Millie Bobby Brown Has Said That She And Henry Cavill Are In A “Real Adult Relationship” That Is “Healthy”!

Millie Bobby Brown relationship with Henry Cavillwith

The 18-year-old starlet spoke to Deadline about her experience working with the 39-year-old Superman actor on the Enola Holmes films, in which she plays the titular younger sister to his famous detective Sherlock.

Brown has stated that her friendship with him is more “adult” than her friendships with her Stranger Things co-stars such as Noah Schnapp and Charlie Heaton.

“For me, it’s different because I’ve known Noah and Charlie since they were babies. When I was 10, we first met. That’s why I keep picturing your classmates, ”

“The way things are going with Henry makes me feel like I have an actual adult relationship. in the same vein as a healthy, strong friendship. Firstly, please note that our terms and conditions are in effect.”

“Henry is someone I am familiar with. Our relationship is based on certain conditions on his part. There’s a taboo on my asking about his private life “Brown continued.

“The implication is, “Millie, be quiet. No.’ The response I give is, “Understood.” In contrast, things are different for the kids in Stranger Things. There are no limits because we are all siblings.”

Millie Bobby Brown Has Said That She And Henry Cavill Are In A Real Adult Relationship That Is Healthy

But she continued, “He’s very strict with me, which I appreciate, with Henry.”

Harry Bradbeer, director of Enola Holmes 2, told Deadline that he enjoyed watching Cavill and Brown develop sibling chemistry.

“Like Sherlock, Henry takes a logical approach, but he’s also learning to let loose and be more spontaneous. And naturally, Millie and he had this fascinating, entertaining dynamic in which they were constantly poking at each other, “remarked Bradbeer. “And Millie surprises him in a way that gives him a little chuckle. As a result, he accepts it.”

And Brown declared, “Indeed, he does. The fact that he has no sisters makes this even more surprising. Therefore, it must be utterly dissimilar for him. I’m used to sibling rivalry because my family consists of two younger brothers and an older brother. Offscreen and on, I had to incorporate a lot of that into my connection with Henry in order to push him further out of his comfort zone.”

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Bradbeer elaborated, “I don’t have a little sister and neither does Henry, so I think that’s why we get along so well with people like Millie at work.”

Brown Claims Her Romance With Cavill Is “Mature”

When Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill worked together on the mystery sequel Enola Holmes 2, Brown said that Cavill imposed “very strict” limits on their friendship.

While she and her young Stranger Things co-stars felt like “all siblings” on the hit Netflix sci-fi shows, the 18-year-old actress noted that working with Man of Steel star Cavill, 39, was very different.

In an interview with Deadline, she said, “I grew up with [Stranger Things actors] Noah [Schnapp] and Charlie [Heaton].

They seem like old friends because I’ve known them since we were both 10 years old.

Brown Claims Her Romance With Cavill Is Mature

A relationship with Henry is like being in a mature, committed partnership. Just like a healthy, strong friendship.

I’m familiar with Henry. She continued, “We have an agreement, but it has conditions.

I’m not allowed to inquire into the specifics of his private life. That’s the equivalent of saying, “Millie, be quiet. No.’ In response, I simply say, “Understood.” Whereas things are different for the kids in Stranger Things.

“There are no limits because we are all like brothers and sisters.

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The actress thinks that the actor had a hard time handling her obnoxious adolescence because he didn’t have any sisters of his own growing up.

He’s an only child; he doesn’t have any sisters. “It’s obviously different for him,” she said.

A sibling, an older sibling, and a younger sibling all make up my family. Consequently, I am accustomed to situations with a similar dynamic.

A lot of that had to be incorporated into my off- and on-screen relationship with Henry in order to force him to stretch his acting chops.

Enola Holmes 2 is available on Netflix as of today, November 4th, and both Brown and Cavill were in attendance at the red-carpet premiere.

The sequel to the 2020 novella follows Enola Holmes as she continues her detective career.


Since Brown is only 18 and Cavill is 39, it stands to reason that in order to establish a “healthy” age gap friendship, especially one involving an older male, boundaries are essential.

The interview also included her thoughts on the differences between her relationship with Cavill and the rest of the Stranger Things crew.

Insisting that the co-stars’ relationship was unlike any other because of the familial nature of their upbringing together. Many of MBB’s young co-stars were also in their preteens and early teens when the show’s first season premiered in 2016 when she was just 12 years old and a relative unknown.

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