Killer Sally Where Has Sally McNeil Gone, And Who Is She?

is sally mcneil still in jail

A new true-crime documentary series on Netflix is There’s a compelling three-part series called Killer Sally about a woman who kills her husband on Valentine’s Day with a gun.

The first episode of the Netflix show about bodybuilder Sally McNeil and her husband’s murder, which she claims she committed in self-defense, will be released on November 2. The real Sally and her two kids are featured in the limited series through interviews.

Sally’s bodybuilding husband Ray was physically abusive to her the entire time they were together. According to Rolling Stone, she claimed she was being choked before she shot him. She was tried harshly and given a very long sentence for second-degree murder.

Read on to learn about Sally’s upbringing, the events that led to the death of her husband, and her subsequent trial and conviction.

Who Is Sally McNeil?

The Independent reports that Sally McNeil, aka “Killer Sally,” was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 1960. The series depicts her childhood as “tough,” with “situations where [she] had to defend [herself],” the outlet reported. She grew up around physical abuse and considered it the norm.

Who Is Sally McNeil

She started swimming, diving, and running in high school. According to The Independent, she continued her education at what is now the East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania (formerly known as East Stroudsburg State College) with the intention of becoming a physical education teacher. Sally had to drop out of college after three and a half years due to a lack of funds.

Sally joined the Marines after seeing her brother and uncle do so, and it was there that she would meet her future husband. After being subjected to her husband’s aggressive behavior, Sally eventually left him and transferred to Camp Pendleton in California, as reported by The Daily Beast. The Independent reports that she also started bodybuilding around this time.

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When Did Ray McNeil, Sally’s Husband, Disappear?

Sally entered her first bodybuilding competition on February 14, 1987, and ended up finishing in fourth place at the Armed Forces Bodybuilding Championship.

Here, she met the bodybuilder and Marine Ray McNeil. She told The U.S. Sun, “He looked like the Statue of David.” He was very handsome. There was an instant attraction.

When Did Ray McNeil, Sally's Husband, Disappear

After dating for two months, the couple tied the knot and relocated to Oceanside, California, as reported by The Independent. Sally remained a Marine and took up cooking. After three years of marriage, she was medically discharged from the military and, as reported by The U.S. Sun, she then pursued a career in “muscle worship,

” in which she competed for money by wrestling men on video. According to The U.S. Sun, Ray was able to save up enough money from working at her job to permanently leave the Marines and pursue bodybuilding.

The couple began to argue after some time had passed. According to The U.S. Sun, Ray’s insecurities grew as Sally discovered one of his mistresses and his growing obsession with his physical appearance. Ray also became violent, punching her in the face and breaking her lip and nose, as reported by The Independent.

The Daily Beast reports that the docuseries suggest Ray’s violent behavior can be traced back to his own history of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his abusers.

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Where Is Sally McNeil Now?

The rocky marriage of Sally and Ray, and the subsequent murder that occurred on Valentine’s Day, are revisited in the Netflix miniseries.

Sally and national bodybuilding champion husband Ray McNeil had two children.

But Sally claimed that her husband started abusing her after a while and that the abuse continued for years, even up until Valentine’s Day in 1995.

Where Is Sally McNeil Now

Sally said she shot her husband in self-defense while he was choking her and that she had the gun ready.

Although the prosecution maintained their position that it was a case of premeditated murder when the case reached trial.

In court, it was claimed that she murdered him because she had grown jealous and aggressive toward him.

She was found guilty of second-degree murder in March 1996 and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

By 2020, she had been granted parole, and in the new Netflix documentary, she finally gets a chance to tell her side of the story.

McNeil’s time at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California, came to an end.

Her current location in Northern California is listed on

It also claims that Sally, now 62, recently tied the knot with her new boyfriend.

While serving together in the Marines, she and Ray first became acquainted.


On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, Netflix premiered Killer Sally, a documentary about American bodybuilding champion Sally McNeil. She was incarcerated for the second-degree murder of bodybuilder Ray McNeil, whom she had been found guilty of killing. Audiences may be concerned about her whereabouts and well-being.

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