Where Jerry Falwell Jr. Is? Everything You Need To Know About His Exit From Liberty University, Sexual Scandal!

where are the falwells now

The documentary God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty premiered on Hulu on November 1, and it will have you rushing to Google to find answers to your (many) questions about a prominent American evangelical family and an alleged sex scandal that broke in 2020.

The documentary tells the shocking story of a Miami pool attendant who claims he had a seven-year affair with the woman and her husband. However, the husband was not any old guy; he was evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr.

In 2020, when news of the affair became public, it caused a massive backlash that led to Jerry’s dismissal from his position at Liberty University, the conservative Christian institution his father had founded.

The Falwells are conspicuously absent from the film, though former pool attendant Giancarlo Granda does make an appearance.

Who Is Jerry Falwell Jr.?

All right, let’s back up a bit and start from the beginning. At 60 years old, attorney Jerry Falwell Jr. is best known for his role as a prominent Evangelical Christian and former academic administrator. As the eldest son of a conservative Christian leader and televangelist Jerry Falwell Sr., he follows in his father’s footsteps.

In a recent interview, Falwell Jr. told Vanity Fair, “My dad and I were thick as thieves.” When he was 73 years old, the elder Falwell passed away in 2007.

Who Is Jerry Falwell Jr.

According to NBC, Jerry had been serving as president of Liberty University, a school his father had founded in Virginia. NBC reports that school administrators put pressure on him to resign, and he complied. However, I’ll elaborate in a moment.

Even though Jerry left while the university was still recovering from his efforts, the institution is now “a financial powerhouse with more than 100,000 students and a $1.7 billion endowment,” as Vanity Fair put it.

Following this, the university filed a civil suit against him, alleging that he had secretly arranged a “well-resourced exit strategy” from his roles as president and chancellor by signing an employment agreement with the university that would expire in 2019, as reported by NBC.

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To What Extent Does The Hulu Documentary “God Forbid” Reveal Its Subject Matter?

In a new documentary, Jerry’s involvement in the scandal surrounding Giancarlo Granda’s affair with his wife Becki Falwell is explored, along with the legal drama that ensued.

To What Extent Does The Hulu Documentary God Forbid Reveal Its Subject Matter

In an exclusive interview with Reuters in 2020, Granda revealed the relationship and it was then that we first learned of the scandal. Almost immediately after the article was published, Jerry resigned from his position at Liberty University, only to reverse his decision.

Jerry then filed a defamation lawsuit against Liberty University in October 2020. Liberty University filed a suit against Jerry in April 2021, alleging that he had caused them financial harm by concealing evidence against him. When the university sued Jerry, Jerry filed a countersuit.

Mrs. Jerry Falwell Jr. Was At The Center Of A Major Sex Scandal

After keeping quiet about his seven-year affair with Jerry’s wife Becki, Granda recently went public with his story, telling NBC that Jerry watched Granda and his wife have sex as part of the “throuple.”

Mrs. Jerry Falwell Jr. Was At The Center Of A Major Sex Scandal

According to Vanity Fair, he claimed that the Falwells began “grooming” him when he was only 20 years old and lavished him with lavish vacations, rides in the university’s private aircraft, and even made him a co-owner of a hostel in Miami Beach.

When Vanity Fair followed up with the Falwells, they confirmed Becki’s involvement in the affair but denied Jerry’s involvement. Granda, they claimed, also threatened to expose their relationship to the public in an effort to extort money from them.

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Where Is Jerry Falwell Jr. Now?

The last we heard, Jerry Falwell Jr. was still tending to his farm in Carfax, Virginia. Back on their “500-acre farm about 20 miles west of Lynchburg,” Variety had met with the Falwells for an interview.

Jerry responded, “No, we’ve been here for generations,” when asked if the family planned to leave Lynchburg because Liberty University is located there as well. That’s why,” Becki continued, “I told him I’m never leaving. In other words, my coffin will be located around these parts.

Recently, in September, Jerry made an Instagram post about the farm.

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Summing Up

Private matters. Jerry Falwell Jr. has settled with his wife Becki Tilley on a farm in Bedford County, Virginia. They’ve got three kids, and the eldest is successful businessman Jerry “Trey” Falwell III. Jerry Falwell Jr. was the president of university operations at Liberty University until he was fired that year.

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