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L’art de l’automobile, a Paris-based label, marries the worlds of high fashion and automobile culture. Recently established, the company was founded by Arthur Kar, who began working on Porsche vehicles as a mechanic at the tender age of 16.

Vehicles, in the eyes of artist Arthur Kar, deserve to be viewed as sculptures. The 36-year-old fashion designer and avid car enthusiast is the driving force behind the “L’art de l’automobile” brand. Literally, it means “The Art of Automobile.” He hopes to make cars as accessible to the public as works of art are to individuals.

He places a lot of stock in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen automobiles. The first time he worked on a Porsche was when he was 16 years old and he was a mechanic. His artistic outlook reflected the mainstream culture of the early 2000s, which he attributes to the NBA and MTV, among other sources.

After saving for a while, Kar was able to buy his own Porsche. The first car he owned was a 996 Turbo and it was black. But, as Kar puts it, “the most important thing is the unique experience and how the vehicle fits into the driver’s environment.

” Therefore, Kar owns a variety of vehicles, including a modern 911 derivative like the Carrera GT or 911 R, as well as off-road vehicles and vintage Volkswagens, all of which he keeps in a discreet garage in the heart of Paris, right next to his studio.

Now, the Porsche Museum show has provided Arthur Kar with even more ideas. There, he pursues his passion for vintage race cars and production vehicle prototypes. But people are really into the displayed Carrera GT.

Upon closer inspection, the Porsche fanatic realizes that he or she is looking at the very first Carrera GT ever produced, bearing the serial number 0001. The vehicle is special because of its timeless design and exceptional performance, as Kar puts it.

Meeting The Car Collector And Dealer Who Is Making Driving A Fine Art

Earlier this year, SSENSE spoke with Arthur Kar, the industry’s go-to source for vintage and classic automobiles. During their talk, Kar mentioned that he wanted to start his own clothing line.

Here at SSENSE, we are ecstatic to announce the launch of KAR / L’Art de l’Automobile, a men’s and women’s collection featuring a range of apparel (including an exclusive t-shirt designed just for us) and a beautifully restored 1978 Ferrari 308 GTB.

About fifty rare classic cars are quietly parked in a nondescript showroom in an unmarked arrondissement somewhere in the center of Paris. It reminds me of a dystopian Arcadia built entirely out of concrete.

Meeting The Car Collector And Dealer Who Is Making Driving A Fine Art

If you’re in the area, don’t be surprised to see a dashing 33-year-old man from Beirut emerge from the subway in the kind of car of which you’ve only dreamed.

A casual observer might assume that Arthur Kar is one of the famous rappers, fashion designers, or artists with whom he has frequently seen mingling. A shroud of mystery surrounds him until you learn that he is a collector and dealer of classic automobiles who runs his own business under the name L’Art de l’Automobile. You won’t find another used car salesman like Arthur.

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I’m in Paris for Fashion Week with my boyfriend, and Arthur and his model girlfriend Giedre Dukauskaite join us for lunch in the Marais. The two of them place the order for us and rave about how amazing the sardines are.

The enthusiasm Arthur has for cooking and eating is comparable to his enthusiasm for cars and, well, everything else. As a result of his hard work, he has come to truly value his possessions. We think about Arthur’s life, from when he was 16 and washing cars and working on Porsche engines to now when he’s releasing a clothing line at the end of the year.

Giedre jumps in now and then to offer her unique perspective as a woman in love. One thing you can say about Arthur is that he has an obsession with rare things. We’re talking about the rarest of the rare here: shoes, cars, clothes, colors, and furniture. It’s safe to say that Arthur

Who Is Arthur Kar?

Kar, is the owner and operator of L’Art de L’Automobile, a Parisian high-end dealership frequented by celebrities, including famous musicians and fashion designers from both sides of the Atlantic. Kar, a lifelong fan of the brand, got his start in the auto industry at the ripe old age of 16 washing Porsches in his boss’s garage.

Who Is Arthur Kar

To hear Kar’s voice on a Drake song is not terribly shocking. He’s obviously been a fan for a while, as he can be heard rapping along to “10 Bands” by 6 God during this car ride with Hypebeast:

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As of Sunday, Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss had sold over a quarter-million copies since its release on Friday. Drake is aiming for his second consecutive number-one album debut of the year with the release of Scorpion, which, if successful, will make his Honestly, Nevermind album from June his highest charting album ever.

To answer your burning question, Complex reports that adult dancer, nail stylist, and Instagram icon Qui Yasuka, aka Suki Baby, graces the cover of the album.

Final Words

From rap stars to relative unknowns, rap tracks are a great place to experiment with humorous and even bizarre interludes and codas. They are like rap skits from today.

The latest and one of the longest outro speeches can be heard on “No BS,” which appears on Drake and 21 Savage’s new banger album Her Loss. The man, who speaks with a heavy French accent, mocks Parisian “poseurs” who flaunt their wealth with tacky luxury vehicles, claims to be in charge of the Eiffel Tower’s lighting, and hypes up “21 and The Boy,” aka Savage and Drake.

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