iPad Will Not Turn On? How To Fix A Dead Device?

ipad dead fixed

You push the power button (the button that toggles between sleep and wake mode) on your iPad, but nothing occurs. There is not an Apple logo anywhere. Your display will turn off shortly. And you realise very fast that your iPad won’t power on at all. If the display on your iPad is dark and it will not come on even when you push every button on the device, you might conclude that your iPad is broken and that you need to purchase a new one.

But don’t panic. There are several different steps you can take to fix your device. In most cases, there is a simple answer available. The following is a list of things you can do if your iPad will not switch on or is unresponsive, which means that there is nothing visible on the screen (black screen).

The Basic Issue

The failure of a battery to charge is the most prevalent cause of an iPad not turning on. But there is a possibility that the issue is more serious than that; for example, the software might be corrupted or there might be a problem with the hardware.

It May Got Some Physical Damages

The size of an iPad is a benefit to its users, but it also makes the device more likely to sustain physical harm in the event that it is knocked over or dropped. iPads are susceptible to harm if they come into contact with liquids of any kind, including water. You can determine the extent of the physical damage with only a quick visual assessment. You can inspect the screen for problems such as cracks and the presence of moisture in the spaces between the layers of the screen.

ipad dead physical damage

As was mentioned previously, you should check to see if the buttons are working properly and examine the charging port to see if it is broken or if it has any dust or debris in it. If any of these symptoms are present, then you will need to take additional action, or in the worst case scenario, you will need to seek our assistance to have the screen of your iPad replaced, the charging port swapped out, or another repair performed.

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Get Your Damages iPad Repair

If your iPad still will not switch on, there may be a problem with the device’s hardware. Making an appointment at an Apple Store is the most straightforward solution. The workers at an Apple store will be able to assist you in determining the nature of the problem with your iPad.

Is Your iPad Dead? How To Fix iPad Not Turning On?

This issue can occur with every model of iPad, and the potential fixes that you should test out are the same regardless of which iPad model you have. Firstly Do This- Keep pressing and holding the Home button as well as the top button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

ipad dead

Don’t have a “Home Button”? First press and then quickly release the volume button that is located closest to the top button. Make a rapid press and release of the volume button that is located furthest away from the top button. While holding down the top button, wait for the device to begin the restarting process.

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Do Your iPad’s Battery is Charged?

Put the battery on charge. If you wait a few seconds and the iPad still doesn’t start up, it’s likely because the battery is dead. In this instance, use the cord and charger that comes with the iPad to connect it to a wall outlet so that it can charge. After the battery has been charged for an hour, you can then power on the iPad. Even if the iPad turns on, the battery might not have a lot of life left in it, so you should leave it charging for as long as you can or at least until it’s fully charged. iPad not charging?

Check The Charger

ipad dead check charger

Checking the charger should be the first thing you do if your iPad is not turning on or charging properly. Depending on the charger, the gadget may on occasion either fail to charge or refuse to switch on. Try turning on the iPad by using a charger from a friend or a coworker’s device if you have access to one. Alternately, you may suggest that they test out charging their device with your charger.

If the charger that came with your smartphone is able to power your device, then you will need to purchase a new charger. However, if your iPad is still unable to function when charged using their charger and their device is able to function when charged with your charger, there must be a problem with your tablet itself.

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iTunes is Not Only For Music And Stuff

You might need to restore the iPad using iTunes if the aforementioned technique doesn’t work. In addition to controlling your music, iTunes is helpful for restoring and backing up iOS devices. Before restoring, make sure you have a backup handy because it will erase all of your data. You can reset the iPad by following the instructions below if you have already taken a backup of it using iTunes.

ipad dead backup itunes

With iTunes open, connect the device to your laptop or Mac. You ought to have the most recent iTunes version. While the iPad is still connected to the computer, hold down the home button for a few seconds until iTunes detects your device on its own.

When iTunes indicates that an iPad was detected in recovery mode, slowly release the home button. When you press the OK button, the gadget returns to its factory settings. All the data will be erased during this procedure, but you can recover it using your prior backup (which is why it’s crucial to frequently create backups!).


There are a number of issues that can result in an iPad not turning on, but if you go through the shortened set of options and actions very carefully and in the correct order, you will be able to fix most of them. If you still have any issue you can contact Apple Support. For More Stuff Like This, Must Visit:- TrendingWork


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