Reverse AI Filter: An Explanation Of The Most Recent TikTok Fad!

What is the reverse AI filter trend on TikTok

Some TikTokers are concerned that the tool can be used against them because they are using an artificial intelligence filter to make their photos look more artistic. Read this article to find out everything there is to know about the current trend.

It’s no secret that TikTok is the platform responsible for setting the latest social media fads. Over the years, the site has been responsible for a wide variety of viral fads, such as the spread of popular dances and even edible “butter boards.”

The AI green screen filter, which emerged only a few months ago and quickly became ubiquitous in the TikTok community, is just one example of the many filters that have become immensely popular on the app. Users would input text cues, and an AI would then generate an entirely new visual representation.

At present, people are using AI photo editing tools… although there is concern that this fashion could backfire spectacularly.

What Is TikTok’s, AI Art Filter?

TikTok users can apply an “AI Art” filter to their videos to make a highly processed version of any image they like. There are times when the original image is still discernible, but more often than not, the original is completely lost, replaced by a fantastical painting with no resemblance to the original at all.

What Is TikTok’s, AI Art Filter

Some users of the app have taken advantage of this feature by posting’spicy’ photos of themselves that the AI filter completely hides, thereby giving rise to a new genre of trend on the platform.

Can The TikTok AI Art Filter Be Disabled?

Some users are concerned that other users can manipulate the AI filter to view inappropriate content, but reliable sources assure us that this is not the case.

While it’s true that other users can’t steal your video and invert the filter, Distractify warns that using the AI art tool on photos could still be risky.

Can The TikTok AI Art Filter Be Disabled

In order to use the filter on your photos, the site claims you must “upload it to a server somewhere where it may be hacked.”

After the ‘hooked nose’ filter received criticism from TikTok users when it was used as a “confidence booster,” this is the latest filter to cause users to worry.

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Why Is It Trending?

As more people began to use the AI art filter to hide their sexually explicit photos, they naturally began to wonder if the process could be reversed.

Some users have even made it into a game by working together to identify inappropriate images in the posts.

To the relief of those who have posted sexually explicit images online, it appears that TikTok’s AI art filter cannot be disabled once it has been applied.

Why Is It Trending

Users have been cautioned to use discretion when running more sexually explicit images through the art filter.

In the words of one tech guru: “When you put your image through the filter, you’re uploading it to a server somewhere where it may be hacked.

Users are unlikely to invert these images, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.

Some users, meanwhile, have adopted a more family-friendly approach to the filter.

Images of loved ones, lyrics to favorite songs, and even completely random words have all been converted by some users.

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And if you’re looking to join the trend, you can get Dream by WOMBO from the App Store or Google Play.

Is It Safe To Use The AI Art Filter On Your Personal Media?

The AI Art filter is irreversible, so please don’t use it to share NSFW photos or videos on TikTok. There is a chance it will cause some bad things to happen.

In spite of the fact that the filter is irreversible, your photos will still be at risk of being leaked if the app’s server is compromised during upload. In addition, there is always the chance that someone will figure out how to circumvent the filter, in which case a lot of people would be in serious trouble.

Technical experts agree that it’s never a good idea to share sexually explicit photos online. Because you have violated TikTok’s Community Guidelines, your account could be suspended if they find out. TikTok may terminate your account if they determine it to be fraudulent.

It’s best to take a G-rated approach to these TikTok fads and all social media in general. I’m curious as to your opinion on this.


There are risks associated with putting these kinds of images out there in public, even if they do come with a filter, and many users appear to enjoy the thrill of posting a nude photo on TikTok without getting flagged by the company’s censors.

Though it may be difficult to undo the filter without the source image, that doesn’t mean that hackers won’t be able to locate the images online.

When it comes to these types of messages, people’s risk tolerances are likely to range widely. Many people’s online profiles may include nude photos more frequently, whether or not they like them.

Be cautious before posting scantily clad images, even if they do resemble works of art because while the internet has many advantages, it also comes with risks like these.

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