How To Make iPhone Keyboard Bigger: Easy Methods

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When it comes to text entry on their iPhones, many users find that the native keyboard app from Apple is the most useful tool. If the display on your iPhone is too small or if you have very large hands, you may find that typing on this keyboard is a little underwhelming. Sadly, if you go into the settings for the keyboard on an iOS device, you won’t find a specific option that will allow you to modify the size of the on-screen keyboard.

Following the steps below will guide you through the process of modifying various settings on your iPhone in order to make the iOS keyboard larger than it normally is.

Accessibility Zoom

The Zoom tool in the Accessibility settings is the alternative. When enabled, you can zoom in or out while typing on your iPhone’s keyboard by double-tapping the screen with three fingers. On iPhones with relatively small screens, like the iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and previous devices, it can make typing simpler even though it isn’t particularly practical.

iphone accessibility zoom
  1. Go into the iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Navigate down to Accessibility.
  3. Toggle Zoom on by clicking on it and enabling the toggle.

Close the Settings now. To enlarge the keyboard when typing, double-tap with three fingers. To navigate the screen, drag three fingers. To modify the zoom size to your satisfaction, double-tap three fingers and drag up or down. Double-tap anywhere on the screen with three fingers to return to the default display.

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Use Switch To Zoom

Although iOS doesn’t allow you to change the native keyboard settings, you may change the display settings to enlarge the size of elements on the screen by activating Zoomed View. Open the Settings app on your iPhone to do that.

iphone switch to zoom
  • Select Display & Brightness under Settings.
  • Tap the Display Zoom button under “Display” on the next screen.
  • To switch to a larger view, choose Zoomed here. Then, press Set in the top right corner.
  • The screen will now display a prompt asking you to approve changes. Tap Use Zoomed at the bottom to accomplish that.
  • The display of your device will now go black before coming back on. The iOS keyboard will now appear slightly larger than it did previously, with taller keys that occupy more of the bottom half of the screen.

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Disable Lowercase

For reasons that should be evident, lowercase letters have keys that are visibly smaller than their uppercase counterparts. If you want to make the iOS native keyboard more visible, you can permanently disable the lowercase keys by going into the accessibility settings on your device and selecting the appropriate option. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone to accomplish this task.

  • Accessibility can be found within the Settings menu.
  • Tap the Keyboards option that appears on the following screen.
  • In this section, deactivate the Show Lowercase Keys toggle that is located under “Software Keyboards.”
  • Even if you hit the Shift key to toggle between uppercase and lowercase characters on your keyboard, the native keyboard on your keyboard will now only display uppercase keys. This is because uppercase letters are more common.

Use A Third Party Keyboard

You have the option of installing a keyboard software from a third-party developer in the event that the outcome does not meet your expectations. You may download XL Keyboard, Larger Keyboard, TuneKey Key Size & Finger Scope, Big Keys Keyboard, or one of the many other apps that are just like it by going to the App Store. Install the software that you want to use, and then examine the data it produces.

You are free to try out a few different keyboard apps, and if you find the one that works best for you, stick with it. However, the use of a keyboard software developed by a third party might not appeal to everyone. Some iOS users find that the variations in UI are just too bothersome to deal with.

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Switch To A Bigger Display iPhone

If nothing seems to be working for you, you could try upgrading to a newer model of the iPhone, which has a larger display. The iPhone Mini variants are designed specifically for individuals who have relatively small hands. If you’ve grown to regret the decision to purchase a less expensive model with a smaller display, you should start putting money aside for the iPhone Pro Max model. You can potentially speed things up by trading in your iPhone Mini for a newer model.

What Else You Can Do To Type On iPhone Comfortably

  • Have an iPhone with a small screen? Use landscape mode. Put your iPhone in landscape mode to use the larger keyboard while typing. After you’re done, go back to normal.
  • Typed the wrong words on your iPhone? You can go back and redo it. To remove the text you just wrote, shake the device and then hit “Undo Typing.” Give it another shake and choose “Redo Typing” if you unintentionally deleted the content.
  • One-Hand Mode: This feature enables you to shift the keyboard to one side for convenient one-handed typing.
  • Glide Typing: The iOS keyboard supports Swipe typing, just like Android. To spell a word, simply drag your finger across the letters. You can type more quickly on your iPhone while using it without worrying about hitting the wrong key.


Adjusting your iPhone’s display settings to make the user interface larger will result in a larger keyboard for your device. You also have the option of installing a third-party app such as TuneKey or Larger Keyboard on your device. You have the option of purchasing an iPhone Pro Max with a larger display if the results aren’t to your satisfaction. For More Stuff Like This, Must Visit:- TrendingWork


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