What’s The Backstory Of Beto O’Rourke’s Moniker?

beto orourke real name

When the future politician, who was given the name Robert Francis O’Rourke after his grandfather, was a young child, his parents realized that there might be some confusion about his identity and decided to give him a nickname.

The name Beto is a familiar shortening of the Hispanic names Alberto and Roberto, both of which would have been commonplace in Beto’s hometown of El Paso.

In response to growing criticism that he was using the nickname to pander to Hispanic voters, O’Rourke posted a photo of himself as a child wearing a sweatshirt that says “Beto” in March 2018.

O’Rourke explained his birth name during a campaign stop in Wichita Falls, “I was born Robert Francis O’Rourke after my grandfather, also named Robert, and my mom, beginning on day one, called me ‘Beto’ to distinguish me from my grandfather.” “The name stuck, and I’ve been called that every day of my life.”

Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, is known as “Tio Greg” amongst his relatives. In October, Texans for Greg Abbott released a video that featured Abbott’s niece Clarissa.

According to his autobiography “A Time for Truth,” Texas Senator Ted Cruz went by “Ted” in middle school. Cruz’s given name at birth is Rafael Edward. He claimed that he had already been called Ferlito at the time, but that he had grown tired of being called names that rhymed with chips like Fritos and Doritos.

His mother, he said, reminded him that he could start fresh by adopting a new name and that the name “Ted” was on the list she gave him. Since that time, Cruz has commonly been referred to by his first name only, Ted.

In An Effort To Generate Buzz, Cruz’s Campaign Is Using The Name “Beto”

The conservative Free Beacon ran an article about O’Rourke’s run for the Senate titled “Meet the Irish-American Going by a Mexican Nickname Challenging Ted Cruz” when he made his announcement last year.

According to the article, O’Rourke was able to beat an incumbent Democrat who was actually Hispanic in part because of his “Mexican nickname.”

This line of thinking has now been picked up by Cruz’s supporters. Republican strategist and former Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe tweeted a side-by-side photo of O’Rourke’s “Robert” and “Beto” signatures, highlighting the fact that O’Rourke used the former when signing a legal document but the latter when signing a congressional letter.

In An Effort To Generate Buzz, Cruz's Campaign Is Using The Name Beto

Then, in an apparent attempt to disprove O’Rourke’s claim that his name was merely a childhood nickname, Roe stated that O’Rourke had written college papers as Robert and had rowed crew under his birth name.

Beto is a form of Robert’s nickname in El Paso, so that’s why my parents have called me that my whole life. O’Rourke told CNN that the nickname “Beto” stuck and that he even has a photo of himself as a baby wearing a sweater with the name knit into the yarn.

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Just my opinion, though: that’s not what the people of Texas want us to be concentrating on. To be big, bold, courageous, and confident, or to fret over trivial matters of petty importance.

Even though O’Rourke’s campaign stated they had nothing further to add, the Democratic lawmaker did share a photo of himself as a child modeling a sweater with the name “Beto” hand-stitched across the chest.

Senator Ted Cruz Appears To Be Taking This Challenge Seriously

Many people across the country see O’Rourke as the person who can make the long-held Democratic dream of a blue or purple Texas a reality.

However, this is still a very long shot at best. The numbers don’t “add up” for O’Rourke, who received far fewer votes than Cruz in the primary.

Senator Ted Cruz appears to be taking this challenge seriously

Jim Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas, has said, “I think one thing that is underappreciated is that, by and large, the climate in Texas is not that different from the climate in the country.” On the topic of Donald Trump, there is deep disagreement among political factions. In general, Democrats have been critical, while Republicans have been supportive.

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Cruz warned Republicans “could get obliterated at the polls” at a GOP event before the Texas primary, saying that Democrats would “crawl over broken glass in November to vote.”

He’s arguing that O’Rourke doesn’t belong in Texas because he’s a gun-grabbing, tax-hiking, left-wing liberal. But up until this point, Cruz has avoided the spotlight in the United States Senate.

Matt Mackowiak, a conservative strategist in Austin, remarked, “He’s been less flamboyant.” “[Cruz] is currently employing a more covert strategy. He has been very effective in the legislative arena, and he has fought hard in the disaster relief effort. The problem with being like him when you’re in the majority is that you never make headlines on a national scale.

Cruz’s campaign clearly sees O’Rourke as a more serious candidate, but the demographics of his base make the attacks against “Beto” particularly interesting.


Beto is a surname and a short form of the male given names Alberto, Albertino, Adalberto, Berthony, Heriberto, Norberto, Roberto, Humberto, or Benito. The majority of these cases are found in areas where Portuguese and Spanish are spoken.

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