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If you weren’t concerned about Tropical Storm Nicole before, you should be now: James Cantore has arrived.

Social media posts from locals who saw the Weather Channel meteorologist at Daytona Beach International Airport and a nearby Publix indicate that he has arrived.

Cantore himself posted a video to Twitter from Daytona Beach Shores showing the chaotic beach scene caused by the incoming Tropical Storm Nicole’s choppy surf.

“Ocean waves rolling on to Daytona Beach Shores with nothing stopping them except for what is left of pools and concrete slabs,” Cantore wrote. “There are no sands or dunes to be found. The hotels, apartments, and houses that line the shoreline are like bandages on these beaches.”

The Meteorological Name for a Tropical Depression is As it continues to move westward through the Atlantic, Nicole is expected to strengthen into a hurricane before making landfall along the East Coast of Florida on Wednesday or Thursday.

Within 24 hours, the winds of Hurricane Nicole are expected to reach 75 mph, making it a Category 1 storm. Once sustained winds reach 74 miles per hour, we call it a hurricane.

As Florida’s east coast continues to recover from Hurricane Ian, more flooding is possible later this week.

Who Is Jim Cantore?

According to his biography on The Weather Channel, Cantore was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, and he spent his childhood in Vermont. After finishing his education at what was then Lyndon State College and is now Northern Vermont University, he began working for The Weather Channel in 1986.

Who Is Jim Cantore

The meteorologist is the face of the network’s daily weather report. Even when he isn’t filming a documentary about the weather, he can usually be found in areas that will be hit particularly hard by the storm.

Cantore, a certified member of the American Meteorological Society, has won awards for his reporting, including an Emmy, for his use of Immersive Mixed Reality technology from The Weather Channel to highlight the dangers of tornadoes. The Weather Hall of Fame at the National Weather Museum and Science Center inducted him in 2018.


Why Should Anyone Be Concerned About Cantore’s Whereabouts When A Storm Is Raging?

Cantore’s habit of racing to disaster zones in advance of and during severe weather events has become a running joke in the weather industry, and his presence has served as a warning for locals.

Someone in Perdido Key, Florida, covered their windows with boards reading “Go away, Jim Cantore” in the days leading up to the arrival of Hurricane Nate in 2017.

Why Should Anyone Be Concerned About Cantore's Whereabouts When A Storm Is Raging

In a clip from 2020 on the Weather Channel, a drenched Jim Cantore showed the extent of Hurricane Zeta’s impacts in real-time by wading through calf-high waters in a flooded parking garage in Biloxi, Mississippi.

According to Zimmett, he was in Biloxi during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

According to her, “most people had been diverted to New Orleans,” so nobody was around to help. His group “aided in the evacuation of veterans from a local facility.”

How Does Cantore Stay Safe?

Cantore has put himself in potentially harmful situations due to his fascination with extreme weather, but according to Zimmett, he has never been hurt.

Zimmett explained, “We at the Weather Channel do not put people in harm’s way, and the times we have felt we have positioned (reporters) too close to the heart of the storm, we will move them if they don’t have sufficient cover.”

Cantore and the other crew members of the network are equipped with Kevlar vests, goggles, and helmets. Zimmett has stated that they hold daily safety meetings.

She also noted that the network prioritizes booking hotels that are less likely to be affected by storm surges.


Where Is Weather Channel Presenter Jim Cantore?

Protect yourself and your loved ones by hiding or leaving town if Jim is in the area.

As of right now (Wednesday, September 28, 2022) at 12:30 p.m. EDT, the presenter is broadcasting live from southwest Florida to discuss Hurricane Ian on the Weather Channel.

At 6:52 a.m., he posted a tweet that read: “Ian is currently traveling at 155 mph in an attempt to achieve cat5 status. Southwest Florida can expect one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded.”

At all times, he is actively moving around. although sightings have been reported in Punta Gorda.

Final words

Jim Cantore, a veteran meteorologist known for his live coverage of the worst storm conditions, demonstrated the dangerous reality of the job when he was forced to his knees by a flying tree branch in Punta Gorda, Florida.

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