Deep Rock Galactic: Season 3: Details On The Latest Patch For Plaguefall!

Deep Rock Galactic season 3

Season 3 of Deep Rock Galactic’s updates include new events, tools, and grenades, and Plaguefall adds the potentially lethal Rockpox.

The third season of patches for the dwarf mining cooperative game Deep Rock Galactic has been released by developer Ghost Ship Games. In Deep Rock Galactic: Plaguefall,

a mysterious disease known only as “Rockbox” has begun to spread throughout the caves of Hoxxes IV, necessitating the use of a wide variety of new weapons, including grenades and other projectile weapons, by the player’s team. Another impending danger, in the form of meteor strikes from a passing rogue comet, appears to be the source of this Rockpox.

In the event of a meteor strike during a regular mission, the Meteor Impact event will trigger, and players will be tasked with clearing the impact zone using Rock Cracker modules dispatched from the Space Rig in order to crack open the meteorite and retrieve the valuable Plague Hearts inside. It’s worth your time to bring them back to the R&D department because they’re worth a lot of Scrip.

You’ll find some missions with a new warning, Lithophage Outbreak, in regions where the Rockpox has been allowed to develop further. When completing these missions, you’ll have to deal with waves of Plague Larvae emerging from infected areas while also destroying Contagion Spikes with innovative new anti-contaminant equipment.

Glyphid Grunts and Praetorians, who may or may not be infected with Rockpox, are also possible encounters. These unusual creatures can take a lot of punishment unless you hit their glowing boils. Although stopping the spread of the plague is crucial, you’ll still need to do your regular mining work to make ends meet.

Season Three Of Deep Rock Galactic To Begin With “Plaguefall” On

The production of Season 3 of Deep Rock Galactic is well underway, with a release date in Q4 2022 having been confirmed at this time.

Season Three Of Deep Rock Galactic To Begin With Plaguefall On

Seasons will remain between four and six months in length, according to developer Ghost Ship Games, and the third season will launch on November 3 for PC and November 17 for consoles, as previously announced.

This would put the end of Season 3 of Deep Rock Galactic between the months of February and April of the same year.

These dates should be treated as placeholders until they are officially confirmed, as plans and timing are subject to change as development proceeds.

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The Third Season’s Worth Of Deep Rock Galactic

The third season of Deep Rock Galactic introduces a new recurring theme in which a rogue comet threatens Hoxxes IV’s ecosystem by passing by and shedding meteorites that contain various forms of rock pox.

The Third Season's Worth Of Deep Rock Galactic

Animals in the area are often attracted to meteor strikes that occur during routine missions. Before the meteorite can spread the plague, you must attach rock cracker modules sent from the space rig to it.

It’s important for your employer that you get those plague hearts back. In Season 3, we also see the introduction of the Litophage Outbreak warning, which indicates plague-infected zones that players must clear using unique equipment.

Plagued animals will attack you, and you’ll have to watch your step because the plague doesn’t take kindly to being eradicated.

With this third and most explosive update, the dwarves’ arsenal gains new grenades, one for each playable class.

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Meteor Impact, A New Event

A rogue comet is currently making its way through the system, and as it does so, it is shedding hundreds of infected meteoroids as the pull of gravity causes it to shatter. To date, every single one of them has been hiding a Rockpox infection, posing a serious threat to the Hoxxian ecosystem.

Keep an eye out for meteors as you go about your normal missions. In the event that one occurs during your mission, you must evacuate the area of impact immediately and continue with your work.

The Space Rig will dispatch powerful Rock Cracker modules to aid you. These need to be connected to the meteorite and kept running while the meteorite is cracked open to retrieve the Plague Hearts. The locals will undoubtedly come out to investigate the commotion, so tread carefully.

The hearts themselves are highly sought after by R&D, and for every six you bring back, you’ll receive a Scrip at the Season Terminal.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Is Deep Rock Galactic still getting updates?

Deep Rock Galactic for PS4 and PS5 will be released in January 2022. All of Season 01 and the Performance Pass will be a part of this latest build of the game.

Why do they say for Carl in Deep Rock Galactic?

However, there is ample evidence to suggest that Karl, like the other dwarves, was a worker and that the phrase “For Karl!” refers to the dwarf’s exacting revenge.

Does drinking beer in Deep Rock Galactic do anything?

Specifically, this beer. And it’s very pretty. The character is teleported to an undetermined location (either inside the Drop Pod or outside the Space Rig.)

Does Glyphid slammer do anything?

The glyphid slammer is a quick way to get smashed. Oily of is just your everyday beer, nothing special there. When you’re the last one to the party and don’t want to spend a lot of money buying the first round.

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