People Are Receiving Text Messages Claiming That Dr. Oz Has Been Murdered; Is This True?

dr oz passed away

Dr. Mehmet Oz, better known as “Dr. Oz,” declared his candidacy for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania in December 2021, as a Republican.

This news came as a bit of a surprise from the medical expert, who for the past 12 years has hosted his own daily TV show, The Dr. Oz Show. However, his time in the spotlight seemed to only damage his professional reputation as he became involved in several controversial medical debates.

Furthermore, as of the 30th of April, it seems that Columbia University had quietly severed ties with him. Yet another strange occurrence occurred, which was itself strange.

It was reported via text message that he had been killed in a shooting. Could there have been some basis for this? Warning: Dr. Oz has not died and can still be found on Twitter. Keep reading though, because we’re about to reveal the truth about this.

Why Are People Saying “Dr. Oz Is Dead” On Social Media?

Popular health expert Dr. Mehmet Oz, who rose to fame thanks to his daytime talk show The Dr. Oz Show, was the target of a death hoax text.

On June 15, 2022, spam messages claiming to be from Dr. Oz’s office circulated with the subject line, “DR OZ found dead,” and a link to an online article.

However, clicking the link takes you to a completely different article, and the assertion that the 62-year-old has passed away is false.

Dr. Oz, the Republican nominee for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat, shared photos of himself on the campaign trail just hours after the rumor text went viral.

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Apparently, Dr. Oz Was Roped Into A Death Hoax Spread Via SMS

Insider reported on April 30 that Columbia University had quietly removed Dr. Oz’s bio from its website. The prestigious university deleted his profile, which had previously listed his previous roles as Vice Chair of Surgery and Director of Integrated Medicine. Dr. Oz, however, appears to still be listed in the surgery faculty directory at Columbia University, where he has worked as a professor since 2001.

After years of criticism, he made this sudden decision. Moreover, his candidacy may have contributed to the university’s decision to remove him from the majority of the institution’s online presence.

Apparently, Dr. Oz Was Roped Into A Death Hoax Spread Via SMS

A number of people began receiving texts claiming that Dr. Oz had been shot and killed shortly after he was stripped of his prestige at Columbia. Amazingly, some people used Twitter to spread the word.

In an ironic twist, the tragic message was followed by a sales pitch: “As America grieves the sudden loss of Dr. Oz, his estate has quickly decided to give out free samples of his revolutionary CBD gummies.”

Despite the fact that the text appeared extremely dubious and few people believed it, it was still concerning that messages claiming Dr. Oz was dead were being sent out.

For months, it seems, people have been receiving Dr. Oz-related CBD scam texts. Snopes reports that these emails frequently linked to fake CBD businesses and sometimes misrepresented the endorsements of celebrities like Dr. Phil and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

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Dr. Oz Has A History Of Controversy

The candidate who has Trump’s backing has given advice that has caused a stir in the medical community. Some have even cast doubt on his legitimacy as a medical professional.

Dr. Oz Has A History Of Controversy

To be clear, Dr. Oz is an actual medical professional. In 1982, he graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree, and in 1986, he earned an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. Subsequently, he attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and graduated with his MD.

In addition, since 2001, he has served as a professor in Columbia University’s Department of Surgery and as a board-certified cardiothoracic surgeon.

Is Dr. Oz Dead Or Still Alive?

After a text message went viral on all social media platforms, many people believed Dr. Oz had been shot and killed. The statement was Tweeted out as follows: “In a shocking turn of events, Dr. Oz was shot and killed in broad daylight in Lower Manhattan today.

As the United States mourns the loss of Dr. Oz, his estate has swiftly begun giving away samples of his revolutionary CBD candy “cause for widespread interest in whether or not Dr. Oz is still alive. The message’s originator remains a mystery, but a careful examination of the message’s contents suggests that it is, in all likelihood, a spam email.

In the words of the author, Dr. Oz was “shot to death” in the heart of Manhattan. Regrettably paired with the sad statement, “As America mourns the terrible loss of Dr. Oz, his estate has hastily decided to give out free samples of his breakthrough CBD gummies,” was a sales pitch.

It was disturbing that texts claiming Dr. Oz had died were being passed around, despite the fact that they seemed highly suspicious and were quickly dismissed. It turns out that the Dr. Oz-related CBD hoax texts that have been going around for months are completely made up.

Last Words

Dr. Mehmet Oz is 61 years old and was born on June 11, 1960, in Ohio, United States. He began his medical career with a residency at Presbyterian Hospital in 1986; in 2001, he was profiled on 60 Minutes for his work there.

The Dr. Oz Show, an American syndicated daytime television program, is where he became widely known, having appeared in 1,681 episodes between September 12, 2009, and January 14, 2022. For the past three decades,

Dr. Mehmet Oz has been active in radio, medicine, and politics. In addition to his many film and TV roles, he was recently seen in Mom & Dad Trouble Down Under. His estimated worth right now is $100 million.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Who is Mehmet Oz’s wife?

Author and occasional co-host of the American talk show The Dr. Oz Show, Lisa Oz is a well-known media figure in her native United States. She has been featured on radio shows like Oprah and Friends XM. As well as hosting her own talk show, Oz has written or co-written several books, including the You: The Owner’s Manual series.

Who replaced Dr. Oz?

Daphne Oz’s new show, titled “The Good Dish,” will take its place.

What nationality is the surname Oz?

Jewish (Israeli): Anglicized form of various early Ashkenazic surnames, from Hebrew oz, meaning “strength, heroism, courage.”

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