Camdan McWright, 18, Died After Being Hit By A Bus While Playing Football For San Jose State!

camdan mcwright accident

Camdan McWright, a football player for San Jose State, was killed Friday morning when the school bus he was riding an electric scooter in was involved in an accident with him. The age of the majority in his country was 18.

The game between the Spartans and New Mexico State originally scheduled for Saturday night has been postponed “in light of the tragic circumstances involving Camdan McWright,” according to a statement released by both schools on Friday.

According to the school’s announcement, it is assisting the CHP and the San Jose Police Department with the investigation.

San Jose State’s head coach, Brent Brennan, said in a statement, “We lost an amazing young man tragically this morning.” Camdan was a promising young man with a bright future, and it was widely acknowledged by those who had the pleasure of knowing him. We still can’t believe this terrible news, and we’re grateful for everyone’s support as we try to come to terms with it. I’d like the McWrights to know how much support they have from me and the rest of the community during this difficult time. Camdan will remain in our thoughts and prayers forever, and we will miss him terribly.

Camdan McWright, 18, Died After Being Hit By A Bus While Playing Football For San Jose State!

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has jurisdiction over the incident because McWright was struck by a school bus, even though the collision occurred two blocks away from the San Jose State campus. CHP policy prohibits confirming a victim’s identity before it has received notice that the family has been notified, but officer Mike Lee was authorized to provide more information about what occurred.

Lee claims, based on footage and witness testimony, that there were about 14 students on board the bus and that it had the right of way when it entered the intersection.

According to Lee, “the 18-year-old pedestrian on the electric scooter was heading south on 10th Street and entered the intersection at the crosswalk and was crossing to the opposite sidewalk.” He was using the crosswalk at the time he was hit by the bus.

Camdan McWright, A San Jose State Football Player, Died In A Bus Accident

“In a tragic turn of events this morning, we lost a brilliant young man. All who knew Camdan in this town could see that he had an exciting future ahead of him.”

“We are still processing the news of this tragedy and are grateful for the support of everyone. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that the McWright family has my undivided support. Camdan will be greatly missed and will never be forgotten.”

Camdan McWright, a San Jose State football player, died in a bus accident

“San José State University is devastated by the death of one of our students. All of us in the Spartan family and the rest of the world are saddened by Camdan’s passing. We mourn together, and the family of Camdan, our students, and our football team will have our full support as they deal with this terrible loss.”


Reflecting On The Short-Lived Life Of Camdan McWright

McWright’s experience was substantial despite his youth. He played football at St. Genevieve High in Panorama City, California, and served as captain his junior and senior years. In addition, he had been named to the first team all-league and MVP of the Camino Real League on two separate occasions. Obviously, his death has left a void in the hearts of many people.

In a statement to students and faculty, SJSU President Steve Perez expressed his sadness over the death of the 18-year-old. “The loss of our student is heartbreaking and devastating for our San José State community,” Perez said.

As the president of the school put it, “We grieve for Camdan, his family, friends, teammates, and the Spartan family.” To help the family of Camdan, our students, and our football team get through this tragic time, “we grieve together and will provide all the support they need.”

University Athletic Director Jeff Konya agreed. The San José State community is a tight-knit one, and the campus is devastated,” Konya said of the McWright incident. He was a brilliant and gifted young man, and we lost him far too soon.

Since McWright’s death, the school has made available counseling services and other resources for students and staff members’ emotional well-being.



SJSU head coach Brent Brennan released a statement on the school’s website in which he said, “We lost an amazing young man tragically this morning.

” Everyone in this town who got to know Camdan knew he had an incredible future ahead of him. Our hearts go out to you all for your kindness and understanding as we continue to struggle to come to terms with this tragedy.

The McWright family is in my prayers and I want them to know how much support they have from me and the rest of the community. We will remember Camdan forever and deeply miss him.

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