The Unexpected Return Of Season 4 Of “Manifest” Exposed!

Manifest' Season 4's Surprise Return Explained

NBC canceled the popular series Manifest after only three seasons without providing much-needed closure on some of its biggest mysteries, leaving fans with unanswered questions.

Thankfully, Netflix has renewed Manifest for a two-part final season that will answer many questions about the fate of Flight 828 and its passengers.

You should watch the entire series before reading this summary of the final season if you haven’t already. For those who need a refresher, the show centers on the people who were on board commercial flight 828 that disappeared on April 7, 2013.

On November 4, 2018, the plane returns to the airport, five years after it first took off, with its passengers appearing to have aged not a bit in that time. Stranger still, the passengers think nothing out of the ordinary happened; they believe that the flight took off and landed as scheduled.

Many of the passengers report hallucinations and prophetic visions upon their reintegration into society, which they refer to as “callings.” Even though their vocations put them in a position to save lives, they frequently find themselves at odds with authorities like the National Security Agency (NSA).

Ben (Josh Dallas), Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), and Ben’s cancer-stricken son Cal (Jack Messina) were all on Flight 282, but the show focuses on the members of the Stone family who weren’t there (Ben’s wife Grace (Athena Karkanis) and Cal’s twin sister Olive (Oliver Platt) (Luna Blaise).

Michaela’s fiance Jared Vasquez (JR Ramirez), cancer researcher Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur), several people who experienced similar disappearances under entirely different circumstances, including Zeke Landon (Matt Long), and a host of other characters provide clues and help deepen the mystery of Flight 828.

Who Is TJ?

College student TJ was a passenger on Flight 828 and a major focus of the show’s second season. His mother committed suicide after Flight 828 vanished, and TJ was left to deal with the aftermath.

After meeting Ben during a calling, he becomes close to the Stones and assists them in their investigation of the callings, which ultimately results in his arrest under suspicion of murder. Of course, Ben will defend him, and TJ will come to think of the entire Stone family as a second family.

Who Is TJ

He stays through most of Season 2, then jets off to Egypt in the penultimate episode to dig up more artifacts associated with the callings and investigate their possible ties to Egyptian mythology.

TJ sends the Stones a painting that illustrates the lifeboat concept, which Olive uses to understand that passengers are evaluated by the entire Divine Consciousness.

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When Does TJ Get Back?

In the eighth episode titled “Full Upright and Locked Position,” TJ unexpectedly returns to New York to continue his search for the omega sapphire, much to Olive’s delight.

Olive’s pre-episode recaps and name-drops provide a refresher on the 828er, so there was a little foreshadowing and build-up before this. The return itself becomes a romantic gesture, and the two immediately reconnect.

When Does TJ Get Back

With only two episodes left in the season, TJ’s return marks the beginning of a significant emotional arc for her. Until now, Olive has been relegated to the role of sounding board for her family members rather than being allowed to express her own feelings about the seismic events that drove a wedge between them.

This season establishes her as a true supporting character. At least with TJ, she can be more open and honest about how she really feels than she can with her own family.

As Manifest nears its conclusion, there are a number of story beats that still need to be accomplished, including TJ’s return. TJ returns home near the end of the first batch of episodes, but he is still given a warm welcome.

By allowing Olive to vent about the traumatic events in her family that she has internalized due to her nurturing nature, he makes Olive’s plot at least a little more interesting. He also provides Olive with a reliable sounding board for her theories while they decipher clues and a companion who is less likely to get dragged into other subplots. Olive is TJ’s Olive.

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When Will The Fourth Season Of Manifest Air Be?

The passengers of Flight 828 have “18 months” until the Death Date, as stated in the trailer for Manifest season 4. The characters in Manifest are aware that the date in question is June 2, 2024, so the events of the first episode of season four take place in December 2022.

When Will The Fourth Season Of Manifest Air Be

When the new season begins, it will have been nearly four years since the passengers’ return in November of 2018.

Despite the fact that they have over a year left before they have to come up with a concrete solution to the Lifeboat problem, they should treat the matter with more urgency than in previous seasons.

For What Reason Is Manifest Skipping Ahead?

A huge time jump was a surprising choice for Manifest to make, but it makes sense. Since the events of Manifest season, 3 took place in 2020, it’s clear that the show has some catching up to do in order to make its end date of June 2, 2024.

NBC canceled Manifest before the end of its planned six seasons, necessitating a time jump that wasn’t originally planned. Time had to jump forward in season 3 because there was still so much of it to go.

The trailer shows the Stone household in the aftermath of Grace’s death, so we can assume that flashbacks will be used to cover all of the necessary ground without skipping any important stories.

There are still 18 months left, so this is probably not the last time Manifest will fast forward. Another large time jump will need to happen before Manifest season 4 part 2, the concluding chapter of the story unless the show can squeeze in shorter time jumps between episodes.

Prior to its conclusion, the show will have to build up to the summer of 2024, which will be the most trying and chaotic time in the lives of Flight 828 passengers.

Final Words

The confirmation that TJ will be back in the Manifest season 4 trailer. This is why he has been absent for some time. The season 4 trailer for Manifest has confirmed TJ’s return to the show.

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