Free Fire World Series 2022 Is Coming To Bangkok

FRWS 2022: The Free Fire World Series Bangkok has lauded the finalists’ “Fight As One” mentality and shared commitment to victory.

Arvon, a new free-fire pet, will be the official mascot of the World Series and can be seen in the arena rooting for the teams during the “Fight of the Nation.

” There is a brand new Free Fire World Series (FFWS) legends edition available for fans and players to win. People can plan ahead if they want to participate in this global phenomenon.

The upcoming FFWS 2022 Bangkok will be broadcast live on YouTube, as the platform is an official partner of the event. In order to give fans a chance to watch the action unfold, all of the games will be broadcast live on free Fire’s official YouTube channel.

On the weekend of November 25–26, reigning Free Fire champions from around the world will assemble to compete for the ultimate prize, and fans all over the world may tune in to see the exciting action.

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Teams Competing In Free Fire World Series 2022 In Bangkok

Grand Finals

  • Vivo Keyd (Brazil)
  • Ignis Esports (LATAM)
  • Vasto Mundo (Europe)
  • Alpha (Saudi Arabia)
  • Nigma Galaxy (Thailand)
  • HQ Esports (Vietnam)
  • AV Radicals (Philippines)
  • SES Alfaink (Indonesia)


  • Magic Squad (Brazil)
  • Naguara (LATAM)
  • Infinity VX (Saudi Arabia)
  • Team Hotshot (Pakistan)
  • Evos Phoenix (Thailand)
  • Team Flash (Vietnam)
  • Expand (Malaysia)
  • RRQ (Indonesia)
  • LGDS (Taiwan)

Nine teams have secured their spots in the Play-Ins, which will take place on November 25; some of the regional champions are already in the Grand Final.

The two teams who finished first and second in LBFF Season 8 will be looking to prove that Brazil is still a force in esports despite their recent struggles. They go by the names Vivo Keyd and Magic Squad. Even though they are very well-known in the region, popular squads like Fluxo and LOUD were not selected to participate in the Free Fire tournament.

Since Attack All Around, champion of the 2022 Free Fire World Series Sentosa, did poorly in the Pro League, they were not invited to the main tournament.

Teams competing in Free Fire World Series 2022 in Bangkok

The 2021 champions of the FFWS Singapore, Evos Phoenix, have qualified for the tournament again and will have a chance to win a second consecutive championship. Although they finished second in the Pro League Thailand tournament, the team will have to compete in the Play-Ins to make it to the Grand Finals.

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When it comes to viewership, Garena is anticipating a positive reaction from fans. A peak audience of 5.4 million people watched the 2021 Singapore World Series, making it the most popular esports tournament ever.

The second major competition for the title will be the 2022 $2 million Free Fire tournament. The last two FFWS championships have been won by Thai teams, but it remains to be seen which region will reign supreme this year.

Wrapping Up

On November 25 and 26, 17 teams representing various competitive regions around the world will compete for the right to be called world champions. While previous tournaments have been held in Singapore and Brazil, this one is by far the largest on a global scale.

‘Fight as One is the official slogan of the competition, and Arvon, the mascot, is a new Free Fire pet. Including the top and bottom seeds, the FFWS 2022 Bangkok will have a total of nine teams competing in the play-in rounds.

There will be eight total matches, with play taking place on four different maps (Bermuda, Kalahari, Alpine, and Purgatory). Those four teams that finish in first through third place will advance directly to the championship round.

They will compete in the championship game on November 26 alongside the other eight teams that earned first seeds by winning their respective regional tournaments. One of the 12 remaining teams will be named champions of the world after the day’s eight matches conclude.

FAQs – People Also Ask

When is Free Fire World Series 2022 in Bangkok?

On November 25th and 26th, 2022, the Free Fire World Series will be held in Bangkok.

Where is Free Fire World Series 2022 Bangkok?

Thailand will play host to the 2022 Free Fire World Series in Bangkok.

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