What Happened To Joey Lawrence’s Wives? The Deets On His Many Marriages And Broods Ms. Samantha Cope!


On May 1st of this year, Joey Lawrence married his longtime girlfriend, Samantha Cope. Temecula Creek Inn in Temecula, California was the site of the wedding ceremony. In a recent interview, Lawrence stated:

All of the couple’s loved ones were present for the ceremony, including Joey’s two daughters from a previous marriage, Charleston and Liberty, as well as the groom’s brothers, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence. Heather Christian Folger, of HCD Weddings and Events, was in charge of the preparations for the ceremony.

Filet, Mahi Mahi, and roasted chicken were served at a farm-to-table dinner following the ceremony.

Joseph Lawrence’s Past Relationships

Joey Lawrence’s first marriage was to Michelle Vella, which ended in 2005. In July 2005, the actor wed his second wife, Chandie Yawn-Nelson. It was at Disney World that teenaged Joey and Chandie first crossed paths.

Joseph Lawrence's Past Relationships

Bankruptcy petitions were submitted by Lawrence and Yawn-Nelson in 2017. In July 2020, Lawrence filed for divorce, and the following year, the case was reportedly settled. The couple’s children are named Liberty Grace Lawrence and Charleston “Charli” Lawrence.

When the musician proposed to Samantha Cope that August of 2021, they were already married. Their first encounter was on the set of a Lifetime film in which Joey’s brother Andrew was directing his own daughter, Charleston, in a supporting role. They gave an interview about their relationship before getting married, and Cope said,

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Who Are Jory Lawrence’s Ex-Wives?

As a result of his two previous marriages, the 46-year-old actor now has two daughters from his ex-wives.

Joey wed Michelle Vella in 2002, and they were together until 2005.

The Brotherly Love actor wed Chandie Yawn-Nelson, his second wife, soon after the divorce was finalized.

Who Are Jory Lawrence's Ex-Wives

They stayed together until 2020, a span of 15 years. They are parents to two daughters, 15-year-old Charleston Lawrence and 12-year-old Liberty Grace Lawrence.

Change is an employee of ADP Totalsource, as revealed by her Facebook profile.

Joey and Samantha Cope got engaged a little over a year after his divorce from Chandie.

“When you least expect it, obviously, is like when it usually works right in between all the plans that we make,” Joey said.

To top it all off, I’ve just met the most incredible human being in the world. The actor went on to describe his girlfriend as “your best friend and that person you really do share pretty much everything in common with.”

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Who Is Joey Lawrence Dating?

Joey says the type of contestant he would be interested in dating on The Celebrity Dating Game is someone who is “kind, honest, and able to laugh.” To quote him: “It’s so simple to be cruel.” Nowadays, “people are so easily triggered.” In a partner, he values the ability to laugh “at yourself” and “at life,” and he hopes you have that quality.

He seems to have found what he’s looking for. According to Page Six, Joey Lawrence has already found someone to spend the rest of his life with the actress Samantha Cope, who co-stars with him in an upcoming Lifetime movie that his brother Andrew directed. The couple got engaged on August 10, 2021.

After the announcement had been made public, Joey said on Today, “So we met there and out of nowhere, you know, it was a crazy year and a half for everybody, obviously the whole world.” And then, just when you least expect it, incredible things occur; meeting her has been the greatest thing in my life.

Since Samantha, age 34, and Joey, age 35, have been a couple for 11 months, it’s safe to assume that he appeared on the show The Celebrity Dating Game either before they got serious or very early on in their relationship.

Joey claims that the pandemic’s silver lining is that he and Samantha had a “rather unconventional” first date because they met during the COVID outbreak. “There was no way to wine and dine anybody [because] we couldn’t go anywhere,” he said, explaining that “all the pretense is gone and you’re not playing games.”

FAQs – People Also Ask

Is Joey Lawrence still married?

Joey Lawrence is a married man

Are Matthew Lawrence and Joey Lawrence related?

Matthew William Lawrence is the son of Donna (Shaw), a personnel manager, and Joseph Lawrence, an insurance broker. He was born on February 11, 1980, in Abington, Pennsylvania. He’s the middle Lawrence brother, between younger Andrew and older Joey.

What sitcoms has Joey Lawrence been in?

  • Known For. Blossom Joey Russo / Donnie Russo (1990-1995)
  • Oliver & Company Oliver (1988)
  • Brotherly Love Joe Roman (1995-1997)
  • Melissa & Joey Joseph ‘Joe’ Longo / Josiah (2010-2015)
  • Actor. Pardoned by Grace Scott (2022)
  • Call Me Kat Joey Lawrence (2022)
  • Mistletoe Mixup Tom (2021)
  • A Deadly Deed Kevin (2021)

Who are the guys in the Google commercial?

Immense affection between brothers! The on-screen triumvirate of Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence is back, and this time there’s a dance-off. The well-known siblings are featured in a recent commercial for Google and Samsung. Joey, 46, Matthew, 42, and Andrew, 34, haven’t appeared in an advertisement in 27 years, so this throwback to the ’90s is especially meaningful to them.

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