How To Block Unwanted Messages And Emails: Best Tips & Tricks

block unwanted text and email

You eagerly check your phone when you hear the sound of an incoming text message. But it’s just a spam message that a spammer sends to you in an effort to trick you into clicking a link, opening an attachment, dialling a number, or taking any other action that might get you into trouble. Like robocalls and spam email, robotexts and spam messages are a common occurrence.

Since you may generally ignore them, they might not be as intrusive as a spam call, but that doesn’t make them harmless. If you’re not careful, smishing (SMS phishing) assaults can be much more damaging as some phone plans may charge you for incoming text messages. You don’t have to put up with them, though. With the correct techniques and tools, you can combat robocalls as well as block and stop robotexts.

Do Not Respond


Do not, first and foremost, engage with the message. A link or attachment in a spam mail may include malware that could infect your phone if you click on it. Additionally, you don’t want to reply. A common feature of real robotexts is the ability to text STOP to request removal from the distribution list, however scammers can’t use this feature.

In actuality, replying to spam just serves to confirm to the con artist that your phone number is active. Your chance of receiving more spam calls and texts increases if your phone number is shared with additional con artists from that point on. You would therefore be better off not replying at all unless you are certain that the SMS came from a reputable business that complies with such requests.

Block An Email Address on Gmail

When you block a sender, any communications you receive from that sender will be moved to the Spam folder on your computer.

block on gmail
  • Launch the Gmail application on your Android-powered smartphone or tablet.
  • Please read the message.
  • Tap the More More button located in the top right corner of the message.
  • Tap Block [sender].
  • If you accidentally blocked someone, you can remove the block by following the same instructions as before.

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Unsubscribe From Website Emails

Unsubscribe to emails

If you have signed up for a website that sends a lot of emails, such as promotions or newsletters, you can stop receiving these emails by using the link that says “unsubscribe” on the website. Gmail may advise that you unsubscribe from a certain list if you have received a significant number of emails from the same sender but have not opened any of them in a while.

  • Launch the Gmail application on your Android-powered smartphone or tablet.
  • Launch one of the emails sent by the sender whose messages you wish to stop receiving.
  • Tap the Unsubscribe or Change preferences button that is located at the bottom of the message. If you do not see these alternatives, it is because the sender did not provide the necessary information for you to unsubscribe. You could, alternatively, take the actions outlined above to either block the sender or label the communication as spam.

Using Outlook or Hotmail?

The actions that are listed below need to be carried out in order for you to successfully block an email on your Microsoft account. The beginning point will be different for you based on the operating system that your machine uses.

  • Use the right mouse button (on Windows) or Command-click (on a Mac) on the email in your inbox that you do not wish to read.
  • Select the appropriate safety measures.
  • Activate the Block button.
  • To verify, select the OK button.

In Outlook, you can examine and modify the list of blacklisted senders by going to the Settings menu (the cog icon), then selecting View all Outlook settings, then clicking on the Mail menu, and then selecting Junk email. From this location, you will be able to add new entries to the list or delete addresses that are already there.

Block Unwanted Emails on iPhone or iPad

You can block undesirable emails coming from a contact or through the Mail application in iOS or iPadOS. First, make sure the option is turned on in Settings > Mail > Blocked Sender Options.

  • Add the contact and email address to the Contacts app to block contacts and spam emails on iOS
  • Select Settings > Mail > Blocked.
  • Click Add New.
  • To block a contact, tap that person.

In the iOS Mail app, filter contacts and spam emails.

  • Dispatch the junk mails
  • Touch the sender’s name.
  • Tap the address once again.
  • When prompted, press Block this Contact Tap Block this Contact to confirm.
  • In iOS, go to Settings > Mail > Blacklisted to view and edit your list of blocked Mail senders.

Block Phone Number on Your Phone

A number that has been sending you spam can be blocked. The disadvantage of this strategy is that spammers frequently spoof or change phone numbers. Therefore, even if you block the number, the spammer may still send you messages using a different number. Open the text message you just received on your iPhone.

Tap the phone number at the top of the screen and then tap the Info button. At the next screen, select Block this Caller and then press Block Contact to confirm. Open the text on an Android device, then hit the three dots in the top right corner. The procedures next vary based on your phone and OS version. Either select the Block number option, or click Details and then tap Block & report spam.

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