New Products and Technologies to Help You Quit Smoking

New Products and Technologies to Help You Quit Smoking

Technology has come a long way. In the early 2000s, people invented electronic cigarettes as an alternative to regular smoking. In a 2021 survey from the CDC, 4.7% adults were found to use e-cigarettes, compared to 24.7% of adolescents. Today, technology doesn’t only provide alternatives to cigarettes; they are also designed to help you quit. Here at the Trending Work blog, we frequently offer tech-related and other general tips to make your life easier. Today, we’ll go over the newest products and technologies to help you quit smoking:

Nicotine pouches

If you’re unfamiliar with nicotine pouches, they are small pouches made with nicotine, flavorings, and food-grade fillers. Nicotine pouches are a great, smoke-free alternative to cigarettes, meant to be tucked between your gum and top lip. The nicotine pouches found at Prilla are 100% tobacco-free so that you can enjoy nicotine without the smoke, odors, or drip. Nicotine pouches come in different flavors, including mint, berry, and coffee, as well as different nicotine strengths.

Because these pouches are smoke-free, you can use them in public spaces where smoking is usually prohibited and also enjoy the odorless experience where you don’t make anyone else in the room uncomfortable. Due to the convenient and discreet nature of nicotine pouches, most smokers try them as a way to ease themselves into quitting smoking.

Smart cigarette cases

An interesting technological innovation to help smoking cessation is the smart cigarette case. According to a study published in the PM&R journal, smart cigarette cases are built with technology that tracks how many cigarettes were used. For smokers looking to quit, the case analyzes the data tracked to provide feedback to smokers on their quitting progress.

The science behind smart cigarette cases is the belief that breaking habits require an understanding of said habits. Smart cigarette cases have sensors built-in to track how many cigarettes have been smoked and even where they were smoked. Some smart cigarette cases also come with a complementary smartphone app to help smokers better track their smoking habits, set goals, and motivate themselves in their quitting journey using positive affirmation.

Smartphone apps

Speaking of smartphone apps, many have been around in an attempt to help people quit smoking cigarettes. These apps are conspicuously named, such as Quit Smoking Now, EasyQuit, and quitSTART. Much like habit tracker apps used for productivity purposes, quitting apps do the opposite by tracking the number of days you’ve spent not doing a particular habit — mainly smoking cigarettes. These apps often allow users to track their cravings, view their quitting progress, and access science-based motivational tips to help keep the smoke-free streak going.

Aside from differences in the user interface, quitting apps also differ in the approach and science to help smokers quit. In a study comparing the efficacy of a National Cancer Institute smoking cessation application and an acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) based application, researchers found that ACT-based app iCanQuit users were 1.49 times more likely to quit than users of the National Cancer Institute’s QuitGuide app.

Overall, there’s no doubt that a lot of science and technology today goes into helping smoking cessation. Many of them are focused on positively encouraging smokers and ex-smokers to continue their quitting journey instead of stopping abruptly but potentially picking up the habit again later. Whichever one you choose to help you quit smoking depends on you, as different methods work for different people. Aside from relying on these products, it’s also important to surround yourself with your loved ones in your quitting process so that you have a support system to keep you accountable.


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