My 600-lb Life Star Sean Milliken Was Only 29 Years Old When He Passed Away!

did sean from my 600-lb life died

Former member of My 600-lb Life Six years ago, when Sean Milliken was just beginning his own weight loss journey, he made an appearance on the show. The fans will always remember the reality star.

In 2016, Sean Milliken made his TLC debut on My 600-pound Life as Dr. Now’s patient. Now that his time on the reality show is over, viewers are curious as to what the star has been up to since the finale aired. While filming the show about losing weight, he lost over 400 pounds. That path to physical transformation petered out in 2019.

Sean’s troubled history with food was the initial impetus for him to join the cast of My 600-lb Life, he said during his debut appearance on the show. He claimed that he never got along well with his father as a child and that as a result, he comforted himself with food to deal with his emotional pain. Because eating was the only thing that made him happy at the time, it became his sole preoccupation.

Through Dr.’s treatment, Now’s Sean lost 400 of his original 900 pounds. Having moved to Houston to be with his mother, Renee Milliken, who many saw as enabling Sean, he was able to accomplish this. TLC featured Sean in an episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now this past summer.

He shared that his mom had recently passed away and that he was having a hard time adjusting to life without her. Due to renal failure, she passed away, and Sean was devastated because they were so close. Despite his struggles, Sean remained committed to leading a healthier lifestyle up until the day of his untimely death.

Sean On My 600 Pound Life 

As reported by TLC, Sean Milliken has passed away. At his heaviest, over 900 pounds, Sean made his debut on My 600-lb Life in 2016.

Sean On My 600 Pound Life 

He underwent a weight loss journey and successfully shed over 400 pounds. In the summer of 2018, Sean was interviewed by TLC viewers who learned that he was still striving to improve his health and happiness, despite the loss of his mother. TLC would like to express its deepest sympathies to Sean’s loved ones at this time.

Fans, both on and off-screen, will remember and miss Sean. His enthusiasm for My 600-lb Life will be remembered fondly by viewers. Tragically, Sean passed away at the age of 29; may he rest in peace with his mother, Renee.

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The Father Of My 600-Pound Life’s Sean Milliken Died

Sean’s father reportedly made the sad Facebook announcement that his son had passed away, per Global news. Sean was admitted to the hospital with an infection just a few days before he passed away.

Former My 600-lb Life star had trouble breathing and was resuscitated at the hospital, but his heart stopped beating again shortly after.

The Father Of My 600-Pound Life's Sean Milliken Died

A lot of people have expressed their sadness and TLC has also recognized Sean since then. TLC released a statement expressing sympathy to the family and friends of the deceased reality star.

A few months prior to Sean’s death, James “L.B.” Bonner and Lisa Fleming, two other alumni of My 600-lb Life, also passed away. Sadness was felt by many as a result of these tragic events.

Those who only knew Sean through his on-screen persona will remember and miss him deeply. Fans of My 600-lb Life will always remember the joy he brought to the show during his appearances. Sean’s untimely death at age 29 is tragic, but may he rest in peace with his mother, Renee.

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Heavy Loads Were Too Much For Sean’s Body To Handle

Sean’s mother passed away from renal failure at the beginning of his third year in Dr. Now’s program, when Sean weighed 493 pounds. Because of his emotional distress over his mother’s death, Sean gained weight and began to rapidly deteriorate physically.

About the middle of his third year, Sean had gained all the weight back (668 lbs). After a few months, he’d ballooned to 709 pounds. Sean lost 2 months of weight in the hospital, bringing his total weight to 489. After some hesitation, Dr. Now finally allowed him to leave the hospital.

Heavy Loads Were Too Much For Sean's Body To Handle

Weighting in at a whopping 766 pounds, Sean gained 278 pounds in the first two months of independence after his discharge. When Sean needed hospitalization again, Dr. Now gave him permission to check-in.

Sean tragically passed away from cardiac arrest brought on by an infection two weeks after his readmission to the hospital (via Metro). When he passed away, he was just 29 years old.

According to Dr. Now, Sean’s extreme fluctuations in weight were extremely taxing on his body and ultimately led to his heart-stopping. Up to this point, nine of the patients featured on “My 600-lb Life” have sadly passed away.


LB dropped from a starting weight of 650 pounds to a healthy 325. But LB was depressed and on the evening of August 2 said, “It’s time that I face my demons head-on.” The next day, at age 30, LB took his own life.

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