As To Why He Was Removed From YouTube, Ethan Klein Blames “White Supremacists.”

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Ethan Klein, of h3h3 Productions, is a popular YouTuber known for his podcasts and comedy skits, but he was recently banned from uploading new videos for a week. The author has taken to Twitter to explain his side of the story.

It was classified as “too dangerous to watch,” but Ethan Klein claims that was incorrect. The YouTuber claimed that numerous trolls were responsible for reporting

all of the account’s videos in order to get it permanently banned. Thankfully, the account ban and strike were both removed after a while.

YouTube Account Suspension For Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein, co-owner of H3H3 Productions, announced the channel’s one-week suspension on Twitter on December 21. The YouTuber continued by saying that the ban was the result of trolls who have been reporting all of the channel’s videos in bulk.

The Youtuber explained to their audience that they were banned because of a reaction video posted to their channel a year prior. Because the original video can still be viewed on YouTube under “age-restricted,” he goes on to discuss the bias surrounding the ban.

Due to the potential harm to Ethan Klein’s channel and business, Klein’s supporters have tagged YouTube in an effort to get the company to investigate the ban.

The creator was eventually frustrated by Youtube’s refusal to restore the channel. In an obviously distressed tone, he said:

Who Is Ethan Klein?

After starting their multi-platform h3h3 Productions, Ethan and Hila Klein became well-known on the web. In 2011, the two of them created their joint official YouTube channel.

Who Is Ethan Klein

In addition to their original YouTube channel, they also produced several podcasts. They have a number of podcasts, including H3 After Dark, H3TV, Leftovers, Off the Rails, Frenemies, and the H3 Podcast.

Several of Ethan and Hila’s online videos have been nominated for Streamy Awards. Sketch comedy, reaction videos, and Internet satire are common types of content created by the two influencers.

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The celebrity has collaborated with other YouTube stars like Trisha Paytas, Hasan Piker, Pewdiepie, and Jake Paul on h3h3-produced content in the past.

Canceled The Podcast About The Holidays

After being banned, the YouTuber announced that the h3h3 production Christmas podcast would no longer be airing. His podcast had been in the works for a while, but he had to scrap it when the ban was put in place.

Canceled The Podcast About The Holidays

Later, he informed everyone that some crew members had tested positive for covid.

The creator, however, announced on December 22 that the strike was called off and the ban was lifted. Fans will be disappointed to learn that he also confirmed the Christmas podcast would not be returning this year due to the postponement and the covid scare.

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Why Were H3H3 Productions Banned On YouTube?

Ethan claims in a tweet that his YouTube channel was removed because he posted a video in which he gave his opinion on a clip that had been “deemed” as “too dangerous to watch.”

After he posted five videos to his account in which they directly addressed him, they terminated his access to the platform. According to the website, the accounts were suspended for “uploading infringing material,

Why Were H3H3 Productions Banned On YouTube

” a term that has come to encompass virtually any video with a large enough viewership on YouTube. He stated that the “age-restricted” versions of the films to which they responded can be found on YouTube.

Ethan tweeted, “Please reconsider your decision, it has a tremendously negative effect on our business and community during an important time.”

Christmas Podcast Has Been Canceled

Much to the dismay of his listeners, Ethan has decided to no longer release a special holiday podcast.

The YouTuber stated, “The podcasts we’ve been planning for the past month will not be taking place.” A week into the ban, he still hasn’t been able to upload any videos, he said.

As a direct result of Ethan’s tweets, H3H3 productions had their YouTube account suspended on December 21. He added that YouTube had declined their request for a re-evaluation.

For the first time in a month, we won’t be able to release the Christmas-themed podcasts we’ve been planning. They won’t even tell me what video we responded to over a year ago that was deemed “too dangerous to watch” and resulted in a strike. I’ll be offline for the next week and won’t be able to upload any new content. Email me at [email protected]

Since Ethan admitted in another message that some of his staff were COVID-19 positive, halting work, it would seem that production is a major issue for him this holiday season.

Listeners of Ethan’s podcast will have to wait until 2022 for the next installment.

Final Words

A few minutes have passed since Ethan tweeted his joy at YouTube’s decision to reverse the suspension of his channel. Unfortunately, it is too late for his team to produce a Christmas episode at this point.

He wrote, “Just found out YouTube removed the strike it’s too late to do the episode sadly, especially with the Covid scare but thank you everyone for caring so much, it makes the whole thing more bearable.

Thank you @TeamYouTube and my rep and whoever high up the food chain who had some sense in em,” Ethan tweeted further.

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