A Newer Version (15.0.1) Of Nintendo Switch Is Now Available For Download!

Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.1

The patch notes for the latest update to the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED firmware, version 15.0.1, can be found on the official Nintendo support site.

The update, alas, did not significantly improve the situation. Along with the usual “general system stability improvements” included with every update, these two problems are “fixed” by the new version.

The first of these two patches eliminate the “2181-1000” error message that some players were getting when trying to access downloadable content from a console other than their primary one.

The other problem has to do with taking screenshots, and more specifically, it’s an issue that makes it so you can’t take screenshots during specific moments in the game. The cause of these two issues is unknown, but Nintendo claims they are now resolved.

If more details about the update become available, whether from Nintendo or other, unofficial sources, we will, of course, add them to the story.

While Nintendo isn’t expected to provide any additional details beyond the patch notes, data miners may find out more about the update. The article will be updated to include any relevant details.

Notes For Version 15.0.1 Of The Nintendo Switch System Update

  • Resolved an issue causing Error Code: 2181-1000 to appear when playing DLC from a console other than your primary console.
  • Resolved an issue preventing screenshots during specific in-game scenes for some games.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

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Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.0 

Pocket-lint: On October 11, 2022, Nintendo released a new version of the Switch’s software, 15.0.0, which could be downloaded by anyone who owns a Switch console.

However, this update will not include any advanced new functions. Nintendo claims that the update is focused on stability and addressing a handful of minor bugs, but if you’ve been experiencing these problems for a while, you may consider them to be major.

Nintendo Switch system update 15.0.0 

The release notes for Nintendo’s newest console only go so far into detail, but they do promise gamers a better overall experience. The Capture Button can now be used to take screenshots in the Nintendo Switch Online app. Finally, the Bluetooth Audio settings menu has been relocated within the System Settings app, though we’re not sure why.

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Also, software data miner OatmealDome has confirmed that this update brings with it better firmware for the Pro Controller’s Bluetooth connection, which should contribute to the aforementioned system stability Nintendo loves so much.

They also hint at upcoming improvements to the system’s handling of Ethernet adapters and a new warning that will appear if the user tries to increase the volume of their headphones past their allowed range while the limit is active.

There’s no better time than now to update your Switch to version 15.0.0 if you haven’t already. Yours can be updated by opening the System Settings app, clicking the System tab, and then clicking System Update.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Why is my Switch stuck updating?

If the problem persists after that, you can try restarting the console and giving it some time to reconnect to the internet. Assuming you haven’t started any programs that could potentially halt the download, the download should begin shortly after connecting to the internet.

How do I fix a Switch update error?

The system could be damaged if the update is interrupted. About three seconds is all you need to hold down the power button.

  • Select System Settings.
  • Select System.
  • Select System Update.
  • Allow the update to proceed. The system will reboot when ready.

Are there two versions of the Switch?

On September 20, 2019, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch Lite, a portable version of the system. On October 8, 2021, a new and improved system with an OLED display was introduced. On October 20, 2016, Nintendo revealed the Nintendo Switch.

How do I undo an update on a Nintendo Switch?

Complete these steps

  • Press the HOME Button to launch the HOME Menu.
  • Tap the Download Management icon on the right to view the Download Management screen. …
  • Select the download you wish to cancel or delete.
  • Select Delete.
  • When asked if you would like to cancel the download, select Delete.

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