Jennifer Grey Discloses Matthew Broderick’s ‘Terrifying’ And Fatal Car Crash Details!

matthew broderick car accident

After years of silence, Jennifer Grey, who played Baby in Dirty Dancing, finally spoke out about the fatal car accident that occurred between Matthew Broderick and her in 1987 that killed two women in May of 2022.

The Out of the Corner author told Entertainment Tonight that she was the only survivor of the crash that occurred on a rainy night in Ireland while Broderick was driving and the actress was a passenger. Broderick was the driver and the actress was the passenger. (At the time, those Ferris Bueller’s Day Off co-stars were dating.)

I really did think he was dead,” Grey elaborated. I had no idea that two other women had been killed at the same time. When something like this happens, you can never be the same again.

The Red Dawn star went on to say that the collision was the “top three traumas in my life, maybe top one.”

Grey’s life was irrevocably altered by the fatal crash that occurred just days before the debut of Dirty Dancing. She went on to say, “When you have a near-death experience and are present for the death of other people,

it is very hard to describe.” “It was terrifying to be out on a country road in the middle of nowhere and see no other living souls. There have been countless ripple effects in my life as a result of that one event.

Grey Stated That The Tragedy Is Constantly On Her Mind

In addition, “I wasn’t withholding any information that people seem to think I was because they wanted an answer and there was no answer because it was an accident,” she clarified. And nobody was drinking; it was just an accident, and it was tragic, and I think about the family in Ireland often.

In 1988, Grey and Broderick ended their marriage. And then Grey went on a blind date with Johnny Depp. After a year together during which they became engaged, the couple decided to end their relationship.

Grey Stated That The Tragedy Is Constantly On Her Mind

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she recalled their younger years: “This guy was the answer to my problems. This guy was sweet and loving, romantic, crazy about me, and beautiful.

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I was in desperate need of rebounding into something that looked and felt like 1989, Johnny Depp.” Trust me, it was a soft landing, but it was essential. I was perishing on the inside and this guy rescued me by making me… not feel what I was feeling.

ET has previously reached out to Depp for comment on Grey’s claims that he is “crazy jealous and paranoid” regarding his ex-wife Amber Heard, which she makes in her book.

Everything I hear about that trial just breaks my heart,” Grey said. “I just wish it was over and I wished everyone well,” she said.

What Year Did Matthew Broderick And Jennifer Grey First Meet?

It was on the set of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in 1986 that Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey first met. He was one of the most promising young actors of his time, having starred in blockbuster films like War Games. While on-screen Grey and Broderick played siblings, and their real-life relationship developed into something more romantic.

Grey and Broderick started dating, but their relationship wasn’t always easy. In her memoir, Grey describes how their relationship went through highs and lows and how she began to suspect Broderick after receiving calls from unknown women.

Furthermore, she stated that she thinks Broderick and another one of his co-stars, Helen Hunt, became involved even while Broderick and Grey were dating.

Due To A Tragic Car Accident, Broderick And Grey’s Relationship Became Public

Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey were enjoying a vacation in Ireland in 1987 when tragedy struck. People magazine claims that the couple was driving around in a rented car in Northern Ireland when it began to rain.

Due To A Tragic Car Accident, Broderick And Grey's Relationship Became Public

After getting out to ask for directions, Broderick and Grey allegedly got back into their rental car and continued driving, only to veer into oncoming traffic and hit a car driven by Anna Gallagher, 28.

Margaret Doherty, the driver’s mother, and the passenger were both pronounced dead at the scene, reports say. A broken leg and cuts to the face sent Broderick to the hospital, but Grey walked away with only minor bruises. Broderick was hospitalized for four weeks after the tragedy but did not face criminal charges.

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A year after the tragic accident, Broderick and Grey broke up, and he eventually married Sarah Jessica Parker. Grey has spoken publicly about the incident since it occurred, explaining to Entertainment Tonight in 2022 that the incident left him severely traumatized.

In an interview with US Weekly, Grey said, “I was the only living witness because Matthew had survived, but he was unconscious, had amnesia, and was very badly injured.

” The actor revealed, “I didn’t even know there were two other women who were tragically killed at the time,” calling the accident one of the “top three traumas” of her life. When something like this happens, you can never be the same again. The publication claims that Broderick has been forgiven by Gallagher’s and Doherty’s families for their roles in the accident.


Broderick was in the hospital for a whole month due to his injuries (a concussion, a broken leg, and broken ribs). The original charge against Broderick was causing death by dangerous driving, which carried a maximum sentence of five years in prison; however, he was found guilty of the lesser charge of careless driving and fined $175.

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