Live Wallpapers Not Working On iPhone: How To Fix?

iphone live wallpaper issue

The standard interface of an average iOS-based device may appear to be a little monotonous, but there are various ways in which you may liven up the experience on your iPhone. One of these options is to update the gadget with a brand-new and modern live wallpaper. If you have an iPhone 6s or a version later than that, you are already familiar with what we are talking about because the newest version of iOS includes a function called live wallpaper that gives the device an additional flare.

In this piece, we will investigate numerous locations on the internet that provide access to both live and static wallpapers that can be downloaded for use on a variety of devices. Not only that, but we will also investigate the solution to the problem that occurs when the animation of the live wallpaper does not work properly on an iOS-based smartphone.

How To Get A Live Wallpaper For Your iPhone?

You are completely free to download any live wallpaper for your phone from any third-party website, but the Apple App Store is the safest place to get real wallpapers. Simply type “Live Wallpaper” into the app store’s search bar and download any specific wallpaper you like to acquire any respectable live wallpaper on your iOS device.

You must manually set the animation as your permanent wallpaper by following the steps listed below after downloading the wallpaper:

iphone live wallpaper
  • Utilizing your iPhone Press “Settings” once.
  • Select “Wallpaper” by tapping it.
  • Now select “Choose a New Wallpaper” from the menu.
  • Select the wallpaper that you just downloaded by tapping “Live” on the screen.
  • To apply your selected wallpaper to the Lock screen and the Home screen of your iOS-based device, tap the “Set” button.

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Things To Note Down

  • To begin, a Live Wallpaper can only be accessed through your device’s Lock Screen and not through the Home Screen. Additionally, in order to make it active, you will need to press down hard and either engage 3D Touch or Haptic Touch.
  • Second, the picture that you choose must either be a Live Photo or one of the Live Wallpapers that is pre-installed on your iOS device.
  • Live wallpaper is not compatible with the first model of the iPhone SE (due to no 3D Touch or Haptic Touch feature)
  • Live Wallpapers can be applied to iPhones that have 3D Touch or Haptic Touch.
  • The Live Wallpapers feature is not available on iPads or iPods. It’s a feature that’s exclusive to the iPhone.

Live Wallpaper & Dynamic Wallpaper

iphone live and dynamic wallpaper

When you 3D Touch or Haptic Touch a Live Wallpaper, it will begin to animate. Because they require 3D and Haptic Touch, Live Wallpapers are only available on iPhones that come equipped with those technologies. This means that the first-generation iPhone SE does not have the capability to use Live Wallpapers.

You are able to generate your own live images to use as wallpaper on your device. Live Wallpapers, on the other hand, may only be utilised on the Lock screen. Live Wallpapers are static graphics that are displayed on your Home screen.

A dynamic wallpaper is an animated image that plays in a loop and may be used on either the home screen or the lock screen of your device. In addition, in contrast to Live Wallpapers, you do not need 3D Touch to use them. It is not possible to make your own Dynamic Wallpapers, in contrast to Live Wallpapers.

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Live Wallpaper Not Working? Here Are The Fixes

iphone live wallpaper not working

It’s possible that iOS devices will have problems with their living wallpaper if the battery drains unexpectedly or if they experience any of the other usual problems. The following are some potential solutions to the problem of the wallpaper in iOS 13 not working:

Check Other Wallpaper

The live wallpaper file could become corrupted for a number of different reasons at any one time. It is in your best interest to switch to a different wallpaper and determine whether the more recent one is functioning properly or not.

Turn Off Low Power Mode

It is possible that the Live Wallpapers on an iPhone will not function when the device is operating in Low Power Mode. Either you can wait till you are near a power source, or you can manually turn off the Low Power Mode setting.
How To: Swipe left to access the Control Center, and then utilise the toggle for the Low Power Mode to disable the battery saving mode. You can also do this in the Settings menu by going to Battery and selecting the Low Power Mode option.

Restart Your iPhone

Your device may behave strangely at times because of an issue with the cache memory, and this may have an effect on other functions like as the live wallpaper. It is recommended to press the power button and restart the device, as this will help to reset all of the settings to their default values.

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Enable 3D Touch

When you long-press the lock screen on an iPhone that does not have 3D Touch enabled, the live wallpaper animations that are normally activated will not take place.
How To: Navigate to the Settings menu, then select Accessibility, then Touch, then 3D & Haptic Touch, and finally 3D Touch. If the option is deactivated, you can enable it by tapping the ON/OFF toggle.

Disable Reduce Motion

Reduce Motion is a new setting in iOS 14 that may be used to disable the animation of Live Wallpapers. The animations on your device, such as the parallax effect for icons and others, will be disabled after you enable this setting and make it active.
Instructions: Navigate to “Settings,” “Accessibility,” “Motion,” and “Reduce Motion.” If the function is turned on, you can deactivate it by using the toggle.


When customers have access to a gadget that is as spectacular as an iPhone, they are more likely to feel the need to add some additional features, such as a live wallpaper. We have discussed in this article the steps that need to be taken in order to install a live wallpaper on your iPhone.

In addition, we have also discussed some potential remedies to the main issues that may arise with Live wallpaper. If you want to prevent malicious software from being installed on your smartphone, it is highly suggested that you only download wallpapers or other similar files from reputable sources. This is true for every file that you download onto your smartphone.

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