“This Network Is Blocking Encrypted DNS Traffic”- Fix Now

this network is blocking dns traffic fix

There is a possibility that your iOS device will occasionally show a peculiar privacy warning stating that your network is preventing encrypted DNS traffic. Getting a message like this can raise a lot of red flags. But could you perhaps explain it in more detail? What this essentially implies is that other devices on the same network are able to monitor the websites that are being accessed on your iOS device and save this information about them.

On the other hand, as long as such websites employ the SSL protocol, nobody can see what you are doing when you are visiting them. Imagine if someone is trying to gather information about you by accessing and analysing the data stored on your router. If the network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic, the network administrators will be able to see that you visited Facebook, but they will not be able to view the encrypted communication itself. They are unable to view the information that is passed back and forth between your iPhone and Facebook.

“The Network Is Blocking Encrypted DNS Traffic” What Does It Mean?

We are all aware of Apple’s commitment to security and privacy. Since iOS 14, Apple has adopted encrypted DNS traffic, adding another layer of security that prevents third parties from viewing your browsing history. Why is it needed? Malware assaults, for example, can modify your DNS server settings and point you toward phoney banking websites where they can capture your username and password.

this network is blocking encrypted dns

Checking the website’s digital certificate is one simple approach to identify assaults and stop DNS attacks. On occasion, you might notice the alert “Network Blocking Encrypted DNS Traffic” under Wi-Fi Settings. Directly beneath the network barring encrypted communications is the warning. By tapping the info I symbol, the complete message will be displayed. This basically indicates that your iPhone cannot use encrypted DNS since the network does not adhere to Apple’s security standards.

It can be a sign of a problem with your Wi-Fi modem or router. This warning indicates that other users on the same network may snoop and view the websites you visit. Keep in mind that they are only able to keep an eye on the servers and domain names, not the precise pages or the data transfers (such downloads and uploads) that occur between you and the server.

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But What Is DNS Traffic?

When you receive an error notice that states your “network is obstructing encrypted DNS traffic,” you may find yourself wondering what the term “DNS” actually refers to. The term “domain name system” (DNS) refers to a system that functions similarly to a phone book for the internet. DNS servers are responsible for translating human-friendly URLs, such as apple.com, into the corresponding IP addresses that computers require.

dns traffic

Because the majority of default DNS servers are hosted by internet service providers (ISPs), these companies have an incentive to monitor your traffic in order to determine which URLs you are attempting to resolve. However, in order for them to achieve that, your traffic must not be encrypted.

How To Fix This Issue

Even when all of the users are connected to the same network, this error continues to manifest itself on occasion. Listed below are a few different approaches that can be taken to fix this problem.

Forget And Reconnect

  • Navigate to the Settings menu, and then click on Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the button labelled “Info I that is located next to the offending network.
  • Choose the option to Forget About This Network.
  • When you are finished, search for your network and connect to it once more.
forget and reconnect

Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is an excellent first step to take, as it is with the majority of other problems and malfunctions. Simply put your iPhone into aeroplane mode and then back into normal mode. Repeat the same with your router, but this time wait around 15 to 20 seconds before turning it on.

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Change Your Router’s Admin Password

Several customers have reported that clearing the warning required changing the admin password on their network. To access the administrative page of your router, open a new tab in your browser and enter its IP address. Then, go to the Settings menu on your router, and choose the option that gives you the ability to change the password. First enter the password you’re currently using, then proceed to enter the new password.

Update Your Router’s Settings

In the event that the aforementioned remedies do not resolve the issue, you should consider installing the most recent firmware for your router as well as the most recent software for your iPhone. Apple suggests applying these settings to your Wi-Fi routers and access points on a frequent basis in order to maintain the highest level of security, performance, and dependability possible for your network connection.

update router settings

Use WPA3

You are able to check to see if your WiFi network is utilising the most recent security protocol while you are logged in to the administrative panel of your router. You should make an effort to alter your settings to use the WPA3 security protocol, which is currently supported by the vast majority of devices. In a normal situation, you can do it in the area labelled “access point” or “advanced security.” A WPA2/WPA3 protocol will also operate well and give support for older devices while maintaining its security.

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Disable Router Traffic Analyzer

You shouldn’t be surprised if your iOS device keeps popping up those messages if you’re using a traffic management tool to monitor network traffic and track how each device is utilising your network. If you are using an Asus router, for instance, you should turn off Traffic Analyzer and then check to see if the warning continues to appear. Log in to the admin page of your router, find the Settings menu, and then select the Traffic and Device Identification option. After that, deactivate the Deep Packet Inspection, and finally, select an option.


The error message “Network is obstructing encrypted DNS traffic” has the potential to unnerve a lot of people, and there’s a solid reason for this. Nobody desires for their personal privacy and safety to be violated. However, there are situations when the issue occurs regardless of the network that you are utilising.

There are easy solutions that you can test out in order to get rid of the problem. But if you want true anonymity, you should probably use a virtual private network (VPN) instead. For More Stuff Like This, Must Visit:- TrendingWork


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