Breathe Into The Shadows Season 2 review

Dr. Avinash Sabharwal (Abhishek Bachchan) and his chef wife Abha (Nithya Menen) were introduced to viewers in the first season of Breathe: Into the Shadows.

A family drama with thriller elements develops after their daughter is kidnapped and the unknown abductor begins making threatening demands.

While the first season of Breathe had many positive qualities, its writing was not one of them. The same can be said for the upcoming second season.

Review Of Season 2 Of Into The Shadows: Deep Breathing And What Works:

There were a lot of bumps in the road during the first season of Breathe. It aimed to be a metaphorical story about a man whose violent alter ego sets out to exact revenge.

It discussed Raavan and the concept of slaying his ten heads, each of which stands for a different type of evil. It looked like a solid plan on paper, but the implementation was so superficial that the metaphor didn’t even land properly, let alone go any further.

Season 2 is once again led by Mayank Sharma (story, screenplay, direction), and features Arshad Syed, Vikram Tuli, Priya Saggi, and the team, minus the prolific writer Bhavani Iyer,

Review Of Season 2 Of Into The Shadows Deep Breathing And What Works

who must now take that very shaky base and build a castle that should stand strong even with the tremors. Though they fall short of truly establishing the show’s arrival, the positives cannot be denied.

Other than the incredible Naveen Kasturia, the show has kept most of its original cast intact. This season’s best storyline goes to the actor.

Team Breathe not only succeeds in making it all seem plausible, but they also manage to create ultimate drama in light of the mystery surrounding them.

There is no denying the unbelievable drama that surrounds his past, but unlike the rest of it, it serves Kasturia well.

The show benefits from the creators making things crisper and not overstuffing almost everything as they did in the prior season. This, however, does not negate the existence of an abundance of it.

Take A Deep Breath: A Review Of Season 2 Of “Into The Shadows” Starring:

Abhishek Bachchan’s Avinash aka J develops this season because he shows more emotion than in the first season when he seemed bewildered and oblivious. This time, he won’t be able to hide behind a mask for either of his roles.

While the character’s change is ridiculous and never rings true as a mental illness, the actor makes the most of the material he’s given. This time around, he’s not making as much use of his paternal instincts, and it shows.

Take A Deep Breath A Review Of Season 2 Of Into The Shadows Starring

In Season 2, Naveen Kasturia shines brightest. A major surprise is the actor’s performance, as you probably wouldn’t have expected him to do anything like this.

He abruptly changes course from his previous work at the TVF base. It’s encouraging to see him taking risks and doing so with assurance. Continue in this vein, Naveen.

From the get-go, it seems like Nithya Menen is going to be the season’s breakout star, but ultimately, she is just another supporting player.

Amit Sadh does, too, since he has no development as a person or in his character other than to follow the criminal. A good portion of Saiyami Kher’s potential story arc goes unexplored because of how often she is overlooked.

Review Of The Second Season Of Into The Shadows: What Doesn’t Work:

Creators should have a conversation about how much drama and make-believe is too much. The reason for this is that Breathe: Into the Shadows, in both of its seasons, raised the bar for how much suspension of disbelief was required from viewers.

Review Of The Second Season Of Into The Shadows What Doesn't Work

When you factor in the hurried execution, you may find yourself wondering half the time “what is even happening.” Abhishek Bachchan, for instance, is apprehended at one point and explains how he got himself apprehended to carry out his plan, but you soon realize that this is just a convenient plot twist.

For example, Nithya Menen might have been against killing alter egos five minutes ago but is now ready to do so for family reasons.

I don’t see any indication that she had to go through any sort of internal conflict in order to bring herself to kill another human being.

No one sheds more than two tears in an auto rickshaw after committing a brutal first murder. Furthermore, in the year 2022, why are there, not more closed-circuit televisions? Do you not think the police and the doctors are being too soft on a man who has killed four people?

This reminds me: of the way in which Avinash’s split personality is portrayed is extremely odd. No doubt an authority on the topic was never consulted. Simply put, there is never a moment when you believe in it or feel like your time was well spent.

Naveen’s character is so believable that at one point he sends the CBI a puzzle made up of fragments of a picture that serves as evidence against someone else.

And a CBI agent is sitting there, keeping tabs on the mystery. Just who are we referring to here? CBI is an esteemed organization that does more important things than solve crosswords.

Last Words

In the wake of the success of Breathe, which featured R Madhavan and Amit Sadh, the filmmakers decided to create a sequel. Starting on November 9, you can watch the new show on Amazon Prime Video.

The show also stars Saiyami Kher and Naveen Kasturia in addition to Abhishek, Nithya, and Amit.

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