’t appropriate for kids, so he hid the screen while the offensive video played in the background.

What Was The Reason For Youtube Removing IShowSpeed

However, there is a moment when the picture goes black and people can see what’s going on. Roughly 90 thousand people were watching the stream at the time of the sexual act.

Social media users reacted swiftly, with some criticizing the YouTuber for targeting a young demographic with the video. IShowSpeed has made no statements in response to the criticism at this time.

So, What Does It Mean If You Get A Strike? Will There Be A New IShowSpeed?

A user’s channel can receive up to three strikes before being removed from YouTube, as stated in the site’s community help section. After the first ban, the creator won’t be able to post anything for a whole week.

If they receive a second strike, they will be temporarily banned from posting for two weeks, and after receiving a third strike, they will be permanently banned from using the account and any other accounts they may have.

So, What Does It Mean If You Get A Strike Will There Be A New IShowSpeed

A common reason for a user to receive a strike is the inclusion of explicit demonstrations or graphic details in their content, which is considered a violation of community guidelines.

It’s also important to remember that a warning is required for a person to receive their first strike. As a result, Speed’s receiving the strike suggests that he has been warned in advance.

The creator from Ohio was given a strike because some of his videos contained sexually explicit content. On July 21, IShowSpeed streamed himself playing a Minecraft adult mod in which a non-player character named Jenny engaged in a graphic act on the YouTuber’s character.

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Is IShowSpeed Permanently Banned From YouTube?

IShowSpeed uploaded a quick video to his second YouTube channel as a response to his fanbase. Having been unprepared for a strike, he has since disappeared from YouTube.

Is IShowSpeed Permanently Banned From YouTube

“I love you guys, so much, peace out. It breaks my heart that we weren’t able to hit a million together. Of course, you already know that I’ve left. Thank you for your time, and good night. What a bummer, man. Indefinitely, I don’t know when I’ll be coming back. Can’t say if I’ll be coming back. IShowSpeed warned, “It’s possible you won’t see me again.”

Since IShowSpeed’s ban from YouTube is only two weeks long, the video has some fans scratching their heads. In most cases, channels with two strikes receive a ban of two weeks’ duration. IShowSpeed has stated that he will remove himself from YouTube permanently. Either IShowSpeed is deciding to voluntarily leave YouTube, or he is trying to build up interest in his return.

The future of IShowSpeed is currently unknown to its legion of devoted followers. Twitch has already permanently banned him.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Why did speed get a strike?

IShowSpeed, one of YouTube’s most popular streamers, has received another strike for violating the site’s policies against harassment, threats, and cyberbullying. In July, Speed got into trouble with the service after streaming an adult Minecraft mod.

Where is IShowSpeed right now?

IShowSpeed (simply known as Speed, or Speedy) is an American gamer, soccer player, hip-hop musician, comedian, reactor, occasional vlogger, and variety live-streamer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born on January 21, 2005 (2005-01-21) [age 17]).

Does speed still go to school?

In fact, his YouTube channel has become so successful that he has decided to forego further education in order to devote himself to it full-time. Even beyond Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter and TikTok, Darren is a household name. He’s amassed 6.2 million TikTok fans and 2.4 million Instagram followers.

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