Who Exactly Is ‘Jamal’? An Explanation Of The TikTok Craze!

jamal meme real name

Jamal TikTok memes have recently become all the rage on the popular messaging app, with users making videos asking, “Who stole the wallet, cake, food, etc.?” and then revealing Jamal as the thief. Many videos based on this challenge are being shared at the moment as it quickly gains popularity.

People are wondering what’s going on after seeing so many memes centered around him, and why every TikTok video features the caption “it’s him Jamal is the real robber boy.” Most people would like to know if their social media accounts have been hacked and if so, which one.

Prominent figures all over the world are constantly coming up with new challenges and contests. The compilations are a great way for content creators to gain exposure and drive more interaction with their social media profiles by appealing to a larger audience.

Let’s find out what everyone is talking about with this viral “you gotta move” meme and the kid who stole it from me by listening to Mississippi’s original version of the song.

Who Is This Mysterious Jamal Tiktok? Who Or What Stole The Meme?

The 12-year-old Jamal from the United Arab Emirates goes by the username @playboi Babatunde on TikTok, where he posts humorous reaction videos in which he mocks the work of other users in both English and Arabic. A video he uploaded recently went viral, and now people are using his image to make troll memes.

Who Is This Mysterious Jamal Tiktok Who Or What Stole The Meme

As a result, everyone started looking for his TikTok profile and eventually located it. He has over 90k followers right now, and that number is rapidly increasing. Not too long ago, a brief post of theirs went viral, attracting over 3.4 million views and well over 500,000 likes.

More than 20,000 people have flooded the comment section, saying things like, “Finally we found the real Jamal, you stole my cake, bike, mobile phone, etc.!” Others, seeing his success, are trying to capitalize by creating fake accounts to gain a larger following. Since he edited the sound out of the video, only the muted version is available on their profile.

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This young man is currently trending everywhere you look online, becoming the subject of memes on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many more besides. Some have even begun to liken him to the late, great reaction star kaby lame, and in the coming days, he can become as famous as kaby was.

What Is Jamal’s Actual TikTok Username?

If you want to see all of this boy’s original funny reactions, head over to his original TikTok profile, which is @playboi Babatunde.

Jamal Tiktok Meme

On April 2, 2022, this meme appeared for the first time. A video of someone stealing KFC chicken was posted on Tiktok, and a young man named Jamal was falsely accused of the crime.

Jamal Tiktok Meme

None of the listeners found this to be offensive. People began posting pictures and videos of the phenomenon in September and October of this year, and by the end of the year,

the black kid named Jamal had become the target of the meme’s scorn. Many feel that the racist memes about Jamal need to be stopped because they are spreading hate.

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Tiktok Jamal

A plethora of videos, some of which have been deemed racist, have been posted recently in response to the Jamal trend. Another video posted to TikTok by user @doriannftjamal posed the question,

“Who is the serial killer?” and featured an image of Jeffrey Dahmer, but the Black teenager, Jamal, was held responsible.

This trend has recently received a lot of criticism for its promotion of racism, and calls have been made for people to stop posting Jamal videos online.


Racist assumptions serve as the film’s primary driving force, “Jamal Did It.” Whenever an ethnic group is at the center of a “whodunit?” mystery, the answer is invariably a grotesque generalization about that group.

And so, yes, it is slightly racist. Though the trend is meant as a parody of racism, it is still pretty racist because it imagines a character who is so racist that they would accuse innocent Jamal of every, mundane crime.

Jamal Did It has a rich history, which you can learn more about in our entry on the meme.

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