Your Apple Id Has Been Locked For Security Reasons? Check How To Fix It

apple id locked fix

Even if you chose the incorrect password, Apple will suspend your account if it believes it was hacked. If you’re unable to sign in, follow these steps to unlock your Apple ID. Apple will identify the attempt and lock your Apple ID “for security reasons” if someone tries to break into your account by repeatedly inputting the wrong password or answering security questions.

This is advantageous since it prevents an attacker from obtaining your Apple ID, which would give them access to your iCloud email, iMessages, and FaceTime accounts as well as perhaps allowing them to use your credit card to purchase anything from the App Store or iTunes.

However, occasionally you lock yourself out because you forget your password or you simply got confused and input it incorrectly a few times, not because an attacker is attempting to get into your account. If that occurs, you might be able to resolve the situation by updating your Apple password. Here, we’ll go over how to unlock your Apple ID so you can access your account and services once more.

What Could Be The Reason

You will see “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons” if your device has a locked Apple ID. How come my Apple ID is locked? Apple automatically locks or disables Apple IDs when they suspect unwanted access.

Because of the odd user conduct listed below, Apple ID has been locked for security reasons:

  • Using a variety of tools to quickly access iCloud data on the same account using multiple tools.
  • Utilization of tools from a third party built using iCloud open-source code.
  • Too many incorrect sign-in attempts have been made using your Apple ID.
  • Too many times, someone attempted to enter your security questions incorrectly.
  • Information from other Apple ID accounts was frequently incorrect.

Therefore, your Apple ID will be locked if you or someone person enters your password or other account information incorrectly too frequently. If Apple ID is locked for security reasons, how do you unlock it? Just keep reading to learn the tested techniques to unlock your Apple ID!

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If You Can’t Sign In For Any Apple Service

apple id locked cannot sign in

Your Apple ID has been automatically locked to safeguard your security, and you will not be able to check in to any Apple services if you see one of the following messages:

  • “Your Apple ID has been disabled to protect your personal information.”
  • “Your account has been blocked for safety concerns, and so you are unable to sign in.”
  • “For your protection, this Apple ID has been locked,” the message read.
  • In order to regain access, you will need to change your password.

How You Can Change The Password?

In order to restore full access to your smartphone, you must first unlock it and then change your password. You can unlock your device using iForgot, two-factor authentication, or a recovery key. Check to see if you are still receiving security alerts and warnings and change your account password.

Make sure your old password and the new one are completely unique. You must create a brand-new password. Remember that if you make too many unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked. As a brief reminder, if you or someone else inputs the incorrect password, answers to security questions, or other account details, your Apple ID immediately locks.

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Manage Your Apple Id Using A Web Browser

apple id locked use browser

Launch a new tab in your web browser, go to, and then navigate to the section labelled Manage my Apple ID. Take control of your account and the devices that are connected to it. First things first, make sure that all of your trusted phone numbers and devices are up to date. The next step is to modify your Apple ID by changing your country, region, or email address, if necessary. Try restarting all of your devices to see if it brings about any noticeable changes.

How You Can Protect Your Apple Id

Do not reply to phishing emails if you don’t want to become a target for those trying to hack into your Apple ID. These emails are scams that ask you to sign in with your Apple ID under the guise of being from Apple.

Grammar and spelling errors are usually a giveaway in phishing emails. You should also verify the email’s return address (not just what the address appears to be, but by clicking on the arrow beside the address in Mail you can see if the real address is something completely different). Never log into your Apple account via an email to prevent falling victim to traps like this. Visit at all times.

Make sure you have a fairly strong password as this is an additional safeguard against hacking. Last but not least, activate two-factor authentication if you haven’t already.

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Set Up 2 Factor Authentication

Go to Settings on your iOS device, tap your name, then tap Password & Security. To activate the choice, tap Turn On Two-Factor Authentication. Go to System Preferences by selecting the Apple menu on your MacBook. Then, select Password & Security after clicking on your Apple ID. Look for and enable the Two-Faction Authentication option.


Unlocking your iPhone can be accomplished through the use of two-factor authentication, a recovery key, or the iForgot service if your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. After that, you should modify your password. If you are not already utilising the option, turn on the Two-Factor Authentication feature. In addition, turn off your virtual private network (VPN), power off all of your Apple devices that aren’t absolutely necessary, log out of your primary devices’ accounts, and then log back in.

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